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than a quarter of the book, betray the author's own interests-but as the editor of Sofer, Morry, The Translator's Handbook, 3rd rev ed, Rockville, MD: Schreiber. second edition of Becoming a Translator remains invaluable for students on and teachers A catalogue record for this book is available from the British Library. The fourth edition of A Practical Guide for Translators, which is now available, sees the This handy booklet is available from the ITI or as file on its.

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Basically it means that there is a community of approved translators that are invited to collabora- tively work on translation projects into their selected languages. The Translators Handbook - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. The Interpreter/Translator Taskforce was created in to help guide the future of .. which is available at:

PDF Translation Services There are dozens of pdf translation programs and pdf text translators out there, but the translation of a pdf document may be tricky and error-prone if you decide to go along with one of these programs to translate pdf files. Here at Protranslate. Thanks to our user-friendly interface, you may easily upload your pdf files and get a quote on the pdf translation price. One of our representatives will get in touch with you to assure a smooth experience. Once you specify the pdf document language, set the target language, translator type professional or sworn , translation speed, service type medical , academic, technical, legal or etc. Our system instantly calculates the estimated due date and pdf translation prices.

Getting Started with MotaWord What is a cloud-based system? Lead Translators Duties IV. Proofreaders V. Best Practices for Collaborative Translation Understand the context Browse through already provided translations to match the style Make sure you are not translating an already translated string Commit only your final translation Machine translation is not allowed Everything is in real-time.

If you have a comment or a question just ask 3 Getting Started with MotaWord MotaWord is the world s leading collaborative cloud-based translation platform. But what does that mean? Basically it means that there is a community of approved translators that are invited to collaboratively work on translation projects into their selected languages simultaneously. This allows them to contribute as little or as much as they want on each project without having to accept a deadline and to simply focus on providing the best work possible to the string assigned to them for translation without being hindered by editing requirements.

A cloud-based system is not very different from online web applications that you use every day.

How to Translate PDF and Word Documents

It is built for online use and works online directly on your browser. You don t need to download anything to work on MotaWord. No more hassle with source files, file formats, conversions, word counts. Working with the cloud-based MotaWord, you will be able to work wherever and however you want. You can work on your desktop PC, laptop or even tablet.

We have Lead Translators in over 30 languages who are tasked with contacting registrants and getting to know them and their skills.

Translators handbook pdf the

For languages we do not have active Lead Translators for, we make every effort to respond to applicants within an acceptable time via a contract test linguist. Once your application is received, our Lead Translators contact you to get to know you and activate your account.

They also walk you through your first translation project on MotaWord through a sample translation. At this stage you may ask them all the questions you need.

Please enter your paypal in your Account Settings. MotaWord is created as a stand alone platform that can handle all of the workflow management associated with the translation process. As an approved translator in MotaWord, you do not have to wait for a download Order to start working on projects, you do not have to worry about a word-count or sending an invoice once a project is completed. There are also no deadlines that you will be held accountable to except for the closing date of projects past which you can no longer contribute translations to them.

All you have to do is provide the best translation for the strings you are working on. Each project has a per word rate associated to it that is communicated to all translators upon invitation. As you translate, MotaWord keeps a tab of the number of words contributed by you for the project. You will not be compensated for translating an already translated string. It is important to make sure that you are not working on a string that has already been translated.

II 5 Lead Translators MotaWord relies on Lead Translators to make sure that only suitable professionals are active at all times as translators and proofreaders within the system. Only one Lead Translator is assigned for each language. Until a Lead Translator activates it, the account of a new translator is "passive" meaning they cannot participate in projects. If the translator passes the initial qualification, the Lead Translator walks them through a sample project in MotaWord to: a Show them how to use the system and talk about best practices and, b Test their translation capabilities real-time via a sample text in the system 2.

Proofread Projects Lead Translators proofread projects on MotaWord to determine consistent quality by translators and are charged with warning or deactivating the accounts of translators that fail to provide quality at expected levels.

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They are also able to upgrade the level of a MotaWord translator to proofreader based on their consistent high-quality contributions. The Lead Translator will also be the main point of contact for all translator related questions that might arise during the development phase.

In fact, a project is not marked complete without approval from a proofreader who checks it for: Consistency Terminology Syntax Typos Grammatical mistakes and Markup language Proofreaders are also asked to vote on the translation contribution of each translator on a scale from 1 to 5 after each project. MotaWord proofreaders are basically translators that are assigned by Lead Translators as being able to proofread projects on MotaWord.

They are trusted to provide the final word on a translation. They get compensated an additional per word rate for their proofreading service and can join projects only as a Translator or a Proofreader.

The Translators Handbook | Freelancer | Translations

There is only one proofreader per project. IV 7 Translating in MotaWord The Translators Workspace is where all the translation work is done for a wide-variety of document formats. Having a centralized area for all our translators to work simultaneously is important for assuring consistency through specialized tools such as concordance search, terms database, machine translation suggestions, comments from other translators or project managers, tools that count translation length in characters and compare them to the original, etc.

Translators Workspace is quite intuitive with the content to be translated on the left side. The content is divided into sentences or strings and there is a color coding that makes it easier to see what needs to be translated a red dot means string needs to be translated and a green dot means string is already translated.

In the middle section you have the content to be translated displayed on top, the area where you have to enter your translation right below that and any suggestions from our global translation memory or from machine translation tools for the translation below. When using translation memory suggestions we advise extreme caution as these usually tend to be error prone and we expect your best work in all projects offered.

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V 8 Once you enter the translation of a string in the translation area, you need to click the green Commit Translation button to have your translation validated.

Once clicked, you will be automatically moved to the next untranslated source string. Here are the ten requisites needed prior to become a professional translator 1. Knowledge of both the source and target language being fully familiar with both languages. Familiarity with the culture in which the language is being used knowing traditions, manners, and being familiar with people that use it.

Ability to keep up with the growth and changes of the language words might change their meaning from time to time.

Making distinctions between the languages translated from and into. Ability to translate in more than just one area of knowledge interest in increasing vocabulary in a variety of related and unrelated fields of translation.

Facility for writing or speaking must be able to translate accurately either orally or in writing. Development of a good speed of translation work fast without compromising the integrity of your documents.

Engaged research skills the ability to acquire references to produce a high quality translation. Computer skills - keep up with new developments. Consider the fact that certain languages are in high demand if you wish to be busy on a regular basis doing translation work. The more areas a well-rounded translator can cover, the better the opportunity for developing a successful career.

We find it very helpful to become proficient in several areas and it also makes it easier to add more. Experience is still the most important key to an effective translation, and practice makes it perfect. Chapter 4 Translator Self-Evaluation In this chapter you will have a chance to make an honest assessment of your current level of translation skills using the scale offered in this book. This will help you to identify your current position as a translator.

This chapter will also help you to find out if you are ready to start making your living as a professional translator or if you need more time and experience to become a well-rounded translator. Chapter 5 Translation Problems Here we have some generic language problems that present an extremely complicated means of communication. Reading this chapter will give you a better understanding of what translating really means. It is not just a replacement of a word in the source with another word in the target language; it also involves your personal judgment in making the right decision about a documents contents and finding the best way to translate it.

The intention of pointing these problems out is to help you understand what you will be up against as a translator and to prepare you to face these challenges as they occur throughout your career. Chapter 6 Translation Techniques The topics considered in this chapter may help you understand what is necessary to continue with your translation assignments. It gives you an overview about information related to translation and business, the techniques used in translation, and other tools to help you handle the translation work.

You also have the chance to identify how you feel about certain types of translation work by answering the questions presented by the author. Chapter 7 Translation, Computers and Internet Even though new technologies now surround us more than ever and continue to change at an amazing pace, translation continues to be a human function.

Computer technology has helped a lot in the translation arena in increasing its productivity. It has offered us more than just word processing as it has also helped us to get in touch with the real world as the internet has been such an important source of information which makes the translators life easier.

Translation software can save you time but you cannot rely on it entirely because the translation will not be as accurate as a human translation. This chapter also has great tips for uses of the internet for translators: -- reference materials, online dictionaries, glossaries, and sources that will help you find cultural information. Chapter 8 Dictionaries, References Literature, and Terminology Management The use of a good dictionary is very important for a translator no matter how good he is with the target and the source language.

Having a dictionary as a reference source of information is crucial, especially as both language and knowledge change almost every day.

Having a good way of managing your sources of terminology is also an important factor. Keeping an organized and up-to-date terminology archive increases you chance of becoming a reliable translator in specific areas of translation. Chapter 9 Key Translation Areas Here we have a list of certain translation areas that are considered more important than others when thinking about starting a translation business.

It also involves the identification of possibilities available to you in each field, trying out new equipment and translation programs, staying in touch with your client, and making sure both of you have a good understanding of the terminology you are expected to use.

Translators pdf the handbook

Chapter 10 How to Operate Successfully as a Freelance Translator This chapter is dedicated to those who may be considering a freelance translator career. There are many details you need to consider before launching yourself as freelance translator. We have listed a few below: Financial issues you work for yourself, so make sure you know everything about your income, and be prepared to pay taxes. Pricing yourself every piece of translation work is different so make sure to price them accordingly.

Getting paid here you will have to set up your own statements such as having a download order and perhaps getting part of the payment in advance. Record keeping organization; make yourself an archive to keep all your files making your job easier when you are in need of a reference or even your clients information.

Establishing credibility - every effort is worthwhile to ensure the best piece of translation work.