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Important Tips to Solve Time& Work Problems- Download in PDF: Shortcuts and Mind Tricks for Time& Distance (Train Sum) Type-I. Time and Work is an important chapter for bank exams. This post is a part of " Shortcut You will get Shortcut tricks and Questions PDF for free. In this website we provide few shortcut methods on Time and Work Methods. Shortcut tricks on Time and Work Methods will help you to do.

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Time and Work is an important topic asked in banking, railway, insurance and other competitive exams like IBPS Clerk, SBI Clerk, SSC CGL, IBPS PO, SBI PO, CAT, NIACL AO etc. This article is a part of ”Shortcut Techniques’’ series & will help you provide the shortcut method. RRB NTPC Free Study Material PDF, Free Download Now. RRB NTPC Free Mock Time And Work Shortcut Tricks Part 1 Video: Watch Now · Time And Work. Read here about some shortcut tricks for Time and Work. Check here important tips to crack the questions in the exam.

Now let's solve questions with this trick Question 1. A take 5 days to complete a job and B takes 10 days to complete the same job. In how much time they will complete the job together? To complete the job they need 3. Question 2.

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Hope this would be helpful to all aspirants. Question- A completes the work in 10 days and B completes the work in 15 days In how many days they will complete the work. A can do a piece of work in 8 days. B can do the same in 14 days. In how many days can the work be completed if A and B work together?

A and B each working alone can do a work in 20 days and 15 days respectively. They started the work together, but B left after sometime and A finished the remaining work in 6 days. After how many days from the start, did B leave? Two pipes A and B can fill a tank in 16 minutes and 20 minutes respectively.

Pipe A can fill a tank in 10 minutes. Pipe B can fill the same tank in 6 minutes. Pipe C can empty the tank in 12 minutes. If all of them work together, find the time taken to fill the empty tank. Formula required for Time and Work problems: If A can finish a work in 2 days, B can finish the work in 3 days, then How many days together takes to finish the work?

Aptitude Shortcut Methods and Rules for Time and Work Problems Download in PDF ~ SSC Exam Guide

Let Assume the job is 6 units L. M of 3 and 6 whatever it may be like making burgers or walking kilometers etc. Total job is 60 units. Ash can do a job in 10 days.

Bali can do the same job in 5 days. In how many days they can complete the job if they work together? A can do a work in 6 days and B can do the same work in 5 days.

The contract for the work is Rs How much shall B get if both of them work together? Shortcut trick: As wages distributed in inverse proportion of number of days, their share should be in the ratio 5: Most of the time and work questions can be solved if you know the basic correlation between time, work and man-hours. A, B and C can do a work in 6, 8 and 12 days respectively. Doing that work together they get an amount of Rs. What is the share of B in that amount? A 60days B 72days C 90days D days E days.

View Answer: Option B Solution: Option D Solution: After 25 days, 5 more men were employed on work for which the work is completed in 1 day before.

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If 5 more men were not worked then how many days took in delay? Option A Solution: A group of men decided to do a job in 4 days but 20 men dropped out everyday ,the job was completed at the end of the 7th day.

How many men were initially?

Find the total number of days taken to complete work? Frequently asked questions in quantitative aptitude test on time and work After going through the questions given below, it will be good for you if you can take our practice placement test.

At the end of the test, you can have a look at solutions provided for each question with answers. Given A takes x days to do work.

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B takes y days to do the same work. If A and B work together, how many days will it take to complete the work. If A and B together can do a piece of work in x days, B and C together can do it in y days and C and A together can do it in z days, find how many days it takes for each of them to complete the work if they worked individually. How many days will it take to complete the work if they worked together? Give A is n times efficient than B.

Also A takes n days less than B to complete the work. After few days one of them leaves.

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Also given the other takes n more days to complete the work. Find total number of days to complete the work.

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How many days did they work together? A started the work and B joined him after n days.