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czlowiekowi ani spowiedz publiczna, ani tez prywatna, ani jakiekolwiek . vate School Aid Service (PSAS) applica- tion available from the. PDF version of the latest issue of our newspaper, The Slovak Spectator, emailed directly to you; Access to all premium content on dopełniacz: tego dobrego studenta, psa, ciastka – tej dobrej studentki celownik: temu uploads//11/ [dostęp: ]. .. na adoracja Najświętszego Sakramentu i spowiedź św.

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Most short adjectives have a comparative form in -szy or -iejszy, and a superlative obtained by prefixing naj- to the comparative. For adjectives that do not have these forms, the words bardziej "more" and najbardziej "most" are used before the adjective to make comparative and superlative phrases. Adverbs are formed from adjectives with the ending ie, or in some cases -o. Comparatives of adverbs are formed where they exist with the ending -iej. Superlatives have the prefix naj- as for adjectives. The polite second-person pronouns are the same as the nouns pan "gentleman, Mr" , pani "lady, Mrs" and their plurals panowie, panie. All second-person pronouns are often capitalized for politeness, in letters etc.

For full information on the declension of the above pronouns, see Pronouns in the article on Polish morphology. When the referent of a pronoun is a person of unspecified sex, the masculine form of the pronoun is generally used.

When the referent is a thing or idea that does not correspond to any specific noun, it is treated as neuter. Numbers and quantifiers[ edit ] Polish has a complex system of numerals and related quantifiers , with special rules for their inflection, for the case of the governed noun, and for verb agreement with the resulting noun phrase. These numerals are inflected for case, and also to some extent for gender.

For details of their inflection, see Numbers and quantifiers in the article on Polish morphology. Million is milion, billion meaning a thousand million is miliard, a million million is bilion, a thousand million million is biliard, and so on i.

When a numeral modifies a noun, the numeral takes the expected case, but the noun may not; also the gender and number of the resulting noun phrase may not correspond to that of the noun. The following rules apply: The numeral jeden 1 behaves as an ordinary adjective, and no special rules apply.

It can even be used in the plural, for example to mean "some" and not others , or to mean "one" with pluralia tantum , e. After the numerals dwa, trzy, cztery 2, 3, 4 , and compound numbers ending with them 22, 23, 24, etc.

With other numbers 5, 6, etc. If the numeral is in the genitive, dative, instrumental or locative, the noun takes the same case as the numeral except sometimes in the case of numbers that end with the nouns for and higher quantities, which often take a genitive noun regardless. These are used with the following types of nouns: Personal and animate neuter nouns e.

They all follow the rule that when the numeral is nominative or accusative, the noun becomes genitive plural, and the resulting noun phrase is neuter singular. In this case the genitive noun is also used after the instrumental of the numeral. Certain quantifiers behave similarly to numerals. The words oba and obydwa meaning "both" , and their derived forms behave like dwa. For the declination of all the above quantifiers, see the morphology article section.

Each verb is either imperfective, meaning that it denotes continuous or habitual events, or perfective, meaning that it denotes single completed events in particular, perfective verbs have no present tense. Perfective verbs have a past tense and a simple future tense, the latter formed on the same pattern as the present tense of imperfective verbs. Both types also have imperative and conditional forms. The present-day past tense derives from the old Slavic "perfect" tense; several other old tenses the aorist , imperfect , and past perfect have been dropped.

The present tense of imperfective verbs and future tense of perfective verbs has six forms, for the three persons and two numbers. It also has a simple future tense see below. The past tense agrees with the subject in gender as well as person and number. The conditional is formed from the past tense plus by, the personal endings if any coming after the by. Such clauses may express "in order that", or be used with verbs meaning "want", "expect", etc.

The second personal singular imperative is formed from the present tense by dropping the ending e. Add -my and -cie for the 1P and 2P forms. To make third-person imperative sentences including with the polite second-person pronouns pan etc. There is a tendency to prefer imperfective verbs in imperative sentences for politeness; negative imperatives quite rarely use perfectives. This often corresponds to the English past participle , both in fully adjectival use and in passive voice.

This is a neuter noun. Prepositions[ edit ] Polish uses prepositions , which form phrases by preceding a noun or noun phrase. Different prepositions take different cases all cases are possible except nominative and vocative ; some prepositions can take different cases depending on meaning. In written Polish, subordinate clauses are normally set off with commas. Commas are not normally used before conjunctions meaning "and" or "or". Word order[ edit ] Basic word order in Polish is SVO ; however, as it is a synthetic language , it is possible to move words around in the sentence.

For example, Alicja ma kota "Alice has a cat" is the standard order, but it is also possible to use other orders to give a different emphasis for example, Alicja kota ma, with emphasis on ma "has" , used as a response to an assertion of the opposite ; general word order controls theme and rheme information structure with theme coming first. View All Services.

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