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Every year, the world renowned media company has recognized a list of exceptionally talented technologists whose work has great potential to transform the world. Chu leads the technical development of Moxi , the robot that helps hospital staff with their logistical tasks like gathering supplies so staff have more time for patient care. As a robot that operates in semi-structured, human environments like hospitals, Moxi was designed by Chu and her team with a unique AI software and hardware foundation based on multisensory input; visual, auditory and haptic. Chu is passionate about using her human-robotics interaction expertise to positively impact people. Gideon Lichfield, editor-in-chief of MIT Technology Review, said: "MIT Technology Review's annual Innovators Under 35 list is a chance for us to honor the outstanding people behind the breakthrough technologies of the year that have the potential to disrupt our lives. These profiles offer a glimpse into what the face of technology looks like today as well as in the future.

A breeze nips at her legs, bare between the hem of her corduroy skirt and her ballet flats. It is practically tights weather, but Abby will avoid wearing them for as long as she can stand the chill. Or until the last of her summer tan fades away.

Whichever comes first. The spot is known as Freshman Island. It is where the more popular ninth graders of Mount Washington assemble in the mornings and after school. During springtime, nearly everyone avoids Freshman Island because of the putrid smell of the pale orange ginkgo bulbs that thud swollen onto the ground, expelling a pungent gas.

This is a fine arrangement, though, because by spring the freshmen will nearly be sophomores, and will avoid anything that might identify them as younger. Or is it academic decathlon on Mondays? Abby yawns.

Vivians list pdf download

Either way, these kinds of mornings suck, because Abby has to get up extra early to have time to shower, do her hair, and put together something cute to wear. She does it all without turning on the light, so as not to wake Fern, with whom she shares the largest bedroom in the Warner home. Meanwhile, Fern sleeps until the last possible minute because she has no morning routine to speak of, besides brushing her teeth and cycling through a rotation of jeans and boxy T-shirts.

And in the car, Fern had asked Abby to give her two French braids, one on each side of her head, like the ones the female main character in The Blix Effect wears into battle.

Fern only ever wants Abby to give her two French braids, even thoughAbby can do a knot or an up-twist — hairstyles Abby feels are better, more sophisticated choices for her sixteen-year-old sister. School buses and cars begin to appear. They all spent the weekend sending pictures of potential dresses back and forth to one another for the homecoming dance on Saturday night. The dress Abby is completely in love with — a black satin halter with a thick white bow cinching the waist — is on hold in her size at a store in the mall.

Pretty and fun, but not in a trying-too-hard kind of way. Abby and Lisa are the only two girls in their group of friends who have older sisters who also go to Mount Washington.

(ePUB/PDF) Vivians List Haleigh Lovell

Abby had always dreamed of having a vanity, but there was no place for one. But on the one rainy night, Bridget let them hang out with her in her bedroom. She curled their hair with her thick barrel iron and let them watch a corny old movie from the foot of her big fluffy bed.

Abby and Lisa asked Bridget questions about what Mount Washington High was really like, and Bridget gave them lots of helpful, frank advice, like to be cautious when hooking up with older guys, to gossip only with the friends you completely trust, and how to hide the smell of liquor on your breath from your parents. Fern, meanwhile, offered nothing beyond recommendations of which math teachers at Mount Washington really knew their stuff.

And Abby wondered, more than once, if Bridget even knew who Fern was, despite the fact that both girls were in the same grade. I just got too caught up in looking at dresses last night. Lisa dives forward the last few feet and grabs Abby to keep herself from falling. The list! My sister is on it, too. Sometimes Abby wished that Bridget was her sister. Lots of times. Though the freshmen boys act uninterested in their celebration, Abby notices their game of hacky sack inch closer to where she is standing.

There are a lot of pretty freshmen girls at Mount Washington, and Abby is friends with most of them. Did she really deserve to be at the top of the pack?

Download Vivian's List (Vol.1) ebook PDF

It is a strange, foreign place for her to be. Way prettier than me. In fact, she is lucky to have made the list this year, because when Lisa finally gets her braces removed, all bets will be off. Lisa is at least five inches taller thanAbby, with long black hair that always looks shiny and a tiny little mole at the top of her left cheek. She has a great body, with curves and boobs.

And maybe her feet, which are kind of big. But people usually overlook that sort of thing. Everyone in school will know who you are now. She wants to keep the list someplace special.

Maybe in a scrapbook, or a memory box. The list names ugly girls, too?

List pdf vivians

Abby had watched Danielle kill it during the mandatory mile run last week. Of course she feels bad that Danielle has been named the ugliest girl in their class, but Danielle seems tough enough to handle it. And, hopefully, Danielle will understand that there are other girls who could have been named the ugliest, too. She guesses Lisa can see her guilt, because Lisa pats her on the back.

Pdf vivians list

It has been one of the worst things about going to Mount Washington: Remember last year, when you made me sit through that three-hour Latin poetry reading contest Fern competed in at the university? Fern got picked out of the whole high school to recite it, and she won a bunch of scholarship money.

Yeah, the genetics comment is kind of mean. Moxi has been successfully trialing in several US hospitals and focuses on tasks such as gathering supplies and delivering them to patient rooms, delivering samples to the lab and retrieving items from central supply to nursing units.

As a company founded by social robotics experts, we're proud to be at the forefront of creating robots that incorporate mobile manipulation, social intelligence and human-guided learning capabilities. We believe that if we can give humans the resources they need to do the work they care most about, we will transform the meaning of "work. MIT Technology Review derives its authority from the world's foremost technology institution and from its editors' deep technical knowledge, capacity to see technologies in their broadest context, and unequaled access to leading innovators and researchers.

Pdf vivians list

MIT Technology Review's mission is to bring about better-informed and more conscious decisions about technology through authoritative, influential and trustworthy journalism. About EmTech MIT Launched in , annual flagship conference has a longstanding legacy of exploring the biggest technologies and trends of the day.

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On September , , EmTech MIT will offer a carefully curated perspective on the most significant developments of the year, including artificial intelligence, climate adaption, personalized medicine, data security, and more. Part of the esteemed EmTech Event Series, this conference conducts a deep dive into how these technologies impact society, research, education, and life as we know it.

In addition, MIT Technology Review's Innovators Under 35 are all invited to appear at the event, representing the best and brightest technologists the world has to offer. Learn more. All Rights Reserved. Information contained on this page is provided by an independent third-party content provider.