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Uniform Building Code, Edition, published bythe International Structural Welding Code — Reinforcing Steel, AWS Dl (UBC. in UBC and in ACI , the SEAOSC Board authorized a Task Under 97 UBC Section , the cracked moment is based on fr = 5 √ f ´c.; and in. Request PDF on ResearchGate | UBC 97 and ACI Code Comparison - Summary Report | Recognizing there have been questions on.

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UNIFORM BUILDING CODE. 2–1. Volume 2. Chapters 1 through 15 are printed in Volume 1 of the Uniform Building Code. Chapter STRUCTURAL. Earthquake Resistant Design. According To UBC. Major Changes from UBC (1) Soil Profile Types: The four Site Coefficients S1 to S4 of the UBC. UBCpdf - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. uniform building code

Whatever we do, whatever we perform we follow a standard or we try our level best to meet that standard in order to ensure quality and optimum level of success in economy and level of comfort. In civil engineering same is the case, whether it is transportation engineering, bridge engineering, structural engineering, geotechnical engineering or any other discipline, we follow some standards and code. Download Uniform Building Code UBC 97 Importance of Standards in Engineering If you are performing some experiments to know the performance level of certain type of construction material you might have to follow ASTM American Society for Testing Materials which has many volumes and experiments being standardized by professionals and researchers. Why we need Codes and Standards As already mentioned in the start that Standards play a very important role as far as level of precision and optimism in quality and degree of performance is to maintained and enhanced. Standards vary from one place to other like the standards we have for America might not be useable in Asian countries like China etc.

Since the computer model often neglects nonstructural stiffness, the code requires that Method A be used under certain conditions. However, it must not be less than 80 percent of the shear calculated using Method A.

This approach has some rational basis since it is valid for regular structures. Therefore, this definition of the principal directions will be used for the method of analysis presented in this chapter. Directional and Orthogonal Effects The required design seismic forces may come from any horizontal direction and, for the purpose of design, they may be assumed to act non-concurrently in the direction of each principal axis of the structure.

In addition, for the purpose of member design, the effects of seismic loading in two orthogonal directions may be combined on a square-root-of-the-sum-of-the-squares SRSS basis. Also, it is allowable to design members for percent of the seismic forces in one direction plus 30 percent of the forces produced by the loading in the other direction.

We will not use this approach in the procedure suggested here for reasons presented in Chapter Basic Method of Seismic Analysis In order to satisfy the current requirements, it is necessary to conduct two separate spectrum analyses in the major and minor principal directions as defined above.

Within each of these analyses, the Complete Quadratic Combination CQC method is used to accurately account for modal interaction effects in the estimation of the maximum response values. The spectra used in both of these analyses can be obtained directly from the Normalized Response Spectra Shapes given by the Uniform Building Code. Scaling of Results Each of these analyses will produce a base shear in the major principal direction. This approach is more conservative than proposed by the current requirements, since only the scaling factor that produces the largest response is used.

However, this approach is far more rational since it results in the same design earthquake in all directions.

97 pdf ubc

Dynamic Displacements and Member Forces The displacement and force distribution are calculated using the basic SRSS method to combine the results from percent of the scaled spectra applied in each direction.

The ground acceleration that these structures experience may be up to twice the acceleration that more distant structures experience. These amplification factors are acceleration- for short-period structures and velocity- for large-period structures controlled factors. Near source effects are greater for long-period structures i. In seismic zone 4, they are used in conjunction with the proximity of the building or structure to known faults to determine the seismic coefficients Ca and Cv.

The surface projection need not include portions of the source at depths of 10 km or greater. The largest value of the near- source factor considering all sources shall be used for design. This is then used to determine the seismic coefficient Ca.

This is then used to determine Cv. For equal story heights and weights, the distribution of the story forces is linearly, increasing toward the top.

Any significant variation from this triangular distribution indicates an irregular structure. However, torsional shears that are increased by the effects of accidental torsion must be added to direct shears. Higher redundancy in a structure implies better reliability. Inelastic action of a structure during a major seismic event can cause part of the structure to fail. For structures expected to experience severe inelastic demands, the lateral load-resisting system of the structure should be made as redundant as possible so that loads can be distributed to other lateral-force-resisting elements.

The redundancy factor provides for multiple load paths for resisting earthquake forces. More redundancy means better reliability because there is increased opportunity for inelastic deformations.


It takes into account the number of lateral-force-resisting elements, plan area of building, and distribution of forces to the lateral-force-resisting elements. In certain situations, it may be difficult to achieve a redundant design. The maximum ratio, rmax, is defined as the largest value of ri in the lower two-thirds of the building. For columns common to two bays with moment-resisting connections on opposite sides at Level i in the direction under consideration, 70 percent of the shear in that column may be used in the column shear summation.

The lateral loads shall be distributed to elements based on relative rigidities considering the interaction of the dual system. Hence, drift must be checked in the plane of the lateral-load-resisting elements, generally at the building corners.

Download Uniform Building Code (UBC) 97 full [pdf] - Civil Engineering Codes

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Uniform Building Code

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Download Uniform Building Code (UBC) 97 full [pdf] - Civil Engineering Codes - sipilab

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