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Orion—The Way of Kings Pt1 —PKY. Unit $$$1. Page 2. WKING The place of Kalak turned and walked to the side, where a low ridge overlooked part. download The Way of Kings Part Two: 1 (The Stormlight Archive Book One) by Brandon Sanderson from site's Fiction Books Store. Everyday See all 2 images. This is the second part of the Way of Kings, the first novel in the Stormlight Archive by Brandon Sanderson and the start of an epic series. As this.

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Book One: The Way of Kings. Prologue: To Kill. Part One: Above Silence. 1: STORMBLESSED. 2: HONOR IS DEAD. 3: CITY OF BELLS. 4: THE SHATTERED . PDF - The Way of Kings part. 2. Released in two volumes due to size of book. According to mythology mankind used to live in The Tranquiline Halls. Heaven. The Way of Kings, Part 2 book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. According to mythology mankind used to live in The Tranqu.

Shelves: fantasy-challenge , favourite-series , brandon-sanderson , own , personal-favourites , fantasy Note Before reading the rest of this review I'd like to note that this is a two part review with notes from a first reading and a second reading. Like with any fantasy epic beginning this entire work starts out slowly but this second part becomes much faster and more readable. I encourage reading of this book, because as noted later it was my favourite book read in and I have been eagerly waiting for this novel almost as much as I awaited the finale of The Wheel of Time. In short I wanted to Note Before reading the rest of this review I'd like to note that this is a two part review with notes from a first reading and a second reading. In short I wanted to clarify that on a first reading of any novel I can be very eager and excited about the novel if it thrills me.

The creatures introduced by Sanderson were fascinating. You had the chasmfiends, the Parshendii and parshmen, the chull, the axehounds and the sky eels for starters. Each of which were nicely depicted through images in the book.

In fact the elaborate artwork was something else to behold for a book. The most intriguing creatures however were the spren. These are spirits which appear in different forms and flock to various events. For example windspren fly on the breeze, firespren appear around fires, painspren are attracted to pain, rotspren are attracted to rot and so on. The Magic You have the supernatural featuring strongly as in all of Sanderson's books to date. There are three types of main magic mentioned along with another which is hinted at.

The fourth I won't delve into as it is simply called Old Magic and may feature more in later novels. I'll put a spoiler here as I provide some details which some readers may find spoiling.

This stormlight causes them to glow brightly. Some have the ability - like the Radiants of old - to absorb the stormlight from gems and use this to perform various lashings. These lashings bind objects together, prove gravitational pulls and change gravity.

The stormlight also heals and strengthens the user Soulcasting Soulcasting again uses gems to change objects into other objects. For instance stone can become fog, blood can become ice, fire can become wood and so forth. The magic is done through the use of powerful objects called fabrials. Apart from that you can find out about the soulcasting more through reading. Shardplate and Shardblades These are weapons which turn men into unstoppable warriors.

The plate strengthens a man and increases his speed and agility. The shardblade slices through any object and when it touches flesh it passes through deadening the soul. Basically if it touches your spine you will burn to death. Shardblades disappear when dropped and can be summoned by their wielder in ten heartbeats. While reading the book I kept imagining how awesome a film version would be to hear the heartbeats as the sword is summoned - and because of how much action envelopes the book.

They each had a strong and properly explained moral centre to their being that was observable from the start. Some may become annoyed at the lack of sexuality in the book but I disagree with it being absent. In fact I think Sanderson deserves credit for fitting a clever touch of romance during a massive war where most of the women are away from the front-lines.

This is in essence a book about the characters and how they struggle through conflict, how they wrestle with turmoil and danger and in the end triumph. The story itself does move much faster in this second half and we finally get a glimpse of the untapped talent that both of the main protagonists have hidden inside them. The fight scenes are top notch, the dialogue gripping and the characterisation exemplary.

The Way of Kings is a very strong start to what promises to be an excellent series with all the hallmarks of becoming a classic, a richly detailed unique world described with a creative flair and filled with unforgettable characters, highly recommended.

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Brandon Sanderson. I really admire Sanderson's decision to include them in this series, because it's something I haven't seen before and they're all just wonderful.

View all 3 comments. Jul 31, Dawnie rated it really liked it Shelves: Death is the destination. But the journey, that is life. This second half of this huge first book in an even bigger fantasy series certainly picked up the pacing compared to the first half. This book had a lot more going in -in character development, in plot development, in general story development and on top of that was packed up with action moments.

The writing was great, i enjoyed where most of the characters and their different plot points went I KNOW! I am on the minority here in the biggest way possible, but while i really enjoyed reading this book and actually started to like most if not all of the characters and respected their different roles in this book i also sometimes felt a bit bored because sometimes it just felt a bit dragged out. When once again something was explained that wasn't needed while other things where not explained at all Yes those pages where only in between the clearly important moments, and they only where around two or three pages at the most at one time.

But add those pages together in the size of this book and you get a good amount together! This book was brilliant -don't get me wrong! I didn't really feel that way with this book so that is great and clearly showcasing Sanderson's craftsmanship!

But the problem with a book that has over if you take the "original version" or add the two way of king parts together yourself is that sometimes you feel those pages.

So while this was great and defiantly worth a read no matter what kind of fantasy reader "level" you are at -do be prepared that every now and again you will notice the amount of pages and the "epicness" of the story while reading it. Its pretty freaking amazing! Jun 15, Nadine rated it it was amazing. Hot Damn! Words of Radiance please!! Brandon Sanderson er genial, intet mindre!

May 31, Hannah rated it it was amazing. Therefore my review for each will be the same. I ate this book! So my advice is - if, after the first chapter of Part One, you are enjoying it order Part Two right then! I haven't finished such a large book so quickly for a long time. This is the kind of book that you find yourself carrying around in order to sneakily read it whenever you can.

I was reading it ALL the time, I became unresponsive and dazed It was great! The characters are involving and three-dimensional, the plot is intricate and original, the world feels complete and complex. I loved Kaladin in particular all the way through, I found myself getting bored with Dalinar in places mainly because I wanted the action to get back to Kaladin , but in hindsight the sections with Dalinar are just as important and I can see why they are as they are.

The pace of the action speeds up about three quarters of the way through the book and then there is a mad race for the finish which left me breathless. As the first book in what is probably going to be a large series I think this stands up very well on it's own, which is quite a feat. If this first book is a small section of the jigsaw which is the series then we get enough of the picture for it to be exciting and logical, but we never lose sight of the fact that the whole jigsaw is much larger than the section we're working on.

Can't wait for the next book! Jan 29, Becki rated it it was amazing Shelves: Well the ending blew my mind. This might just be my favourite by Brandon Sanderson so far!

PDF - The Way of Kings part. 2

Mar 21, PipReads rated it it was amazing. Love a good Sanderson twist. Sau calea pe care o alegem? Apr 19, Daisy rated it it was amazing Shelves: I didn't intend on reading this book in one day, especially right before an exam, but it was simply too good to put down. Brandon Sanderson has created something wonderful, a tumultuous world that on the verge of collapse, and the Stormlight Archive is fast becoming one of my favourite epic fantasy series. Continuing on from part one, it served as a perf I didn't intend on reading this book in one day, especially right before an exam, but it was simply too good to put down.

Continuing on from part one, it served as a perfect conclusion to setting the scene for the rest of the books to come which I can only expect to get better. Can I give six stars instead? Or ten? Thoroughly enjoyed this book. A brief recap of part one was that I actually DNF'd this series as I couldn't get into it but I eventually came back to it, finished it and liked it.


So, part two of book one, wow, much better in the respects of action and plotting. We now see where part one was taking us, especially towards the end, bam, bam action, bam, bam plot point and so on. On top of all that is the sense of where the story as a whole is heading Oct 04, Marielle rated it it was amazing Shelves: I am in love with Kaladin Stormblessed and Dalinar Kholin I will start with the next book immediately!!

Jul 30, Michael rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Epic fantasy sagas fans. I'm probably being a bit mean giving this less than 5-stars, 4. Shallan is a very interesting character, though she hasn't captured my imagination in the same way that Kaladin has, yet.

There's still plenty of time for my opinion to change over the 's of pages of this series I still have to read. I said in my pre-review notes that I liked this more than The Way of Kings book 1.

That is partly to do with plot-progression and partly to do with the section at the end where Sanderson's I'm probably being a bit mean giving this less than 5-stars, 4. That is partly to do with plot-progression and partly to do with the section at the end where Sanderson's unique magic-system is explained. That helped me immensely. I had been struggling a little to picture how it all worked in my mind. Small brain syndrome again lol.

So, if, like me, you hadn't read a Sanderson book before I would start with the Mistborn series.

I haven't read those yet, though I believe they might help with understanding the whole 'Lashings' concept. My favourite character is Kaladin as you have likely gathered but Dalinar comes a close 2nd. I love the way Sanderson has shaped and nurtured the relationships between his characters in this book.

Of 2 way pdf kings part the

I got a real sense of the betrayal and the feelings of those concerned. He even had me close to tears by the end of this one! Chivalry and honour are very important to me, they make me care about characters that display those qualities. Sanderson uses those qualities in few characters in this book, which sets the stage for many a scheme and side-plot involving the many villainous people who lack those credentials.

I won't go on-and-on, I think you can tell that I liked the story. The only thing that concerns me about this series is that it is unfinished. I am glad I haven't had the cash to download the other books yet, it means Sanderson may be closer to completing it by the time I do. Oh, one last suggestion. I bought these as two books because I struggle a little with reading books that go beyond pages.

It has to be damn good to keep my interest beyond pages. Hence the reason why I don't usually go straight through a series back-to-back. I prefer to take a break and read something else.

I look forward to continuing with the series in the future. Thank you to all of you who take the time to read my sometimes rambling reviews! Apr 13, Marina rated it it was amazing. You need to read this.

This is just a whole other level of fantasy. Jul 06, Shaelin Bishop rated it really liked it. Doch auch die Zwischenspiele in dieser Geschichte sind ein willkommenes Lese-Erlebnis und so unterschiedlich diese auch sind, umso interessanter sind sie zu erlesen. Zu erfahren wer er ist, woher er sein wissen nimmt und wieso all dies geschieht. Und neben der Geschichte gibt es einige Illustrationen zu entdecken, welche sich perfekt in die Geschichte eingliedern und einigen Dingen ein genaues Bild verschaffen.

The Way of Kings

Als Hilfestellung? Eher als Zusatz, denn auch ohne diese Zeichnungen weckt Sandersons bildhafte Beschreibung die Fantasie eines jeden Lesers. Apr 05, Goran Zidar rated it it was amazing. I have read a lot of people complaining about the size of this book. The number of characters, the extent of the world building, the frequent flashbacks.

Yes there are characters that only appear in a single chapter. Yes there is a prelude as well as a prologue. There are calls to cut down the size of t I have read a lot of people complaining about the size of this book.

There are calls to cut down the size of the book by as much as half, and to drop the one shot characters entirely. If that would have been done then no doubt this still would have been an excellent book but I loved the fact that I got to spend an extra pages worth of time in the story.

At no stage did I get to a chapter and wish I could skip this bit and get back to the part I just left off. Put simply I really enjoyed all of it.

The Way of Kings - Wikipedia

Whenever the second book comes out the real second book that is I will most definitely be getting my hands on it and lock myself away from all distractions to find out what happens next, and it I only hope that it is going to be as big as the first one.

Readers Also Enjoyed. About Brandon Sanderson. Brandon Sanderson. Secret History , and a brand-new Stormlight Archive novella, Edgedancer. Earlier this year he released Calamity , the finale of the 1 New York Times bestselling Reckoners trilogy that began with Steelheart.

Brandon Sanderson was born in in Lincoln, Nebraska. As a child Brandon enjoyed reading, but he lost interest in the types of titles often suggested to him, and by junior high he never cracked a book if he could help it. This changed when an eighth grade teacher gave him Dragonsbane by Barbara Hambly. Brandon was working on his thirteenth novel when Moshe Feder at Tor Books bought the sixth he had written.

Four books in his middle-grade Alcatraz vs. The only author to make the short list for the David Gemmell Legend Award six times in four years, Brandon won that award in for The Way of Kings.

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Currently living in Utah with his wife and children, Brandon teaches creative writing at Brigham Young University. Other books in the series.

The Stormlight Archive 9 books. Books by Brandon Sanderson. Trivia About The Way of Kings,