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The Complete Book of Elves is a supplement to the 2nd edition Player's Handbook. External links Dungeon Masters Guild product page. Without a doubt the most infamous of the Complete Books line, the Complete Book of Elves is a racial splatbook for. Other Complete Handbooks. Like The Complete Book of Elves, the other books in the Complete Handbook (PHBR) se- ries offer useful advice on the creation of.

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The Complete Wizard's Handbook, Second Edition (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Player's Handbook Rules by Rick Swan Paperback $ The Complete Wizard's Handbook, Second Edition (Advanced Dungeons &. The Complete Book of Elves is an amazing resource for all to enjoy. The Complete Book of Elves book. Read 4 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The glorious world of elvenkind shines from these pages! . PHBR8 The Complete Book of Elves (2e) - The glorious world of elvenkind shines from these pages! Detailed in this tome are their societies.

End, C! Brea a,e and Loss C! The little miners have always had a rather, shall we say, biased outlook on history and the true workings of reality. They call themselves the finest creatures to grace the worlds with bodies like that, we suppose one would have to have an active fantasy life. For those graced with true vision, Elves comprise the finest race in all the worlds. We are that which other races aspire to be!

Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other: Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. The glorious world of elvenkind shines from these pages! Detailed herein are their societies, rituals, and myths - and their physiology and psychology.

Description of every kind of elf abound. Rounding out this information are 11 new kits; new optional rules and suggestions for running elven campaigns; and special elven equipment, spells, and magical items. Forget what you The glorious world of elvenkind shines from these pages! Forget what you thought you knew about elves - The Complete Book of Elves sheds new light on this mysterious race!

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On the one hand, it's a mishmash of silliness, in-character racism, out-of-character superiority complex, bad mechanics, and blah mechanics. On the other hand, it's really inspiring and my teenage self got a ton of usage out of it, even if nowadays, the kind of inspiration I drew from it is something I would definitely sneer at.

I mean, you crack the book open, and you're immediately greeted with t aka, The Complete Book of the Master Race. I mean, you crack the book open, and you're immediately greeted with this: We do not deign to acknowledge the slanderous propaganda spread by the stunted humans who call themselves dwarves.

The little miners have always had a rather, shall we say, biased outlook on history and the true workers of reality. They call themselves the finest creatures to grace the worlds--with bodies like that, we suppose one would have to have an active fantasy life. For those graced with true vision, Elves comprise the finest race in all the worlds. We are that which other races aspire to be: Our longevity, our beauty, and our craftsmanship are all the stuff of legends.

Certainly, each of these attributes can be recreated in some fashion by the lesser races, but theirs is an artifice of face and form and creation--never as fine as those that come naturally to us.

Our lives are long and filled with happiness, for we recognize the impermanence of all things, excepting ourselves.

Indeed, we do not suffer death as do the mortals. Only through violence, accident, or disease do we die at all. Although we vanish from the ken of mortal knowledge after hundreds of years of existence in this plane, you may rest assured that we continue on elsewhere.

The shaft entered the beast's eye, killing it instantly. The dragon's body crashed to earth, uprooting trees as it did. The massive limb of a falling oak caught Eliara in the chest and she was crushed beneath its deadly weight.

The Humans in the party, overcome by the terrible beauty of the music, died of heartbreak. The tradition of the elven mourning song continues to this day, and it is song of such anguish as to break a listener's heart. Seemin,ly unli e many ot! From the tender age of DC until she was? CE years old, "ylithera practiced obsessively every day, neglecting even her studies of other sub ects.

Her skills surpassed those of her masters, and she knew the day had come. He was of ama ing beauty, but even to her untutored senses he stank of evil.

He struck the sword from her hand, scrawled a note on a piece of parchment and impaled it on her dagger, then plunged the blade into her back. The stories told now of "ylithera ,wanflight praise her for the vast knowledge she came to learn. He shifts to a slightly offensive stance, going with one attack and one parry. He dispatches an orc, and the rest still have failed to harm him severely. Taking two arrows from her 8uiver, she rips the fletching a bit, nocks them both on the string 9taking a JF to initiative: Taking all her modifiers into effect 9J?

Her modified rolls are then? C and? Brea a,e and Loss Alt! He or she should feel free to ad ust the results to suit a campaign and playing style. The ;evel "ompared to 0"s Table is only for 40"s. OE87 1eutral ,ood 9 Grey el 88E86 La.

Wisdom 9 8O C! Blevel dro. G SAL? De5terity F 8: Herbalist must c! De5terity, s!

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Huality and ine. Windriders be ore allo. Finally, she gains a J?

Her total is only a A? Fth level, she would have a J? Blevel War Wi3ard! Collectors are, or t! Blevel i,! Blevel ma,e4;t! B level t! The First Elves roamed the land, well pleased with all they saw and all that the gods gave them. These Elves had the blood of gods burning bright in their veins. The tears of the. Then they oined with one another, and they begat children.

They had needs that could not wholly be satisfied by their fathers and mothers. The ,eldarine saw their creations' sorrow, and they were moved to act. They asked the. The tears fed the children of the First Elves, and the children lived. K iriel Anani'Ma! Durin, t! Desi,ned so t!

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The ,eldarine showed the First Elves the ways of the world that had been created for them. They knew each thought and emotion of the world around them, for they were as intimately connected with the land as if they were a part of it.

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They bore their children and fed them nectar and moondrops. They crafted their pieces of silver and gold, encasing the gems of the earth to display their beauty.

They played with magic and wrought many a wondrous, whimsical item. The Elves laughed, for life was good. Then came the stirring of ;olth. The Elves' thoughts grew dark, and they mistrusted their brother. They constructed, too, other weapons of force subtle arrows of defense and attack, not7so7subtle rings of power, and awesome spells of destruction designed to fight the coming of the 2row.

The Elfwar began, and brother fought brother, daughter against mother. The 2ark! They left them littering the battlefields, for they could bear no more the taste of war. Bvaunted elven connection to t! The dryad's scream of agony echoed bitterly in their ears. The orcs were intent on savaging this land of trees and green. They were too few and too far apart to countermand the fast7breeding orcs.

They had harried the orcs for days, unleashing arrows at stragglers and slitting the throats of those few who wandered too far from their encampment. The answer was simple for the maddened elves. The elves' hand was forced but hours later, when the orcs found another dryad tree and slew the dryad before she could protest. The battle was short but fierce. The elves eliminated all save four of the orcs before they breathed their last of the autumn air.

Then 5aranahil's blood oined with the dryad's and seeped into the ground. Their blood infused the tree with mad despair, and a sudden, primal groan oo ed through the soil and into the surrounding air. The sound of snapping roots filled the forest as the tree lifted its ponderous bulk from the earth and moved. The remaining orcs stood, full of fear, unable to move.

The Complete Book of Elves by Colin McComb

Arvandor At! Bonus to attac rolls, s. Celebration o birt! Celebration o marria,e 0assa,e to adult! B lyin, avariel and. Blevel ma,e leadin, t! Blevel ma,e, and a Ft!

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Elrik Tristan Buzan. Elena Dima. Victor Agredo Echavarria. Dragon's Lair. Ben Swift. Eric Lima. Rodrigo L D Krause. Outlaw: This type of society is composed of outlaws. They can be either true criminals or accused criminals. Either way, they do not trust one another. They are together for the protection of a large group and that is it. A few rare ones actually try to impose order. These communities are often Neutral to Evil.

Gypsy: This is rather common among half-elves. They feel a kinship with one another and enjoy interacting with the rest of the world. Some feel this is the only way to be accepted. These communities can be of any alignment, but tend to be Neutral. Confederacy: This society is confusing for most non-half-breeds. These half-elves try to represent each of the subraces with a council that has members of each subrace present. Sometimes this seems to be the best type, except each council member gets one vote for every half-elf of the same stock.

This can cuase problems with the races that are not represented well. Theocracy: There are some societies that feel that their god will carry them through tough times. A common example are priests of Beleghir. They form strong societies that care about, not only themselves, but the other races that live near them.

Militocracy: Some half-elves feel that mercenary is the way to go. These societies train all their members on fighting techniques. This is often with weapons, but can include magic use as well. This list is far from complete, and there are examples of magiocracies, autocracies, and even feudalism. Of course, the type of society will depend largely on the dominant subrace. The variations from this format and the other is minimal. To save time and space, I have chosen this format.

For those using PO books, remember that the recommended proficiencies cost one less character point. For those not using the PO books or at least not this part.

I suggest that all recommended proficiencies cost the same number of slots if it is from another group. Not all kits are available to all characters. Read the descriptions carefully. Consult the table at the beginning to see which kits are available to which classes. Note that some kits are not available to all the sub-races either, this is noted in the description of the kit. Assassin II Description: The assassin is a hired killer.

Their targets are figures of importance, but sometimes they choose a lesser target to keep their skills sharp. This particular type of assassin does not use poisons. Instead, he prefers to kill with his weapons. Usually this is done at a distance, but can also be done up close.

The Lawful Neutral assassins would probably work for the government. All assassins must have a minimum 14 Dexterity and a minimum of 13 Intelligence.

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Weapon proficiencies: The assassin must choose one weapon to be specialized in. This costs no character points either for the option to specialize, nor the actual specialization. He may become a master at the same level he would be allowed to specialize. This weapon must be unusual, and can be one of the characters own design with the DMs approval. Equipment: Most assassins travel light, carrying only what they need. They usually have a safe house where they store everything else they own.

There is a list of assassin style weapons in the equipment chapter. The assassin also has the backstab ability equal to a thief 2 levels lower. Although the assassin does not have to belong to a guild, it is usually recommended.

Most guilds will offer a position within. Those who decline the offer are usually not given a second chance, they become the next target.

The guild usually provides equipment based on the mission, and sometimes financial support as well. Hindrances: Being an assassin is a hindrance in and of itself. If someone finds out your true profession, the sentence is usually death. All those who know of the assassins true profession, usually look down on him. This translates into a -4 reaction adjustment.

The same guild that the assassin belongs to is also a hindrance. He cannot go against the wishes of the guild without serious consequences. From that point, he may charge whatever he feels he can get for his services. Bowslinger Description: A bowslinger is a half elven archer. The bowslinger sees archery as not only an art but also as a science.

Extremely proud of their skill, they practice methodically to maintain and expand their skills. Bowslingers are adept at the bow and know it. They take great pleasure in teaching those not as good as them.

The Complete Book of Elves

They are polite when they win a competition. They will download the loser a drink and point out why he lost. Secretly, bowslingers thoroughly enjoy besting an elf. Bowslingers are extremely proud when it comes to archery. They feel that they must be the best archer of any area they visit. Archery contest are frequent when a bowslinger visits a town or village for the first time.

Opponents he has beaten are offered lessons. A bowslinger feels compelled to teach the opponent while he is staying in that particular village. This kit is barred to wizards and clerics but some specialty priests may be allowed at the DMs option. Weapon proficiencies: The bowslinger begins play with proficiency in any type of bow.

Equipment: Bow of choice. Bowslingers also used quivers that are larger and allow for extra arrows to be carried. Bowslinger usually carry a dagger and sometimes a shortsword.

Bow tabs and bracers to protect hands and arms from the drawn bowstring are usually carried. Plus any other items that might prove beneficial. Bowslingers dress in well made clothes of local manufacture. Clothes are of earthen colors. Bowslingers usually wear hooded cloaks.