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(Free E-Book) Current Affairs for IAS, PCS, SSC, IBPS, Other Govt Exams. Free E-Book: Current Affairs National · International · India and The. Downloaded From: Downloaded From: . General Knowledge Manual ` 7. Current Affairs for IAS (PRE) ` services-pre-exam Sahitya Akademi Awards. Twenty-two writers selected on

Nazarbayev's three rivals received less than two per cent of the votes each. European monitors criticised the election as falling short of democratic standards, citing cases of people being pressed to vote, ballot box-stuffing and lack of transparency in the vote count. Gbagbo, who has held power since and stubbornly refused to admit defeat in November's presidential election, was detained and taken to his rival's temporary headquarters, with his wife Simone and son Michel. Jonathan is the candidate for Nigeria's long-dominant ruling party and is the clear front- runner, but several other candidates threaten to siphon off enough votes that it could go to a second round for the first time since Nigeria became a democracy 12 years ago. While Mr. Jonathan is embraced in the predominantly Christian south, many in the Muslim north believe one of their own should have had another turn after the Muslim President died in office in May

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Personalize Gift card We will send an email to receiver for gift card. Continue Shopping Checkout. Reset Pincode. Submit a Review. JK Rowling. Click on below image to change. Click on image to Zoom. Average Rating. It is often seen one of the nine reserves chosen in the country to as the key document regarding sustainable implement the project. With focus on the tiger, development. The Convention was opened for which is a 'master predator' and an 'indicator species' signature at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro on 5 of the ecosystem, the project has paid attention to June and entered into force on 29 December all issues relating to conservation of habitat in the On 22 December Enforcement of anti-poaching measures.

They, carnivores, their prey animals. Ecodevelopment programmes and About the convention organization of alternate livelihood, The convention recognized for the first time Motivation and awareness of local people, in international law that the conservation of Eliciting participation of students through biological diversity is "a common concern of nature camps and competitions. The agreement covers all Development of telecommunication and road ecosystems, species, and genetic resources.

It links network. It sets infrastructure. It also Management of ecotourism. Importantly, the Convention is legally binding; countries that join it Known informally as the Biodiversity 'Parties' are obliged to implement its provisions. Convention, is an international legally binding The convention reminds decision-makers that treaty.

The Convention has three main goals: natural resources are not infinite and sets out a 1. While past biodiversity ; conservation efforts were aimed at protecting particular species and habitats, the Convention 2. However, this from genetic resources. The Biosafety should not be used as a reason for postponing Protocol makes clear that products from new measures to avoid or minimize such a threat.

The technologies must be based on the precautionary Convention acknowledges that substantial principle and allow developing nations to balance investments are required to conserve biological public health against economic benefits. It will for diversity.

It argues, however, that conservation will example let countries ban imports of a genetically bring us significant environmental, economic and modified organism if they feel there is not enough social benefits in return. The Convention on scientific evidence the product is safe and requires Biological Diversity of would ban some forms exporters to label shipments containinggenetically of geoengineering.

In accordance convention include: with the provisions of its Article 37, the Protocol Measures and incentives for the conservation entered into force on 11 September Strategy, and adopted a 16 point plan aiming to slow Sharing, in a fair and equitable way, the results the rate of plant extinctions around the world by of research and development and the benefits COP can also make amendments to the Convention, Technical and scientific cooperation.

Affairs upscportal pdf current 2012

Provision of financial resources. The Conference of the Parties uses expertise National reporting on efforts to implement and support from several other bodies that are treaty commitments. The Biosafety Protocol Environment Programme. India is a home for many species of birds local Subsidiary body for Scientific, Technical and as well as migrant birds. The relevant fields. Great Indian Horn-bill is the largest amongst all the It plays a key role in making recommendations horn-bills found in the forests of India.

There are over to the COP on scientific and technical issues. Nawabganj is one of the luckiest Agriculture Organization at Rome, Italy. The closing plenary convened in the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary also known as Keoladeo afternoon to adopt recommendations on inland Ghana National Park is situated in Rajasthan. Senka in the world. Thousands of rare and highly endangered National Biodiversity Strategies and Action birds come here during the winter season.

For example, the world. The United migratory species, located at Gurgaon district of States of America, a signatory who has not yet ratified Haryana. Its small area comprising with shallow the treaty, has produced one of the most thorough freshwater Sultanpur Lake, where of migratory implementation programs through species Recovery bird species visit to feed every year.

The Sultanpur Programs and other mechanisms long in place in the National Park also known for its rich variety of wild USA for species conservation. Singapore has also animals and flying predators along with beautiful established a detailed National Biodiversity Strategy birds. Salim Ali Bird sanctuary is is rugged with high hills and deep valleys and Kaigal one of the best known bird sanctuaries and very and Kaundinya are two beautiful streams, which flow famous bird sanctuary in India.

It is one of the through the sanctuary. Kaundinya Sanctuary offers smallest bird sanctuaries where flying Sparrows, the best of wildlife and bird watching in India. Beautiful peafowl, Parrots,pelican, Indian giant Kolleru Lake bird Sanctuaryalso offers variety of squirral and other rare species of fauna can be migratory birds to its largest fresh water Kolleru Lake. Chilka Lake serves as a birdsanctuary is situated at in land of attraction Kerala, near to and is the largest wintering ground for migratory birds the famous Vembanad Lake.

It offers a home to a in India.

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The pear-shaped Chilka Lake is one of the large number of migratory birds like Flycatcher, Teal, best birdwatching spots in India. It is a favorite spot for of species for migratory birds situated in Satara migratory birds and paradise for the bird lovers. Many migratory birds pass Another bird Sanctuaries in Kerala are through the area, such as Flamingos from Siberia Mangalavanam and Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary, come in large numbers.

It is one of the most situated on the banks of the Periyar River and famous prominent and Famous Bird Sancturiesi in India.

2012 pdf current affairs upscportal

Nal Bird Sanctuary is situated near to the banks of the Sarovar bird sanctury is the largest wetland bird Kaveri River in Karnataka. This is an important tourist destination of Grebes and Shovellers.

It is count as one of the Mysore and is located about 20 kilometers from the busiest tourist attraction spot in India. One of the famous Brindavan garden lies adjoining the famous sanctuary in Gujart is Porbandar Bird Krishnarajasagara dam. One sixth of landmass of The other major national parks of the country Tamil Nadu is covered with forests, which is paradise such as Corbett National Park in Uttaranchal, Gir for animal lover and bird watchers.

On your tours to India the national parks map Sanctuary is one of the best bird sanctuaries in India, on India will be a useful guide. Biosequestration is the capture and storage of The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate the atmospheric greenhouse gas carbon dioxide by Change IPCC estimates that the cutting down of biological processes.

This may be by increased forests is now contributing close to 20 per cent of photosynthesis through practices such as the overall greenhouse gases entering the atmosphere. First, by see algae bioreactor to absorb the carbon dioxide increasing the volume of existing forest. Second, by emissions from coal, oil or gas-fired electricity increasing the carbon density of existing forests at a generation.

Biosequestration as a natural process has stand and landscape scale. Third, by expanding the occurred in the past, and was responsible for the use of forest products that will sustainably replace formation of the extensive coal and oil deposists fossil-fuel emissions.

Fourth, by reducing carbon which we are now burning. It is a key policy concept emissions that are caused from deforestation and in the climate change mitigation debate. Among the use of industrial chemical carbon dioxide scrubbing.

Legal strategies to encourage this form of gas in the atmosphere methane rapidly reacts to form biosequestration include permanent protection of water vapour and carbon dioxide. Atmospheric forests in National Parks or on the World Heritage carbon dioxide has increased from about ppm List, properly funded management and bans on use in to ppm in and is increasing at an of rainforest timbers and inefficient uses such as average rate of 2 ppm pr year.

The world's oceans woodchipping old growth forest. This, and Nations associated with the United Nations the likely adverse consequences for humans and the Conference on Environment and Development biosphere of associated global warming, increases UNCED in Rio de Janeiro, the non-legally binding the significance of investigating policy mechanisms Forest Principles were established in These for encouraging biosequestration.

Subsequently the Group of 77 argued in control land use at the local level and prove that their the Intergovernmental Panel on Forests IPF emissions are declining. The expert reforestation and the planting of new forest cover, group crated under the United Nations Forum on as well as promoting sustainable forest resource Forests UNFF reported in , but in management.

Free E Book Current Affair 2012 Environment

NASA, The rules explore ways of reducing emissions from governing accounting and reporting of greenhouse deforestation and to enhance forest carbon stocks in gas emissions from LULUCF under the Kyoto Protocol developing nations. Under the 31 December and deforestation, as well as in free market model advocated by the countries who the first commitment period under article 3.

Brazil the state with the Continent of Australia from space. Australia largest area of tropical rainforest however, opposes is a major producer of fossil fuels and has significant including avoided deforestation in acarbon trading problems with deforestation.

However, questions have been raised at the site of the reaction of Rubisco, thereby by Andrew Macintosh about the veracity of the reducing the biosequestration-inhibiting estimates of emissions from the LULUCF sector because of discrepancies between the Australian photorespiration.