Saturday, October 5, 2019 admin Comments(0) I have a problem with my washingachine topyn do i get the. And there it was, at the bottom of the scope's cabinet, in one piece with the marking perfectly readable: TOPYN with excellent data sheets. datasheet - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. LCD Monitor TOPYN 45 W 90 – VAC 5 V / 12 V Flyback. Design Highlights the .

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TOPYN Power Integrations AC/DC Converters 90 W VAC W VAC datasheet, inventory, & pricing. Lower System Cost, High Design Flexibility. • Extended power range for higher power applications. • No heatsink required up to 34 W using P package. Buy POWER INTEGRATIONS TOPYN only $ at EasyEDA Power Management ICs|Switching Controllers datasheet, inventory and pricing.

On my desk laid a board sent to me by a friend for troubleshooting. I needed to check a few signals and, as this was not an urgent job, easily accessible, it would perfectly fit to the mood of the moment. I pressed the ON button on my trusted oscilloscope, expecting the usual start screen and buttons glowing but… nothing. No panic, maybe the cleaning lady disconnected the power plug under the desk in order to connect her vacuum cleaner. This happened before! Still not motivated to kneeling down under the desk I pulled the plug at the back of the scope and checked for voltage. No luck the voltage was there, no need to go under the desk!

The fuse was OK too. The last thing I wanted to do on a January 1st was opening a box and start troubleshooting. All I needed was just removing a few screws; so the curiosity took over the laziness and I grabbed a screwdriver. Indeed, 4 screws at the bottom near the front feet and 2 small screws on the top, hidden behind the handle, and the back of the scope came out easily. Inside, the whole circuitry was shielded and the back of the shield came out just by removing the 2 nuts of the DB 9.

Then here it was, nicely built with the power supply very accessible. Already from here I could see that the power IC switcher had literally exploded, its face had gone! Having not found any circuit diagram for this scope I hoped to find the missing part of the IC in order to identify it.

It was not such a bad day after all and the feeling of laziness had totally gone… The next step was to carefully remove the power supply board from the cabinet, discharge the capacitor and try to figure out what happened and why? The board was easy to take out, just by removing two connectors and a few screws. To discharge the capacitor I used an old tester that had been in my toolbox for 30 years.

It was very handy during my field service years to quickly find out what sort of voltage existed between two terminals within a machine, when trying to identify a badly documented wiring. As it sinks about 10 mA it is also useful to quickly and safely discharge a capacitor and the LEDs show when it is fully discharged. Then, removing the blown up IC and starting the measurements. One of the flyback diode was found dead shorted, type 1.

The Datasheet was also available on the Internet. All the other components of the primary part of the power supply tested OK. Difficult to say but possible… Then I checked the primary of the transformer and found it good.

Order processed on January 3rd and parcel received on January 22nd with many confusing tracking messages received in between. At one stage it said that the parcel was picked up on the 7th.

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