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This is likewise one of the factors by obtaining the soft documents of this the vampire queens servant by online. You might not require more times to spend to go. I found the vampire queens servant i do enjoy reading paranormal i do enjoy strong likeable characters and stories that satisfy joeys writing offers all that. queens daughters the the vampire queen 39 s servant vampire queen servant vampire queen book 1 pdf file uploaded by agatha christie pdf.

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hey had been riding for days when they were finally rewarded with a view of Castle Iju. It was far worse than either of The Dragon Queens · Queens' Play. Download The Vampire Queens Servant free pdf, Download The Vampire Queens. Servant Pdf, Read Online The Vampire Queens Servant pdf, Free The . The vampire queens servant read online free from your pc or mobile the vampire queens servant vampire queen 1 is a fantasy novel by joey w hill the vampire.

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The Vampire Queen's Servant

Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. Apr 18, Daisiemae rated it really liked it Recommends it for: This is NOT a book for the faint hearted. There were several times I felt myself wanting to cringe from the things Jacob is put through to prove his submission to Lyssa. Being an alpha male, he has some problems with being submissive, but in Lyssa's world that is not allowed.

It is made very clear throughout the book that Vampires must be dominate, and demand nothing less but submission with all of their slaves, but honestly some of it was hard to This is NOT a book for the faint hearted. It is made very clear throughout the book that Vampires must be dominate, and demand nothing less but submission with all of their slaves, but honestly some of it was hard to read at times.

I think what compelled me to read and finish is was the feelings Jacob and Lyssa have for one another. View all 8 comments. Jan 31, Ridley rated it liked it Shelves: I won't be doing a full review because this book just sort of lost me somewhere. Maybe it's because I spent a week and a half to read it, stopping to glom the entire Girl Genius archives in the middle of it, but I don't think so. The book shares three things in common with literary fiction: Now, the reverse snob in me hates literary fiction, so anytime things start to resemble it, I get cranky.

Not only that, b I won't be doing a full review because this book just sort of lost me somewhere. Not only that, but it lacked something in the execution. The language veered over from subtly poetic to laughably florid at times. Anytime you compare a vagina to a flower or petals, you lose me. Yes, I know flowers are effectively plant genitalia, but it's like motion and ocean, hero and zero. It's overdone in fiction writing. I also didn't think there was enough character development or change to support the lack of plot.

Pdf queens the vampire servant

By the end, I was a bit bored. I was skimming the sex scenes, desperately searching for character growth, story, something. My reward?

Servant queens pdf vampire the

No HEA. I have book two, so I'll read the next one, where this story finishes. I'm looking forward to continuing the story, but I hope that either Lyssa and Jacob are more interesting or there's more story going on. Jun 09, Heather rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Vampire erotica and romance fans. You should read this book! At first I was put off by a review I read that said there was a lot of violence in this book I disagree!

This is really a love story. The story is about Alyssa- a year old vampire queen who was somewhat recently parted with her human servant Thomas. For those who read the vampire genre we know what a human servant is. Along comes Jacob- handsome man who swears he is the one to serve her and be with her. He tells her that Thomas himself trained him and that he You should read this book! He tells her that Thomas himself trained him and that he will do anything to be with her.

Their story really unfolds as Alyssa tries to deny the soul-deep feelings she develops for Jacob while they are falling for each other! There is great sex, and it happens really quickly too! There is some BSDM elements to this book- she is definitely trying to always be dominant, but Jacob gets to be in charge plenty of times. There were 2 scenes in the book that I would consider "violent" but they dont take away from the story- they only reinforce it!

Please give this book a shot I cant wait to read the next one! View all 4 comments. This was Pure Bloody Awesomeness! This tale is intertwined in three lives Sir Vagabond But, HAWT! View 2 comments. Feb 03, Kelly rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. First things first, I enjoyed this book immensely and I have never read anything quite like it.

It takes the reader on a roller coaster ride of emotions and just when you think you know where the story is headed it turns around and goes in the other direction. It was romantic,erotic, violent, and morose-sometimes all on the same page! The sex scenes were very hot and inventive and there was some BDSM, but nothing hardcore.

The story is about ancient, beautiful vampire queen Lady Elyssa and sexy First things first, I enjoyed this book immensely and I have never read anything quite like it. The story is about ancient, beautiful vampire queen Lady Elyssa and sexy alpha male Jacob Green.

Over the course of the book she makes him her full human servant by giving him all three marks that join them together until one of them dies. About half way through the book you learn that Elyssa is dying. That's about the time I started with the Kleenex and I cried on and off througout the rest of the book Note: I do not cry when I read books, or hardly ever. During the course of the book the world building begins and you learn about the vampire politics that become more and more important to Lyssa and I assume will continue to in future books.

At the end of the book Lyssa is still alive and madly in love with Jacob and has given him the third mark and she is still dying without a cure for her disease in sight.

I will certainy be reading book two to learn of her and Jacob's fate. I highly recommend this book to romance lovers, but be prepared for some heavy reading at times throughout this book. I felt it was well worth the puffy eyes!!! View all 13 comments. This was my first Joey Hill book and it wont be my last. The Vampire Queen's Servant by Joey. Hill is book one in her 'Vampire Queen Series', it's certainly not for the faint of heart or if you are used to something a little more tame and vanilla.

Jacob is one of those sexy Alpha men that has you drooling, nothing about him says submissive but when he sees Lady Lyssa he wants her, he learns her ways, how to look after her, be her servant. It's This was my first Joey Hill book and it wont be my last. It's usually the male protagonist who is the more dominant so i was very intrigued to see how it played out with Lyssa in that role.

Jacob doesn't submit easily, making the vampire queen work for his submission leaving her frustrated at times but that just adds more to his appeal for her, she's used to "yes" people.

The vampire politics are quite strict, Lyssa needs Jacob's submission if he is to exist in the vampire world and not undermine her authority. Very much character laden i loved this book for alot of reasons, yes it has enough erotica to please the smuttiest of bitches, it has an underline mystery of past history and who is the bad guy, but it's the structure of character in Jacob and Lyssa i loved best. I liked the tender moments Lyssa had, she was harsh at times so the contrast in her nicer side was good to see.

This is an on-going series so in The Vampire Queen's servant you don't get all the resolves you would in a stand alone book, but it just made me more eager to follow on with book two The Mark of the Vampire Queen. If you like paranormal, vampires, biting, erotica, moresomes and pedicures given by a sexy alpha male then this book is a must read for you.

Jul 08, Anita rated it it was ok Shelves: I couldn't get into this book. Half the time, I thought it was a poorly written sappy romance. It doesn't speak well for the writing that I never once cared about any of the characters. Too many cliches, too redundant, with a generally uninteresting story line.

Even the "edgy" scenes were fairly boring because it really didn't matter to me if a character was hurt. She forces him to learn to be submissive. He's the reincarnation of a protector from her past. She's ill with a fatal disease. Vampires are sexual deviants and love power games.

There you go. View 1 comment. I tried, I did, but I couldn't make it work. The writing was too precious and not informative enough, and I didn't like the characters. Also, the male lead making his first appearance wearing only hose like a half-dressed Renaissance man tends to put a damper on things. I don't think I truly understand the need for novel-lenth erotica. View all 15 comments. Jul 20, Purplepaperreader rated it did not like it Shelves: This series has received very high ratings on Goodreads, but for me the book fell flat as the world building was just plain non-existent, and the writing contained overly dramatic dialogue that was lacking in descriptive detail.

You should leave. Did I mention the whoop ass coming your way? If being a sub is your brand of hinky all the power to you, but I always feel a bit uneasy when when one character tries to change the sexual preferences of another.

Hot cover though. Horrible writing, the dialogue and the plot are lame, editing is nonexistent, and the sex even though it's supposed to be over the top BDSM is mediocre. It was like the author couldn't figure out whether to make it a sappy, fluffy Romance or a dark erotica which is why the sex scenes didn't play right for me. I felt absolutely no attachment to the characters and no interest in the plot.

No interest w DNF. No interest whatsoever. In fact I'm feeling incredibly grateful I didn't spend any money on this one. I might try to revisit in the future because everyone seems to love it but I was doing a lot teenage-like scoffing and eye rolling while reading it so I doubt it.

The 1 star is for the cover. It's much better than most I guess and is the only nice thing I can say about it. Feb 06, Marion rated it really liked it Shelves: This book is about Lyssa the Vamire Queen and Jacob a human who applies for the position to be her servant.

Jacob was trained by Thomas who was Lyssa's previous servant. The problem is that Jacob is an alpha male and he is not submissive.

Both Lyssa and Jacob try to dominate the other but also want to submit to each other. There is alot of sexual tension as well as romance and quite a bit of violence from Lyssa after all she is a vampire. I was not sure I would like this book but was pleasan This book is about Lyssa the Vamire Queen and Jacob a human who applies for the position to be her servant.

I was not sure I would like this book but was pleasantly surprised. Have to get the sequel to this book now. Mar 08, Leontine rated it really liked it Shelves: There are some authors who are meant to push your boundaries and throw you in uncharted territory, for me Joey W Hill is such an author!

A very simple given but the journey they undertake is executed with such depth of character and rich detail of vampire culture that it kept boredom far away from this story. Though she is the only living Queen, Joey W Hill gave her one heck of an Achilles heel to balance her vast powers.

Yet I read on, because if there was one thing I just had to know then it was her motivations for her actions, where did her personality stem from and what was hiding beneath the surface? The first glimpses of her hidden side gradually won me over, Lyssa is, if nothing else, a vampire queen who is thought-provoking and has an intricate personality demanding absolute attention.

With Lyssa I got a strong, difficult and complex heroine who mesmerized me from the start. Opposite of Lyssa there is Jacob.

The Vampire Queen's Servant (Vampire Queen, #1) by Joey W. Hill

Now Jacob is a man I instantly loved and cherished for many reasons. He is an Irishman and I love the natural born attitude that comes along with that fact. It is also not in his nature to be a submissive, it is his promise to serve Lyssa with all that he is that fuels the need to serve her in that way.

This brings a fire to their dialogues and their passion that livens up their growing connection. You can feel the challenge Jacob provides Lyssa, he dares her, he contradicts her, and he serves her in every way she needs him to serve without Jacob becoming a wimp of a man.

Jacob is strong of mind and body but he is also loyal. He is charming, gallant and smart and he has the ability to make one woman the center of his singular devotion. He makes me weak in the knees and in that I can understand the seduction he presents for Lyssa. Of course there are various obstacles for Lyssa and Jacob to overcome, some a bit easier than others.

PDF The Vampire Queens Servant Vampire Queen series EBook

They presented dilemmas of the heart with the three degrees of binding between a vampire and her servant. Lyssa also comes with a background that is gripping and then there is the strategic maneuvering of the vampire society, testing Lyssa with her powers that provide a setting where the etiquette between a vampire and its servant becomes crystal clear.

Both mentally and physically the eroticism is at times scintillating in its search for domination and submission as it is endearing in its heart rendering and vulnerable moments. It made me feel so very connected to his progress in becoming a servant. He may have been trained by Thomas to be a vampire servant but in no way was Jacob prepared for the emotional side of it. Still, I must also warn you, this is but the first episode where some things receive a conclusion but no real ending.

I for one am glad to have this book already up on the shelves. This story took me on a journey where I had to get used to the customs of vampires and their servants. Nevertheless, it is the use of prose that imbues the words, scenes, actions and dialogues of the characters with emotions that I consider a trait of this author.

Her writing style amplifies the effect of this story and I got gradually pulled in, succumbed to the developing relationship that enthralled me with its dynamics. Once again Joey W Hill knows how to keep me fascinated with an arresting plot arc, multi-faceted characters, the eroticism is an sensual feast that contains some violence and darkness, and a story that wields the power of her incredible storytelling.

No one to indulge her need to casually reach out, touch and stroke. No one to hold her close, surprising her with the offer of comfort. No one to make her smile, banish shadows from her eyes. No one to kick around and treat like dog shit. She spoke, her voice quiet, tired.

You can go now. Quote Jacob: Gentle and rough. Tenderness and cruelty. Within him, as he suspected it was for most men, were the gentle lover and the demanding, primal animal. Here he was allowed to indulge and unleash both. The stimulation he felt was a synergy of all the arousal in the room.

Servant queens pdf vampire the

Instead of two women, he was arousing all of them. The power of it swept over him. While it drained some force of his anger, it left a sharp edge that only fed the hunger in himself. All yours, lady. Heart, soul, mind…every drop of my fucking blood is yours.

And every tear, she thought, wondering if he realized that the wetness between his jaw and her cheek came from him. As Tara said. Overly sentimental, these Irishmen. Her Irishman. View all 3 comments. Oct 28, Maya marked it as not-for-me Shelves: Self note: View all 14 comments. Mar 04, Ashley rated it really liked it Shelves: Joey W. Hill is a very unique author. She can turn the simple evolution of a couple's relationship into an epic romance, baffling the reader with the scope of this ability within the confines of three to four hundred pages.

Hill is an author to be savored and dedication of time is necessary in order to appreciate her artistry. Lady Elyssa Amaterasu Yamato Wentworth is a vampire queen not only by birth but also by the shear force of her personality. A thousand years has given Lyssa plenty of time Joey W. A thousand years has given Lyssa plenty of time to loose countless human servants, beloved each for their uniqueness and collectively for their submission, and also the loss of one controlling and perhaps crazed vampire husband.

These years have also wrought a strange affliction upon Lyssa that forces moments of intense weakness. It's during one of these bouts that Lyssa decides to take home a potential new servant, Jacob.

Jacob, former vampire hunter and circus performer extraordinaire, has spent one man's dying months at perfecting his ability to serve and protect Lady Lyssa. Thomas, a monk and Lyssa's former servant, gifts Jacob to Lyssa by letter, provoking the queen's loneliness after a year of self enforced celibacy. She can no more resist the Renaissance man standing before her in nothing but skin tight hose, any more than she can fight the irrational need to bind him to her for centuries to come.

Combined with a supreme predatory nature and her status as Queen, Lyssa finds extraordinary sexual satisfaction by the willing submission of her servants. But, unlike those who've served before, Jacob is not a practitioner of sexual submission nor does he fully grasp the extent of submission required by a vampire. Having dabbled only in soft bondage, Jacob's inner alpha has always directed him where he needed to go in terms of a woman's pleasure.

The cries and physical reactions of a woman in his arms determined where his hands and other appendages needed to go to ensure her pleasure. Being commanded what to do and punished for disobedience is a concept unknown to him.

Yet, despite Jacob's need to control the situation, Lyssa's demands provokes a powerful response from him that he's never experienced before. But with his explosive desire for Lyssa also comes panic. Not that he doesn't trust his lady, but he's never been invaded so thoroughly nor so immediately by a woman before.

The rules governing the relationship between vampire and servant are ancient in their existence. It's a completely one sided affair giving the power exclusively to the vampire. At the whim of the vampire, a servant is given a total of three marks. One that is basically a tracker, resembling a mental GPS.

The second allows the vampire to invade the very mind of it's servant. Again this is one sided. While the vampire can view the thoughts, emotions, fears, the past, and present of their servant's mind, the vampire may choose at it's leisure to invite the servant within the confines of it's own mind. The third and final mark links the servant to a vampire's immortality and thereby prolonging the humans life by three to four times what is normal.

Lyssa can't help but be intrigued by Jacob. While a willing submissive is her preference, Jacob's arrogance and subsequent disobedience, springs forth a tidal wave of lust and yearning for him. Although he's a man who claims to be unable to woo a woman by words, Lyssa can't deny the emotions he ignites within her with his cunning wit, dry humor, and above all his words of devotion to her and his need to not only be her protector, but her beloved companion as well.

Impulsively and much to Lyssa's early chagrin, she gifts Jacob with the first two marks, yet she promises him that third will never be given for purely unselfish reasons. I've come to see that unlike most romance authors, Hill enjoys writing about tortured heroines verses tortured heroes. Unlike Hill's 'Ice Queen' - Marguerite, who was horrifically tortured, Lyssa's vulnerability and thus my connection to her plight, was difficult to uncover.

As a reader, my preferences crave a dominant hero verses a dominant heroine, so that alone counts against Lyssa. I'm also attributing it towards her being a vampire and with that is the supreme ability to crush Jacob on a whim. Plus, Lyssa has lived for a thousand years thereby having plenty of time to cultivate and perfect her controlled facade.

Even Jacob states that anyone else would be hard pressed to observe the subtle nuances in her expressions, signaling her displeasure or approval. Honestly, it's not until Jacob plunges into Lyssa's mind that I could finally understand her motivations and what a revelation did they ultimately prove to be.

I finally saw Lyssa as human. She's a woman who is capable of remorse which was definitely something I needed to see in order to move past some of her bad treatment of Jacob. And when Lyssa begins to acknowledge the blurred lines between vampire and servant, she realizes that she craves spending time with Jacob. The sexual desire is still there but she's surprised at even her mundane cravings of him like sitting on the couch and watching television. It's at this time, when she finally reaches out for Jacob, that her vulnerability steps out from behind her shields and I simply could no longer resist her.

Jacob, on the other hand, was very easy to connect with. He truly cares for his lady but he was also very human. I bonded with his thought processes and how even he at times questioned Lyssa's behavior and on more than one occasion, thinks he's taken the wrong path.

But true to his Irish heritage, he's equally stubborn as he is motivated to belong to Lyssa, heart and soul.

Simply put, Jacob is genuinely a good guy with a big heart. His compulsion to be chivalrous to all woman was very enduring. This novel puts Jacob and Lyssa's relationship center stage which is unique, IMO, in today's paranormal genre which features a lot of action and fight sequences with the romance taking a backseat. Reviews 0 Specifications Please sign in to review this product. Copy From Text:.

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