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Check out the latest examples of 3D PDFs developed with Tetra 4D. Our 3D. Tetra4D Reader free mobile app extends the benefits of 3D PDF by making it. Tetra4D Converter. Version User Guide. Document version: V

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Tetra4D provides the most usable, trustworthy, and advanced 3D PDF conversion as Adobe's exclusive provider of native 3D PDF technology. Convert native CAD data to 3D PDF. Check out Tetra 4D and start your free. Converter, Enrich, Automate. CREATE 3D PDF DOCUMENTS. Converts 20+.

Share0 Your downstream users need access to CAD data It can be difficult to share CAD data downstream when your enterprise lacks the software or tools to effectively view product data. Enter 3D PDF. Additionally, your data is properly secured with digital rights management. More importantly, large file size puts your CAD at risk for theft! This adds a greater level of collaboration between users without CAD viewing tools. Specified users in sales and marketing, and anyone outside the company domain, can now easily access the CAD data. The 3D PDF will not be equipped with any security features, either.

Deliver documents in open and standardized formats. With PDF Generator 3D, you'll be able to protect the confidentiality and authenticity of business-critical documents.

By using this module, you can also reduce the risk associated with malicious and untintentional data loss. Among many functions, these allow you to annotate or measure embedded 3D models. With the Rights Management module for PDF Generator 3D, you can provide PDF documents with comprehensive protection, specifying which users are allowed to use which functions in that document. Additionally, you can specify how long a document can remain open or be use, i.

In addition to the standard functions of rotate, zoom, and move an embedded 3D model or view tree structure, the module allows you to annotate or measure the 3D model, slice, and other functions such as edit, storing and printing forms, or adding your signature to the PDF document. Expensive software is not necessary to open and explore your 3D CAD model. Further, your technical documents are always secure and managed, allowing your to make them visible to specific users or everyone.

Request a demo. Now you can share CAD data with anyone! A Comparison.

3d pdf tetra4d

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What solution is best for me? Do you have a secure, effective and efficient way to collaborate CAD data? Share 0. Tweet 0. Your downstream users need access to CAD data.

How to Create Interactive 3D PDFs Using Tetra4D Enrich

Lastly, 3D CAD data can be reused for other end-user jobs or applications in other departments such as sales, marketing, procurement. Intellectual property is protected as the original CAD data is never shared. Because of this, the 3D Portable Document Format makes downstream distribution easier.

With the button added I now can add an Enrich Action to the button to perform certain functions. This works pretty slick in that I can add standard Adobe features but then add Actions managing aspects of the 3D view. With this added to my PDF template the button will be automatically defined to perform this action… set-it-and-forget-it!

This is a slick feature, which is configurable, to allow for quick selection of the views within the model. I struggled a bit as the Inventor model I used had a grey colour applied and this resultant in Carousel views that were washed out and difficult to see.

And to round this into form a Parts List pulling in Bill of Materials data from the model. With the table inserted you can add columns, mapping the columns to any property.

3d pdf tetra4d

In my case, I adjusted the default Name column to be the Description instead. You also have some formatting options including adjusting the font, height, and column alignment. This is one area that is a bit lacking, for example, I can not adjust the column heading formatting separately from the table rows.