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the do-it-yourself, machine-free tattoo community dotwork, linework, The Black Book of Tattooing [pdf] (on machine tattooing, but very. book covers all the aspects of tattooing that must be dealt with in order to do When you compare tattooing against other businesses, there is much good. Tattoo EBOOKS. Download Tattoo Ebooks. A-Z of Tattooing (PDF file). A Study in Pen Art (PDF file). Beginners Guide (PDF file). Black Book of Tattooing (PDF.

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Black Book. A Guide for Students of Body Modification. By: Richard LeMay [email protected] I have decided to distribute this publication free of cost. Your Brain on Food How Chemicals Control Your Thoughts and Feelings Gary L. Wenk, PhD Departments of Psychology and Neur. The Black Book of Tattooing (The Body ModificationBlack Book A Guide for Students of Body) Download PDF. Downloading Share.

Here are a few of our favorite Tattoo Meanings. This "return" symbolism is rooted in two ideas. The first was the swallow's famous migration pattern, always returning home to San Juan Capistrano. Second, it was believed that if a sailor dies at sea, birds carry his soul home to heaven. This is why you'll often see anchor tattoos emblazoned with "Mom" or the name of a sailor's sweetheart the people who keep them grounded. Anchors have become popular within general tattoo culture over the years, but the symbolism is still the same. It's a reminder of what keeps you steady.

They come to you for the vision. They come to you so you can make it real. Sometimes it's hard to remember they are not an artist like you. Suggest, not decide for them. The fact is that the difference of a tattooist and a tattoo artist is a state of mind and creativity.

You have to crawl before you can walk, and you can not rush into this change. It occurs with time. This is where you need to stop concerning yourself with studying flash and learning what real art is about. I strongly suggest taking up traditional painting.

Study Rembrandt, DaVinci, and Monet. They are the backbone to real art. The Next type I would like to talk about is the pretend Tattoo artist.

Pdf the blackbook of tattooing

What I call "Candy Artists". We live in a day and age where everything under the sun that can sell in a commercial is put on TV. Now days we see Tattoo "shows" on television. This, I think, and most real Artist will agree, is making fun of an industry we have worked hard to get our foot into. These shows do nothing but teach the wrong way to do everything. They are a learning tool of what not to do. These shows are based on ratings and nothing else.

Don't think that what you see on TV is in anyway what a real shop is like.

Thanks to these shows every kid in America is making his or her own home-made machine and screwing up his or her friends. Now everyone thinks they are a tattoo artist. If you see a TV show with people shooting each other do you shoot your friends?

Then why tattoo on them? These shows are hurting tattooed America more than they could ever help. The only thing good they are doing is showing more people tattoos that might not otherwise see them, thus removing some of the stigma surrounding tattooing. What are the negative effects?

Everyone wants to give any one a tattoo; instead they just pass out free hepatitis. People come into real tattoo shops for the first time expecting to find what they see on TV and feel overwhelmed when they need to be relaxed and think about what they are getting. These Shows tell the public incorrect tattoo aftercare, which will cause them to ruin their hard earned tattoos.

Adults are letting their twelve and thirteen year old kids get tattoos that they will later regret because they saw it on TV. Tattooing is the last true traditional, untouched, and un- corporate form of art that the world has left and it is being destroyed. The Tattoo artist is a dying breed now. People want to tattoo so they can get on TV.

Tattoo artists will not be rich. We do it for the art, if you want to do it for the money then go home, because the real artists are laughing at you. Something no one seems to understand is that these shows are scripted, just like old reruns of "Matlock". A certain artist went on one of these shows to be a guest artist and they tapped him saying hello six times.

It is a show. This is not "MacGyver". He cannot make a CD player out of a pocket knife, a piece of wire, a coconut, and a toothpick. Just like someone holding a tattoo machine on TV is not an artist. If you actually go to them to get tattooed then you should know a few things.

I personally have a friend that got a tattoo by them. At any other shop in the world the highest price for a four letter word with no color and letters one inch by one inch tall should be ranging from fifty to seventy-five dollars. My friend paid two-hundred and fifty dollars.

Now you tell me where there priorities lay. I actually use these shows as a teaching tool. Every time one comes on, my apprentices have to watch it and make a list of all the things they do wrong.

Of the pdf blackbook tattooing

Not just the small stuff, but the things that my local health department would shut me down for. Here are a few of many. This means that they just put blood on the ink supply that everyone uses. If that person had a disease then everyone that will have a tattoo from that bottle will have the same disease, and bottles last a long time. Another one is they never remember to clean the clip cord, the wire that gives power to the machine.

This means that again they are spreading disease. They also ware black latex gloves because they look cool. Black gloves means you can't see blood, or holes in the gloves.

Tattoo book pdf download

They don't know if they are giving them selves a disease. The last I will mention of many, many more, Is speed stick deodorant. They use speed stick deodorant to apply there carbon pattern to there clients skin. This means that any disease that a person might have is absorbed into this stick and applied with the pattern on the next client.

With the stroke of a single deodorant stick you can give someone six or more different diseases at a time! Not only are they spreading disease, but there doing so in mass quantities. This is the land of television. Your watching some one get a tattoo by moneygrubbers and there getting away with things no one else is doing, but your also watching them give disease to all these people that could very well pass it on to there children.

Just say no to fake, joke, money-grubbing "tattooers", that wouldn't even give you the time of day for two hundred dollars. After all the glimmer and the spot light of being a tattoo artist fades and you age into your profession you will be on your way to becoming the most sought after type of artist, a Tattoo Master. If a true tattoo artist can paint the "Mona Lisa", then the master can paint the "Last Supper" blind, and on the head of a nail.

Eventually the idea of being a tattoo artist will become dull, and the rock star point of view will make you laugh at the thought that you use to see it this way. Doing tattoos, being a professional artist will make you a popular person sure. After time the life a "Tattoo Guy" will grow old, the bars will get boring and all the friends you've made are just asking for free work.

Then you will see the only thing that matters when you go home at night is your own feeling of pride and accomplishment. To be a true master is almost a state of Zen, a feeling of nirvana, perfect. When we first think about tattoos we want to be the one everyone talks to at the party.

We want to stand out in the crowd, and we want everyone to know our name. The only way to achieve such "greatness" is to change your entire life to surround your art. To truly be good at what you want to do is dedication and sacrifice. There are a few rules that if you can not do then you need to turn around and find a new career.

No drugs or alcohol. Drugs and alcohol will make your hands shake. You take more to get them to stop shaking; you don't take them you shake worse. You have to be clear minded.

You have to be level headed. You cannot work if you are not at the top of your game. Think of your studio as your church. A sacred ground meant for greatness.

If you come in with a hang over you will not have the patience or the clear mind needed to perform to the best of your ability. I drug test all of my students. They know that one time of use means all of their hard work is over. They will loose their chance, gone forever.

This is all wrong. In ullum ludus evertitur nec. Solum mentitum quo et, no ancillae legendos mel. Quo verear neglegentur et. Novum utroque atomorum te eos. Epicuri ullamcorper necessitatibus ut cum, postea percipitur temporibus an sea. Nostro inciderint vix eu. Dicit possit eam an, liber vocent accusata vim ei. Reque officiis splendide per cu, delenit accusata nec an. It's what we do.

You always hear about these diseases but no one really knows whatthey do or how they are really spread. All blood born pathogens are spread bytwo ways, Direct and Indirect contact. Direct contact means that contact isblood to blood or seamen to blood.

An example of direct contact isunprotected sex. I can't tell you how many times I have heard people say youcan't get Hepatitis from a blow job, it kills me. Fighting is also form of directcontact. You hit someone and cut your hand open while wounding them, youmix blood.

Contrary to popular belief anal and oral sex can pass disease justas easily as intercourse. Another form of direct contact would be if you gotsomeone's blood in your eyes. This means if you see someone spraying bloodat a car accident the best thing you can do to help is call , not rush overand swim in his pr her blood. Not very chivalrous, but at least you get to live ahealthy life. A good example of this in a tattoo shop is the spray water bottle.

Mostartist spray a tattoo with water to clear away blood and excess ink during theprocess. This is very wrong. I even catch myself doing it every once in a while. The force from the water leaving the bottle will push the blood and it'scontaminates into the air. The worstform of direct contact in a tattoo shop is a failure with a glove.

We as artistswear latex gloves to guard against contamination. Every one gets loosecuticles on there fingers. The little piece of skin at the top of your fingernailthat gets sore and sometimes bleeds is called a cuticle. If a glove has a smallhole in it and blood makes contact with that little, tiny sore, you have beeninfected.

Now here is some food for thought. They use this to seal the tattoo whilethey are working on it. Not only is it completely unnecessary, but it'sdangerous. If you remember high school health class, they always tell you tonever use oil based lubricants with condoms.

Oil breaks down thecomposition of latex. This means that the condom won't work anymore. Latexgloves are no exception. The ointments are oil based and the gloves are latex. That means that those guys are tearing down the only thing that separatesyou and them.

But how sure are you of them being clean if they have tattooed for years? Well maybe they change gloves often enough for it not to have time to breakdown. Latex is no longer a disease barrier after three minutes of oilexposure.

After three minutes, you might as well have unprotected sex withthe old biker guy that just did your tattoo. Many artistalso use Nitrile or Vinyl gloves, so there ok right? No, Nitrile and vinyl do lastlonger with oil exposure, but they only last twenty minutes at best. So eitherway oil based is bad.

Next we have Indirect Contact.

Traditional Tattoo Meanings

Indirect contact is contaminationthrough a middle man. Say I have a cut, and then mop the floor. Blood is acommon thing to mop up in a tattoo shop, although it's in small amounts andusually mixed with pigment or water from over spray. The blood on the flooris contaminated and gets on the mop. I mop and it gets in my cut, presto;Hepatitis.

Another example is a contaminated dirty needle being stuck in anuncontaminated person. So if someone uses an old tattoo needle or youaccidentally stick yourself and pass a disease you have indirect contact.

Another form of indirect contact is if a tattoo artist runs out of pigment ink during a tattoo. If they just grab the bottle with a bloody glove and refill thecap then that blood is on the outside of that bottle. It won't take long for it towork its way inside, contaminating the entire bottle.

Most shops only. This means they usually share pigments to save onmoney. The average bottle of pigment will last for a hundred or more tattoos. That means from that one small action, more than a hundred people will havea disease.

Indirect contact is the most common contamination method in atattoo shop. The hot spots to watch are the sinks, the tattoo chairs, and thecounter tops at the work stations. If these are not cleaned well enough thenyou have contamination.

Now you know how disease is spread. The action ofspreading is called Cross-Contamination. This means that you have acontaminate introduced in a non-contaminated area. So the person that grabsthe pigment bottle with bloody gloves on TV is nationally making himself orherself into a hazard for everyone to see.

Hepatitis Hepatitis is a viral disease that affects the liver. It is mainlycharacterized by the presence of inflammatory cells in the liver. AcuteHepatitis is when it last for six months and chronic is when it last for muchlonger.

Any Infection of the liver or inflammation of the liver is known ashepatitis, but the ones we need to be worried about are specific viruses thataffect the liver differently. Jaundice is usually a later effect that indicates massive liverdamage. We turn yellow because our bodies cannot flush away the waste weneed to expel.

Basically Hepatitis causes us to drown in our own bile. Hep A isusually transmitted through contaminated food. There is a vaccine that canprevent Hep A for life. Hep A can pass like the flu. Heb B is transmittedthrough sex, tattoos, piercings, and breastfeeding.

Hepatitis B can be treatedbut not cured, although there is also vaccine. Hepatitis B is responsible for. It can betransmitted through blood, sex, and can also cross the placenta infecting anunborn child. There is some treatment, but notcure. Hepatitis D can only grow if you have Hep B already. It's basically thestage of B that kills you. Hep E is similar to hep A but more common amongpregnant women. The scary partof viruses is that each time someone contracts one, it changes slightly.

If somany people contract it then each time it changes into something new, andworse. Take the time to clean and sterilize properly, the life you save mightbe yours. Basically HIV attacks your immune system. This means that youdon't die of HIV, you die of the flu or a splinter in your toe. It is the most destructive illness in the history of theworld. In alone it killed , children.

A person with HIV can remainhealthy for many years, spreading the disease without ever knowing it. The transmition of HIV is most commonthrough unprotected sex.

Though it is highly possible to contract the diseasethrough needle sharing, a noted college did a statistical survey of two-hundred known needle sticks in a medical environment. Out of two-hundredcontaminated needle sticks across the U. With mother to child transmission can occur in uteroduring the last few weeks of pregnancy or at childbirth. Without treatment,. Unfortunately, breast feeding has its ownchances of infection. The lowest form of HIV transmission is through the fieldof tattooing and piercing.

To date, there have been no known casestransmitted through body modification. There areminor treatments with breakthroughs everyday.

Please, as an artist, do yourjob and help continue the fact that the lowest area of transmission is thebody modification industry. Chlamydia There are initially three types of Chlamydia: Trachomatis, Muridarum,and Suis. Trachomatis is the only one of concern in regards to bodymodification.

Chlamydia Trachomatis causes eye and genital disease, and isone of the most common sexually transmitted diseases. A little fewer thanthree million cases of Chlamydia occur in the US each year. Most women thathave contracted the disease will show no symptoms or even know theycontracted it. Chlamydia is curable with the proper antibiotics, however, ifnot caught it is the number one cause of preventable blindness in the world. Some of the symptoms of this form of Chlamydia include Pelvic InflammatoryDisease PID which means infection to the uterus, fallopian tubes, andovaries.

If not treated, PID can lead to scarring of the reproductive organs,difficulty getting pregnant, and difficulties during pregnancy such as, entopicor a tubal pregnancy. One of the major drawbacks to this infection is thatwomen with Chlamydia are more that five times more likely to be infectedwith HIV. Some of the more noticeable symptoms are abdominal pain, painfulurination, painful intercourse, vaginal bleeding, fever, and a thick whitecervical discharge.

Men are much more likely to show symptoms of Chlamydiasuch as, painful urination, sore or swollen testacies, fever, and a clear milkydischarge from the penis. If not properly treated, for men, it may causepermanent sterility in as soon as 6 weeks. Staph is a common bacterium that lives on the skin and inside thenose of almost every person in the world.

Staph is the leading cause ofbacterial infection to small wounds or abrasions. This is something that can beavoided very easily among the tattoo industry; Anti-Bacterial Soap.

OnceStaph is introduced to a sight, usually the best Medication recommended is amild antibiotic prescription. However, if not treated Staph infections can getmuch worse and lead to rapid weight loss and muscle depletion, sometimestaking up to half a year till full recovery. Due to its productionof cretin enzymes that attack the antibodies themselves, the antibiotics arerendered completely useless.

This particular strain has to be treated with antibiotics such asGlycopeptides. There are many problems with these antibiotics, there are nopills.

So if you find yourself the victim of MRSA, then you can expect avacation to the hospital for a few days and an IV cocktail of antibiotics. Thereason I wanted to bring up MRSA is because last year there were ahandful of cases also in the tattoo community.

There were a handful of MRSA cases, all with new tattoos. The Center forDisease Control paid him a visit and matched the strain they all had to hismachine. Needless to say he won't be tattooing for a long time. This is a clearexample of how much pain and suffering you can cause from simply cuttingcorners.

You must perform your job to the best of your ability, but if yourability isn't enough then go flip burgers. There are 20 knownantibiotics in medical use, 5 of which have a standing chance against MRSA.

Ifyou miss one single dose, then the MRSA will have a resistance to thatantibiotic; this leaves you with less choice. If you are allergic to penicillin,then you can only use two antibiotics to start with. Chapter 5 Tattoo Sterilization Sterilization means by definition, that you make any object, includingsurfaces, free of germs or bacteria. Technically this is impossible. There areso many germs out there that as soon as something touches the air it iscontaminated.

If youautoclave sterilize something and leave it alone, after a period of time itbecomes un-sterile again. If you can kill these guys then the others arealready dead. Your hands arethe number one place to defend the most. No one realizes just how easy it isto infect yourself. How many times a day do you touch your face and notthink about it? Do you always remember to wash your hands before you eat? Do you think about your hands when getting a piece of gum?

Wash your handsproperly. Wash with anti-bacterial soap. Always wash all the way to yourelbow, and rinse from the elbow to the tips of your fingers. What good iswashing your hands if you hold your hands up and all that bacteria rolls rightback down your arms. Hep is the quickest guy to get.

Pdf the blackbook of tattooing

Almost anything you touch in the studiocan possibly have Hep on it. You do a tattoo and your client needs to use therestroom. He gets up and walks through the lobby to the restroom and closesthe door.

People always. Hetouched the door frame for the tattoo room, the handle and door to therestroom; the sink handle, the toilet when he flushes, and maybe the counteron his way back out.

All of those places now have Hep. You spray the tattoo andit gets on your pants and the floor. Youwalk through the shop, touch the same door frame and the same knob to therestroom, then you touch yourself to do your business.

You wash your handsso they are clean but when you turn off the water you put it right back onfrom when he touched the sink first. Now you have Hepatitis on the floor, allover the shop, the tattoo chair, the door frame, the restroom handle, thetoilet, the door knob, the sink, your shoes, your hands, your privates, andyour face because everyone touches their face.

Damn that spread quick. Nowyour significant other has Hep because they kiss you and then they kissed yourkid goodnight, now they have it too. What the hell do I do now?

Rubbing alcohol will not kill Hepatitis or HIV. The onlything alcohol will kill is bacteria, not viruses. Rubbing alcohol is not theanswer. There are a few chemical solutions you can download from a tattoo supplycompany. They all have different names but they are called germicidalsolutions. Usually these chemicals are pretty expensive as well. About all ofthem come in one gallon jugs and are concentrated.

To get them to workright you have to measure just right and then when you spray them on, theyhave to sit for up to twenty minutes to be affective. This sounds like a lot ofcrap to me. The best and the cheapest thing you can use is good, oldfashioned bleach and water. Bleach and water are good for surfaces. Neveruse them on skin and never try to sterilize needles, only surfaces.

You canuse bleach and water to clean a tattoo machine, but you have to clean thebleach back off because it causes oxidation, which makes metal rust. What is bleach? Chlorine is basicallytable salt. Bleach is salt water that has been changed by a chemical reactionstarted with electricity. Bleach is technically a solution of sodium salt hydroxide mixed with water in a 5.

Chlorine is also used to treatswimming pools and the water you drink everyday. This means it kills the bad guys. When chlorine reacts to waterit actually produces a mild hydrochloric acid.

This is why straight bleach onyour cloths before you wash them will eat a hole. When you clean any bodyfluids with bleach you want to dilute it with water. A dilution of 1: Then dry the area. If you don'tdry the area you will get a nice white coating on everything. Bleach doeshave a very strong smell so you want to be careful and make sure the area iswell ventilated.

Bleach and water of the same dilution will be fine for mopwater as well. Also, if you use the large plastic spray bottles fromsay Wal-mart, you will need to replace them about every two months or so. The bleach causes the spring in the handle to rust can eventually break..

The floor is a large concern in a tattoo shop. The first thing you want to do is sterilize yourfloor. A lot of products are on the market for cleaning floors, but the bestthing I have found for killing germs and disease is just bleach and water.

Bleach and water does a great job, however it will not make your floor lookall nice and pretty. In the tattoo industry we use a lot of pigments that arevery strong and very similar to ink so it will stain the floor very easy. We alsouse a purple carbon copy paper to transfer the design to the human skin; thiscarbon gets on everything and is a devil to get back off. I have tried almostevery name brand product out there, even down to raw acetone.

Nothingseems to get the pigment and the purple carbon up except for one product,tile cleaner. You want to use the tile cleaner that foams up when you spray it.

My best guess is that it gets down in the cracks and the pigment and carbonfloat out on top of the chemical. A small drop ofpigment will make a colorful puddle more than a foot wide. After you sprayjust let it soak a minute or so and mop away the nasty. Again this is a pungentchemical and you should always open the windows or make sure you can getplenty of fresh air while you work.

Make sure to mop well under all countersand around all sinks. Get every spot you can. Any time you use a newchemical always do a test spot. Some chemicals like acetone might eat a holein your tattoo chair, so test first. Your tattoo station should be a small desk so you can move it easily forcleaning. I personally use an upright tool chest, the kind with a cabinet underit, for my pigments and supplies. These tool chests are on wheels and movevery easily for cleaning.

Every tattoo station should have its own room and itsown sink. The sink is one of the dirtiest places in a tattoo shop. You need tokeep it clean because this is also where will wash your hands the most. Aneasy way to get around the knob thing is, go down to your local hardwarestore and get a hands free sink valve.

There are a few different types. Themore expensive ones are foot or knee switches that turn the water on for you.

These are great because you never haveto touch the knobs. You set the water as you wish and when you are ready towash your hands you simply move the bar to one side or the other as you washyour hands.

When you take your hands out of the sink the bar returns to itsplace blocking off the water flow. These kits cost about ten to fifteen dollars. Remember to keep your sink clean with the bleach water at all times. Afterevery tattoo cleaning the sink should be part of your process. The best thing to use is a smalldesk with a smooth surface.

You want the surface light in color so you can seeany type of pigment or blood. Wood is a bad idea because the blood andpigment will soak into it and you will not be able to keep it clean. You wantplenty of lighting. An upright floor lamp at the corner you will be workingfrom and a desk top lamp should do the trick. The best way to be sterile is byremoving as many things from the table as you can. The spray bottles you willbe using should be plastic and you should have one for bleach and water,alcohol, witch hazel, saline, water, glycerin, and green soap mixed withwater.

Each will serve a later purpose. Above your work station you should bya towel bar, like for the bathroom. It should also be light in color; I think thesquare chrome is the best. This is for you to hang your spray bottles by theirtriggers. Your sharps container should be on the floor under your station awayfrom where anyone might get accidentally stuck. The less you have on yourwork station the more sterile your environment will be. You should have aseparate stand or table for your pigment bottles at least five foot away fromyour work station to avoid cross contamination.

Wall shelving would also workfor this. All of these surfaces should be cleaned on a regular basis. You shouldremove all of the pigment bottles and clean under them as well. Some artistslike to use what is called an ultrasonic cleaner. The vibration shakesloose any biological matter like blood from the tubes and clamps.

In the past Ihave seen a few artists use these to wash the ink out of the tube during atattoo. This is a very bad practice; you cannot properly sanitize this machine. Only use an ultrasonic cleaner prior to autoclaving, and always keep it awayfrom your station. Make sure to read all instructions of any piece forequipment you plan to use. Your tattoo chair should also be light in color.

The best chairs are theones made specifically for the use of tattooing. Due to this reason I personally use a barber chair for the upright tattoos suchas arms, and a full size massage table for the lay downs like legs and backs.

All chairs should be cleaned on opening, after every tattoo, and again rightbefore closing. Make sure to get in all the little places, in between the.

Anystools, or arm rests that may be used should be treated with the same care. This leads us to instrument care. There are a lot of tools that are involvedwith tattooing. Obviously, you have a machine, which will have is owncleaning section in this book. You will also have to clean your bottles, footswitch, power supply, and clip cord after every tattoo. Forgetting a single oneof these could lead to a lot of problems for everyone. Anything that is used ina tattoo needs to be cleaned or thrown away.

Any ink pens that you may useon a person for drawing must be used once and thrown away. Never use reusable towels. Always usestandard paper towels while tattooing.

Some of them have printed designs onthem, while some artist will tell you the ones with designs will bleed colorinto your tattoo. All stencilsneed to be used once and thrown away, and all razors need to be used onceand thrown away. Something else is tubes.

A tattooing tube is made ofmetal. The idea is that it holds the needle while we tattoo. Everyone is so concerned with a tattoo shop using new needles but no oneever thinks about the tubes. They come into as much contact with blood as aneedle. Most shops use these metal tubes and re-clean them for further use. They are expensive about six bucks a pop so they reuse them anywhere fromone-thousand to fifteen-hundred times before replacing them.

Most shops also reuse their needle bars. A tattoo needleis really two parts, the needle bar that fits onto the machine and a needlehead that penetrates the skin. Most shops use the needles, cut off the headsand solder new heads on the old bars.

Again, the needle bar comes in just asmuch contact with blood as the needle head and tube does. An autoclave is a machine that uses heat and pressure to kill germs. This bag or pouch has an indicatorstrip on it that changes color when sterilization has been reached. Alwaysread the color change area for what color it was, and what color it should be.

A dry heat oven that does not use pressure, achem-clave named for its use of a pre-made sterilizing chemical, and an. Most hospitals have a sixweek course to learn how to properly use one of these while tattoo shops areonly required to read the instructions. You have to pre-clean the tube makingsure that all biological matter is gone, and know how to properly run theautoclave before you have sterilization.

This means that you have to trustsomeone that works in a tattoo shop with your life. There are new advancements to the industry everyday. It comes pre-sterilized and pre-packaged. You open it, you use it, and you throw it away. Ihave used hundreds of them honest, they work just fine. Although metal tubesdo seem to be a little better for grey wash. They are not as heavy so yourhand will not ware out as quickly and are about a dollar each. The samecompany makes pre-sterilized and pre packaged needles cheaper than thecost of making your own.

Very few shops make there own needles any more. Always do research and learn asmuch as you can about your environment as well as the dangers it may havevirally.

What little bit I went over is nothing compared to what you need toknow. Chapter 6 Clients and Competition The next thing you need to know is about your clients. First, above allelse, cover your ass.

Another thing I would like to add; is keep good records. In theend, if something happens, it will save your ass. Also, be nice to yoursanitarian. Keep your records filed in order by name or month.

Nothing ismore aggravating then having to look for a consent form. Don't be scared ofthe health department, they are good people trying to help everyone. Thepacket is totally free and it has lots of good information inside aboutsterilization. It also has a list of everything you need to open a studio,including all of the proper paper work. In this packet you will find a genericversion of a liability form consent form.

Use this as a guide to make yourown, don't just copy it. You need to put your name and information on it or itwill not hold up in court. This form releases all liabilityfrom them suing you. Although you should know that this does not clear youwith the health department from being legally responsible on there end. Always get your client to sign the release form before you ever touch them.

Now say you work in a shop and some one walks in for a tattoo. The fact isthat most people walk in to ask questions. Your job is to answer them to thebest of your ability. You can't be a smart ass, and you can't ignore them. Theycame in so that means they want to talk to someone. You can not just think.

You will loose business. The truth is almost no one knows what they want when they come in for atattoo. So you have to pry a little and find out what they are looking for, andwhy they want the tattoo. Some one comes in and says they want a set of angel wings and a halofor their friend that died, and then you know they are not looking forsomething dark and sinister.

This part is common since. Don't try to talk aschool teacher into a skull and biker logo. Use your eyes, see what kind ofperson they are and go from there. If you try to talk some gothic kid into a setof roses, they are going to laugh and walk out. The hardest thing for me toteach a student is common sense.

Always be polite even if they ask threehundred stupid questions, if they like your work then they will be back. You can suggest yourinput but remember it's their tattoo. Some of the best artists I know gomonths without work just because they are assholes.

You have to sell your selfbefore you can sell your product. So be nicegod damn it! Almost every person that walks in to get a tattoo is nervous, even theguys that have a lot of them. You have to be charismatic, and make themlaugh as much as possible to make them more comfortable.

The Tattoo Artists Black Book

A client and artistrelationship is like a client and shrinks relationship. You have to have a goodone or each of you is wasting the others time.

The more someone comes backthe more you will get to know them and what they want, but until then youhave to fish a little. If they are looking for a design they willask, if they have a question they will ask. As far as setting a price, one of thebest ways to do this is by asking them how much they want to spend. Don't beshy about money. You can alwaysget some one good once, or you can treat them right and make them a clientfor life and then they'll bring all there friends.

Try not to push flash. Use flash as a tool for ideas. If you push flash youwill never learn, you just get to be a copy machine and they get to see theirtattoo twice a week on someone else. Be original, stretch your legs as anartist and do custom work.