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A McNair as its first head organization. Meanwhile in Sabah and Sarawak another entity of Public Works Department exists under respective state governments jurisdiction. As public government department, JKR has touched many aspects of the nation's life by providing necessary infrastructure, such as roads and water supply systems. With this, JKR has been divided into a few branched which experts in their own field such as mechanical, building, road, slope, electrical, military and water works. The mains infrastructure of public government which maintained by JKR are federal road, state road, public hospitals, public school and public government buildings. In Mechanical branched, works are focused on machinery maintenance and mechanical construction for the department. Complete the mechanical systems design work that meet the standards, quality, time and cost as prescribed.

In Mechanical branched, works are focused on machinery maintenance and mechanical construction for the department. Complete the mechanical systems design work that meet the standards, quality, time and cost as prescribed. Perform maintenance of mechanical systems, vehicles, plant construction and quarry plant belonging to the government that meet quality, time and cost as prescribed.

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Manage the assets of which consist of mechanical services in buildings, vehicles, plant and quarry belonging to the PWD to meet the current department needs. Provide technical consultancy related to the mechanical engineering field to government agencies and statutory bodies within time required. Standardisation of processes and systems to provide consistent revenue. Providing asset management services and the effective and innovative projects.

Strengthen existing engineering competency. Developing human capital and new competencies.

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Exception Handling Projects Undertaken The OAK has taken 18 months to develop. The oak is unable to fulfill all requirements of the industry. So James Gosling again reviews this oak and released with the name of java in the year Scientifically java is one of the coffee seed name.

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Here we discuss some points related to java. It contains set of libraries and tools for developing java application. The Java Runtime Environment provides the minimum requirements for executing a Java application. Define JVM JVM is set of programs developed by sun Micro System and supplied as a part of jdk for reading line by line of byte code and it converts into native understanding form of operating system.


Java language is one of the compiled and interpreted programming language. Garbage Collector Garbage Collector is the system Java program which runs in the background along with regular Java program to collect un-Referenced unused memory space for improving the performance of our applications.

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A sub-package is a collection of classes interfaces and sub sub packages etc. Java programming is containing user friendly syntax so that we can develop effective application s. Some important features are; Java Classpath Setting Path Variable Path variable is set for providing path for all java tools like java, javac, javap, javah, jar, appletviewer which are use in java programming.

These all tools are available in bin folders so we set path upto bin folders. Classpath Variable Classpath variable is set for providing path for predefined java classes which is used in our application.

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Steps For CompilingAnd Executing Programs The following sequence of steps represented in the diagram use compiling the java program and executing the java programs.

Each components have separate works. The customer can select a genre, then a language, to get the different movies as he desired. And there are various other ways that a user can search for his desired movie. The customer can select the movie for putting them in his queue. The process can be repeated for more movies. Customer can update or delete movies for his queue anytime.

For final delivery of selected borrowed movie, the customer has to login the portal, if the customer is visiting for the 1st time he must register with the site, else the customer must use the login page to proceed. Finally customer has to request for the desired movie from the queue for delivery.

That movie is delivered at their place within a day also picked up from there after few days or requested by the customer to pick this movie or pick and deliver next movie.

Module Description Modules: Registration 2. Search 3.

Report 4. Security 5. Admin 6. Staff 7. User Brief Description: Through this module a person can register with the website. A registered user can add movies to the queue and see rental history and update his profile. A user can keep any no of movies as he wishes, but only the first movie is delivered to him in the next delivery cycle.

A person needs to choose a plan to be registered and join with us. Valid email id is required as user id. This module is the most important module of this project.

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These ways are explained as below 1. By Alphabet 3. By Collection a. By year like movies of 80's, 90's or b.

These above two options are available for both Indian and International Category 4. By Name of a. Actor b. Actress c. Producer d.

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Director Report: This module works for us whenever admin or user wants to take a report of any type like… 1. Admin can take a report of all payment made by any user during registration 2. Admin can also take report of all customer details 3.

Rental history that shows disc to be delivered as well as or disc to be picked up.