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[Army Book] High Similar magazines. New Books. BOOK REVIEW ESSAYS BOOK rEViEWS. View Sample - Epigram Books. Troy Campus View Book. So a mate told me WHTW is based from 8th Edition army books. I own physically: Dark Elves 7th, Dark Elves 8th, Skaven 6th, Hordes of Chaos .. all their old rulebooks available in a high quality PDF set, and everyone's go to I' ve suggested a few times CA did a new warhammer armies book for this. nov 2 Sep · To download the “warhammer army book dark elves 8th edition pdf” one file you must go to one of the links on file.

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Dark Elves 8th Edition Warhammer Army Book - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Dark Elves 8th Edition Warhammer Army Book. Warhammer Fantasy Battles - Warhammer Armies - ENG - Daemons of Chaos - Uploaded by. Ricky Hardware. Dark Elves 8th Edition Warhammer Army . Uploaded by. Jose Eduardo. Warhammer Armies High Elves - 8th Uploaded by. Luci. Fantasy Rulebook 8th. Uploaded by. coates Dark Elves -.

Warhammer Fantasy Battle — Armybook — High. Warhammer high elves army book 8th edition scribd. Elves 8E Rules only — Warhammer Fantasy Battle,. Here you can download wood elves army book pdf scribd shared files: Wood Elves.

And here's the kicker: because of the Hidden rule, people don't know if they're getting into combat with it.


Very good in either your ranked units to help them hold up when a powerful unit tries to use them or in your flank units to up your kill count when you charge. An example of a good Assassin is additional hand weapon and Potion of Strength.

Other combinations will be discussed later. Assassins often end up on suicide detail after a round of combat or two, so don't throw too many points into them. Oh and don't forget to write down what unit it's in, or people will accuse you of cheating.

When you can spare the points, always take one. Mounts[ edit ] Dark Steed: The cheapest option. M9 and Fast Cavalry will put him out away from the rest of the army, except for Dark Riders and Doomfire Warlocks, but why would you want a character to join them? If you want a mounted Hero without shelling out for a big expensive mount, this is where to go. Dark Pegasus: Pegasi used to be in kind of a weird position, but since the FAQ hit they've gotten significantly better since they become one model and inherit the Pegasus' toughness.

Manticore: Don't have the points for a Black Dragon but want something big and scary? The in-between option and a damned good one at that. If you want people to cry cheese, try mounting your Master on one of these. A powerful mount, perhaps a tiny bit overpriced, but worthwhile. We will cover what items to take and not to take later, but a remember that your Dragon is huge and scary so it will be getting shot at by everyone who doesn't want to see it crashing into their lines.

Keep it out of sight of cannons. Core Units[ edit ] Dreadspears: Basic Spearmen Spears, shields, light Armor. Probably going to be one of your mainstay units if you focus on offense and best in units of Bleakswords: Same stats as Spearmen, but swords and shields instead of spears and shields.

Better in smaller units, and not as generally useful as Dreadspears, but still a pretty solid unit. Elites and generally everything S4 and up will crush them provided they're able to strike back. Very good tarpit with Flesh to Stone or Glittering Robe, as it mitigates their shitty toughness and armour respectively.

Darkshards: The other mainstay core unit, and again they kick ass. Between good range, Armor Piercing and Multiple Shots, these guys shred light to medium armored units like they're not even there. Have them concentrate fire with Bolt Throwers and Shades if you have them to damage your enemy's important units. You should always give them shields, as they will be absorbing a lot of S3 and S4 return fire. This means you can wound T3 infantry on 3s and Ogres, Saurus etc on 4s.

Also, flaming attacks. This doubles the amount of wounds they inflict on flammable units e. Treekin and negates regeneration saves e. Trolls , so if you see Chaos or Greenskins or Wood Elves, this is worth considering, as with the armour piercing and the wounding on 4s with FSoR you can shred through whole units of them.

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Black Ark Corsairs: Don't let the 9 point cost fool you: they need to take either an extra hand weapon or a handbow for an extra 2 points.

But that's not so bad as they're back to being a reliable Core choice again. The benefit is you can stock up on these lethal ladies and still have points free to allocate to Special choices. They have an absurdly high volume of attacks 30 Poisoned Attacks for 2 ranks of 10, remember supporting attackers only get 1 attack, think about this when using Corsairs, Black Guard, Sisters, etc , high Initiative, ASF and are cheap. As for upgrades, you can't go wrong with Witchbrew.

Be careful with them though, they're about as hard to shoot to death as Goblins more resistant to Panic though, thanks to Frenzy but thanks to 8th ed they're no longer easily led out of position.

Use them by all means, but be careful. Also, there's the fact that they are half-nude women sooo These are also counterparts to the Corsairs, the Corsairs not hitting quite as hard but being the most durable of all the Dark Elf Core infantry.

Dark Riders: Actually they are incredible now. And you don't lose Fast Cavalry when you download shields. You can easily get away with taking nothing but these guys for your Core choice as they can outmaneuver damn near everything.

Don't take a full army of them against Dwarves or Wood Elves though, you will get shot to pieces. Special Units[ edit ] Shades: Lots of players have mixed opinions about Shades. While they might seem expensive they are really mobile with decent stats and Scout rules they can even march and shoot. In low point games they will pretty much win your battles for you. Shades should be used as warmachine and lone wizard hunters.

They can also be used to harass enemy flanks, but sending them into combat is a dicey proposition since the enemy can split their attacks, but it can help turn important combats around. Harpies: Harpies got a serious kick in the cooch in this version. Their only real use is if you need maneuverable chaff, otherwise skip them.

Executioners: Chaos Warriors getting you down? Bretonnians resisting all your attempts to move them? Need someone with high Strength to knock out a Monster? Then take Executioners. High Strength and Killing Blow make these guys a powerful unit.

So yeah, these guys are now some of your best shock troops. Cold One Knights: A good enough flanking unit when the chips are down and can even charge smaller units head-on in a pinch.

Cheap heavy cavalry is always welcome. They're 30 points a model, but the riders gained ASF and Murderous Prowess while the mounts gained an extra Attack so it sort of balances out.

Be careful though, heavy cavalry took the hard end of the Nerfstick in 8th edition, so don't send them straight into a ranked enemy unit. Also, Stupidity makes a unit Immune to Psychology, so don't forget it. Take in small units for flanking and they'll reward you with your enemies' blood and your opponent's tears.

Good with Enchanted Blades of Aiban as it means they hit even elite units on 3s and have -4 rend. This means use against Dwarves and Chaos and drink tears. Cold One Chariots: Quite good as far as Chariots go. It's highly resistant to damage and while once in a while Stupidity will prevent you from making that charge you need to, its low cost and high Ld keep that from happening too often or hurting too much when it does.

Keep it someplace it can't be charged and use it to flank in a tight moment. Not precisely the Black Coach as far as Chariots go, but can be extremely useful. Black Guard: The only ranked choice that isn't a Core choice. They're easy to damage unfortunately, but they hit hard 15 always rerollable S4 attacks for 2 ranks of 5 and they.

They cost 15 points a model now, but gain ASF and can re-roll failed Wound rolls of 1 with Murderous Prowess, so they hit even harder than before.

They also have no upper limit to unit size to sweeten the pot. For a 15 point magic banner from the main rulebook they can be Ld10 Stubborn or take a Flaming banner on them and they WILL take off an Abomination or a Hydra on the charge. Buff them if you can. If you can fit them in and already have Executioners, do it.

Reaper Bolt Thrower: Often ignored, but a solid choice in its own right. As with all Bolt Throwers, it's good at taking out heavy cavalry and low Wound Monsters. Unlike all other Bolt Throwers except for High Elves, who have the same exact unit it can also be pretty good at taking out infantry. Stick it next to your Repeater Crossbowmen and help them shred units one at a time.

Almost mandatory to only-refuse-them-if-you-want-to-lose in any Dark Elf army. War Hydra: Any bitch-fest about Dark Elves will bring up these guys. Its Attacks are equal to 3 plus its remaining Wound total.

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So at full Wounds it's pumping out 8 Attacks and a Thunderstomp after that. This thing EATS. Your ultimate flanking unit that can also double as a frontline unit and you can take 2 in a point game if you want to drink your opponent's tears. Any unit charged by this should roll for anal circumference. The Dark Elf solution to hordes. Use them against infantry to bring the pain, and take one whenever you can. I recommend a Life or Beasts caster with them, Flesh to Stone makes them T7, which is fantastic making sure great weapons don't kill them, and the Lore of Beast's signature spell gives them the S and T of a midtier dragon.

Birona's Timewarp is also an excellent spell to use on a Hydra, giving it a 12" movement range and ASF, as well as an extra attack.

Scourgerunner Chariot: Lighter Chariot ridden by 2 Beastmasters and pulled by horses. Comes with a Ravager Harpoon: a S7 Bolt Thrower that can be fired on the move, but no Multi-Shot and it doesn't ignore Armor though at S7 it's not likely anyone'll get a Save from it unless you try to Penetrate Ranks with the thing.

If it causes an unsaved Wound on a Monster it gets dragged D6" towards the Chariot. If it goes over 3" it takes a second Wound with no Saves. Note, many of the monsters you want to kill with it are more maneuverable as they can fly. As is, it's overpriced for what it does and competes with other much better choices for one of these you can get two Reapers which can do the same job but better.

Leave it out unless it's a fluffy army, and even then its use is only recommended to veteran Dark Elf players who'll use it to get some flank shots.

At only 25 points a model, any army can do with a unit of these unless versing Chaos armies of Slaanesh especially if you want a Dark Steed mounted Sorceress. Units of 5 are ideal. Sisters of Slaughter: They're pretty much Dark Eldar Wyches transplanted into Warhammer Fantasy, without the fancy weapons or combat drugs.

Alright for tarpitting elite units in combat, but not as good on the offensive as Witch Elves. Their Trial of Blades rule has potential but lacks the punch against heavily armored units. They also have the ability to negate the rank bonus for combat results and parry saves, but they're still outshone by Witch Elves.

Kharibdyss: The Dark Elves get a deep-sea monster in their army. It's got a high strength of 7 and if all its attacks hit against a single model it does an additional D6 S7 hits. At WS5 this may happen a lot. Alongside I4 and Poisoned Attacks, this makes it a better monster killer than the Hydra. Also has Abyssal Roar meaning that enemies in base contact re-roll successful Leadership tests, making it a great unit for flank charges as well.

Making enemies re-roll successful break tests drools A bargain at points. Worth taking, especially if your opponent has lots of monsters or is playing Ogre Kingdoms. Use Timewarp on it. It will give your rerolls against any monsters or anything, but you should be fighting monsters with this guy , meaning you get an easier Feast of Bones, and you'll anything not an elf first. Bloodwrack Medusa: A monstrous creature were if you meet its gaze makes you bleed to death from every pore and orifice on your body.

This is represented by a shooting attack with Killing Blow. Every enemy model in base contact takes a Killing Blow hit at the same time as Impact Hits. As awesome as that is, it somehow works on undead despite the facts that they either don't need or have any blood, while some also don't even have eyes or physical bodies How does a skeleton or a ghost bleed to death?

Its low, LOW leadership 2! At 90 points with no save, it's not worth the hassle when competing with the amazing Doomfire Warlocks and the impressive Kharibdyss unless you're up against a very low I army like Undead or Dwarfs. Bloodwrack Shrine: A really weird Chariot that does a lot of different things, some of which are of limited value. It can join units like a Cauldron of Blood but its point cost is very similar to a Kharibdyss or Hydra, so it is best to consider those monsters as its competition for a slot in your army.

It is slightly slower than a Hydra or Kharibdyss but it has Swiftstride. In close combat it gets Impact Hits, but lacks Thunderstomp. It has a solid Toughness of 6 with 5 Wounds making it pretty hard to kill. This is important to note since if an enemy unit extends out of that 6 inch bubble they will not care about the leadership penalty since some models in the unit will be unaffected. It also has the "Avert Your Gaze" special rule like the solo Medusa models.

This ability pairs very well with Miasma from the Lore of Shadow which is a good lore to consider for Dark Elves under any circumstances. A super secret troll technique involving the Shrine is to run one with a unit of Sisters of Slaughter with a standard bearer with a War Banner and a champion.

Run the unit with only 2 Sisters champ and banner and the shrine in the front rank. Your opponent is unlikely to be able to get much combat resolution. You will have 3 ranks, a banner, and a War Banner for 5 static combat resolution in addition to any wounds you do.

You cancel your opponent's Rank Bonus and they also will take their break test, should they lose combat, on a -1 LD from the Shrine.

Spearmen and Crossbowmen got dearer, so be careful with core units. Also, Witch Elves, Executioners and Black Guard became WAY overpriced because of the excuse that it's a double kit, since they're plastic models that cost as much as they did when made of metal.

Cold One Knights are still fairly reasonably priced, and the Hydra got cheaper while also gaining the option of making the Kharibdyss. Bolt Throwers are as expensive as they ever were, but still a good unit. To save money with a Dark Elves army, you'll have to get creative.

download some basic High Elf models from GW or Mantic--but only if you like owning ugly ass minis , remove their more High Elven bits and replace them with Dark Elf bits or spikes. Corsairs are good for conversions and can be used to make other units.

Take two away and use them to buff an existing Corsair unit. As for the remaining 8, take 5 Corsairs and with some modeling putty and tools convert 5 of them into Shades. Another Corsair can become either a Master on foot, a Dreadlord on foot or a Fleetmaster. The final Corsair, with the same method, can be converted into an Assassin. NOTE: IF you're already into conversions you won't have to worry about downloading modeling putty or tools, and get them from crafting stores, not GW.

Since Warhammer is more expensive with Aus prices, imagine how much cheaper this method would be for gamers in the US or UK prices in other parts of the world vary but fall between these price ranges.

Alternate take, download some dark eldar. They are currently one of the cheapest armies of 40k and they have great kits that you can convert with relative ease. Whenever possible, give your Crossbowmen shields, for that better armor and parry. Black Guard and Warriors make great supporting Ranked units, and Black Guard make good flank protectors being hard to shift.

Witch Elves and Executioners are great flanking infantry, to be used against Hordes and armored elites respectively. Cold One Chariots and Cavalry are good too and are generally cheaper, but they don't generate as much static CR. War Hydras are brutal, under any circumstances but are best charging on the flanks.

The Kharibdyss is a good flank charger as well, especially against hordes where it can use its Abyssal Roar to good effect. It also makes a decent monster hunter in a pinch. If you want to take advantage of the fact that Dark elves are a fast and maneuverable army, fill core with dark riders, crossbow men and small units of Witch Elves OR a large unit Witch Elves supported by dark riders always take dark riders.

Don't bother filling up on spearmen and sword men as they are expensive in points and real life money, and are pretty weak compared to the suggested units. Also almost every army will benefit from having between repeater bolt throwers, use these to remove small units that will try and redirect your frenzied units. Cold one Knights and cold one chariots are a similar unit, good for a flank charge, not fully reliable due to stupidity but that is somewhat mitigated by their high leadership.

Hydras are almost an auto-include cheap powerful monster who can grow back its wounds. Lastly shades with great weapons are excellent war machine and wizard hunters, being able to deliver highly accurate shots on turn 1 before hitting hard with I5 S5 attacks.

For your rare choices Doomfire Warlocks we debatably the best fast cav in the game.

Edition 8th dark pdf elves warhammer

Stick the Sorcerers on a horse and put her in a unit of fast cav and do the same thing with your BSB in a different unit that is. For your general you can possibly add a Dreadlord always mount him with lance and sea dragon cloak or you can just use the sorceress Lord as your general though given that most of your army's Ld9 she won't add much. Lastly the Death Hag can be equipped with the cauldron of blood, if you need a Death Star that can chew through almost any unit in the game: mount a Death Hag on cauldron of blood, give her fencers blades for added protection and put her in a unit of 30 Witch Elves in a 30 x 10 formation.

This unit can put out a stunning 50 ASF, initiative 6, poisoned attacks 60 if you use the cauldrons bound spell for ultra frenzy combined with the death hags 5 attacks and the 6 attacks from the witchelves on the caouldren AND the D6 impact hits from the cauldron on the charge.

In addition, causes a leadership test with a -2 modifier. If passed nothing happens. If failed, the wielder has -5 to their weapon skill to a minimum of 1 but gains the Heroic Killing Blow rule until the end of the round. At points, it takes your full magic item allowance and isn't worth it. Mathwise it's only marginally better than the Sword of Bloodshed and it doesn't fix the main problem most Elves have, they don't have too little attacks, they have too little strength not to mention HKB isn't likely to happen even at the Ld8 you'll be testing at, and isn't worth it when it does.

Chillblade Now wounds automatically. Any unsaved wounds cause a toughness check which, if failed, cause -3 to the attacks characteristic of the model. Costs the same. Thanks a lot for all this hard work - to everyone involved! Thanks for the kinds words! The Norse book should be working though, maybe try again later? Just found this and I have no words!

Thanks for all this effort u are doing in this website! Gonna have a good look on everything By the way Cathay codex link is broken, if you could fix it id be so happy. Again thanks for everything! Glad you like it: The Cathay book can still be downloaded under the "army books" tab at the top of the page.

Are these all versions for use with WHFB 8? Just curious as in our gaming group we've also fans of 6th and 7th, so if these versions would still? Just asking, and anyhow: Hi, all these books are for 8th and 9th ed, there were never any 7th ed version, though remaking them in your group for that need shouldn't be too much of an issue, the rules are pretty similar after all: This is partly because it was the last edition published before Games Workshop took a different commercial approach, leading to competition from former GW employees in the briefly published competing Fantasy Warlord.

Rolston liked the "fast-paced" rules system and developed fantasy background, and his only reservations were about presentation: "The text is dense and wordy. The abundance of photos, illustrations, and paintings is often visually stimulating, but many of these graphics are of marginal or negligible relevance to the accompanying text.

The black-and-white photographic reproduction is surprisingly poor. Fifth edition in particular became known pejoratively as "Herohammer" because of the imbalance between the very powerful heroes, monsters and wizards in the game and blocks of troops which existed effectively as cannon fodder. The rules underwent a re-write compared to 3rd Edition.

A completely re-worked magic system was produced which was available as a boxed expansion set. Rather than selecting spells they were drawn at random and the magic phase was based on the play of these cards, making magic a bit like a game within a game.

The magic system was further expanded by the Arcane Magic box set and the magic element of the Chaos box set. The fourth edition was also the first edition to enforce the use of army lists in the form of separate Warhammer Army books for the separate racial groupings. These books prescribed for each army a limited number of unit choices; specifying limits on the number of points that could be spent on "characters", troops and monsters and so on.

The books also included background on the particular army, illustrations and photographs showing models and have remained with the game though updated with the rules. The magic was "toned down" WD with spell casting limited to the players' own turn. The multiple card packs of the Colours of Magic system was replaced by 20 Battle Magic spell cards but the Colour Magic spells were in the rule book for players to use if they wanted.

Several boxed campaign packs were produced, Tears of Isha for example, gave a campaign for High Elves and included a card "building" to assemble.

Dark edition warhammer pdf 8th elves

The fourth edition featured High Elves versus Goblins. The fifth edition, released in , re-introduced the Bretonnian forces, which had been left out of the 4th edition, and re-worked the Slann heavily to create the Lizardmen armies. The Rulebook was also available for separate sale, hard-cover in the first printing and soft-cover after that. There was also an all-new magic system based on dice rolling. It was available in two forms: as a single hardback rulebook for established gamers and as a complete boxed set game complete with plastic miniatures Dwarfs and Goblins , The Battle for Skull Pass supplement book and a soft-cover rulebook that has less artwork and background material than the hardback version.

The smaller rulebook from the boxed set was approximately half the size of the large book both in size of the cover and page count. The two books had different front pieces and the larger rulebook has two extensive addition sections "The Warhammer World" 68 pages and "The Warhammer Hobby" 56 pages plus slightly expanded appendices.

On Friday 23 July , Games Workshop began posting an "unboxed" series detailing the contents of the new game box called "A Blog of Two Gamers" [11] The first army to be introduced to 8th edition was Orcs and Goblins. They are one of the most popular Warhammer Fantasy armies, but their release in 8th edition was not totally expected, as at the time there were four Dwarfs, Wood Elves, Tomb Kings and Bretonnia Warhammer army books which had not been updated since 6th edition.

The Skaven armybook however, still has not been updated since 7th edition. Another one was released, called Blood in the Badlands shortly afterwards it included some special scenarios and introduced rules for siege warfare.