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About the book: Sorry, You're Not My Type Book. Author: Sudeep Nagarkar. Publisher: Random House India; 1st edition. Publish date. Read "Sorry, You're not my Type" by Sudeep Nagarkar available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get RS. off your first download. All relationships. Sudeep Nagarkar is a popular contemporary Indian writer and has authored four Started With a Friend Request (), and Sorry You're Not My Type ().

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All relationships should come with a precautionary warning: HANDLE WITH CAREThe final audition for Rajhans College's prestigious music band brings. Nagarkar, Sudeep]. Sorry, You're Not My Type by Nagarkar http://www. Our Story Needs No Filter by Sudeep Nagarkar pdf ebook. Book explores the dark. See more. Sorry, You're Not My Type by Nagarkar http://www. See more. She Swiped Right into My Heart By Sudeep Nagarkar is a story about love—gained.

Mar 07, Sanjay Adkar rated it really liked it 3. But this one doesn't hold you up to end. Starting with band and all that series of events date by date and place by place you feels this would be the great emotional and musical ride but writer fails to impress reader throughout the novel. Must say 1st Half and last part of 3. Must say 1st Half and last part of novel is awesome but story slows down a bit in the middle. Though this is a story of a band but do not expect much from story of musical band.

No one will ever get to know. They dialled a random number. It was three in the morning. Ramesh or Suresh. Have you gone nuts? Bachhe kaise paida hote hai? Can you tell us? They dialled another number. Again a guy picked up in a sleepy tone.

Do you know how kids are born? Instead the pervert actually started explaining things to them. This time the girls disconnected the call and the prank had them in splits. They had a great time together, cracking hilarious jokes and playing pranks the entire night. Some people just disconnected the call while some took the joke sportingly and played along. There were some who even threatened to inform the police but it was immensely funny, all in all.

With time, their bonding had grown strong. Though it was just the three of them, Ahana, Malvika and Garima had become thick friends and along with studying, they were living their life to the fullest. Soon their girlie paradise would need to make space for a guy.

But you should have been there. Varun wrote the poem on a piece of paper, then crumpled the sheet and threw it in the bin. It was well past midnight. Suddenly the doorbell rang. He knew all too well who it would be. His father had again come home in a drunken state. He helped his father in and put him to bed, holding his hand for a minute. He wanted to feel the loving touch of his father, something that he had never experienced in all these years.

He had decided to speak to his dad in the morning about taking admission in Mumbai University. After mustering up some courage, Varun made up his mind.

He was going to talk to his father the next morning. If he could convince him of his plan then it was fine, if not, he would run away to Mumbai. Either way Varun refused to stifle his dreams. With so many thoughts running through the mind, he never realized when the clock struck 6 a. Though it was still early, his dad never allowed him to sleep beyond that hour.

An army rule imposed on him even at home which frustrated him completely. But today he was going to speak his mind and express the feelings that had lain suppressed in his heart for ages. Generally a son is not very comfortable talking to his dad unless the discussion is about a cricket match or something casual. Today was slightly different. Varun approached his father when he saw him sitting on the sofa reading a newspaper in the living room and chugging whisky from a glass.

It was a strict no, and it made Varun furious. You have to make me proud by joining the army. Are we clear? Army people are losers. Yes, they have respect in the outer world but at a personal level, they are real losers. They live a lonely life and when they realize that they have done nothing their entire lives, they start becoming violent with their families, they start placing restrictions and giving orders.

Do you think we are your slaves? I wish Mom were alive today. She would have never let this happen. Even when my mom was dying, you preferred to stay away from home. Because you had other useless duties to fulfil.

My mother died in pain. She needed you. We needed you. Where were you at that time? Where were you when I was looking for a support system? You preferred drinking over spending time with me or my mother! You always wanted us to live our lives your way. I am not going to accept it. You are a killer. The broken glass was symbolic of the broken father-and-son relationship.

Army people are lonely? We sacrifice our lives so that billions of people in this country can breathe safely. We are the hope of countless families who enjoy festivals because we are fighting at the border. And you say that we are losers?

Why should I bother? You might have lived your life for billions of people but my mother died alone. For my entire teenage life, I have lived alone. My friends were scared to come home due to your violent behaviour. You might have been the hope for countless families as they celebrated but we never enjoyed a festival together.

Never ever! Do you have any justification for that?

Duty comes first for an army person and I did justice to my duty. Your mom had cancer and her death was on the cards irrespective of my being in the army or not. She died of cancer, it was not my mistake. Do you get that? All this rubbish that you say just goes to show how immature you are. I am going to teach you better. I am going to teach you a lesson even if it kills you.

Varun took the blows without even blinking an eye. The lashing continued for some time. His father kept abusing him and Varun kept bearing it without saying a word. He caught hold of the belt with his hand and threw it away. Then, pushing his father back, he retaliated with a slap. For years now, Varun had held a grudge against his dad and he could never forgive him for neglecting him during his childhood.

Varun went inside his room and locked himself. Tears were streaming down his cheeks thinking of what had happened. He was human, and his emotions had given way to a volcanic eruption. The very same day Varun booked his train ticket to Mumbai and as soon as his dad went for an evening walk, Varun packed his bags and everything that he would need during his stay. He had no option other than to run away. She was the one and only inspiration in his life.

The only things left to take were his school certificates and some cash. After packing all his necessary documents and picking up some cash, he wrote a harsh goodbye note for his father and placed it on the dressing table. Then he picked up his baggage and left, without once caring to turn back. For a split second, he was blinded by complete darkness. He sat on the chair reaching out for the water bottle and reread the last line of the letter.

Please do not search for me if you are a real man. Live with it and be strong. After all, you are an army man! He was his father, after all. The question that loomed large over his head was whether he should look for Varun or and give up on him. Twenty hours later, Varun stepped on Mumbai soil, a city where he would build his dreams. Varun called Ahana upon arrival and informed her that he was taking a cab to her house and would be reaching in an hour. Ahana shared the news with Malvika and Garima.

Within a few days, Varun not only got admission to the college he had applied to, but also made friends with the other two flatmates—Malvika and Garima. Varun was slightly more comfortable with Malvika than Garima and loved spending time with her, and Malvika too loved his company.

As days passed, he started looking for a part-time job to pay for his monthly expenses. The cash he had brought with him was slowly running out. She had helped him a lot with the accommodation already. All of them had their share of troubles and sorrows. But all of them had their dreams to chase and were passionate about them. Garima meanwhile just wanted to live a happy, independent life, the kind that had eluded her so far. For these four, the moment had not only clicked but had framed a picture-perfect image.

Varun had just come home from college and was about to go for a bath when his phone rang. It was his dad. He picked up the call. And where are you? Why do you care? Malvika came into the room running. There was no one at home apart from the two of them. Ahana and Garima had left for college. Malvika had stayed back to prepare for an upcoming test. Varun nodded and told her the reason for his anger. He told her how his dad used to beat him even for the slightest mistake and used to abuse him every day.

While narrating the entire story, he got extremely emotional. Malvika held his hand to convey that she understood how he felt. Varun felt a sense of security, the kind that he had missed his entire life, as Malvika sat there listening to him.

Varun got up but Malvika caught hold of his hand and pulled him back. After your mom passed away, your dad must have felt lonely as well. Did you ever try consoling him, telling him that you were going to be his strength? You could have shared whatever he felt. You could have tried being a friend rather than a son.

You could have broken the ice, extending conversations beyond sports and news. Did you ever try this with him? He was dumbstruck. No one had ever explained things to him the way she did and he felt a deep connection with her in that moment.

Pdf sorry type sudeep my youre not nagarkar

The best conversations occur when people talk with their eyes. Both Varun and Malvika were silent for a few seconds, just looking at each other. Varun wanted to hug Malvika for trying to explain the situation but he knew it was too early for them to share a hug.

Malvika just smiled and went into the kitchen. Varun had a shower and changed into his boxers. Giving him a cup of coffee, Malvika went into her room. She was suddenly not feeling too well. Varun was contemplating whether to enter her room or not. It was not as if he had never walked into her room but today there was no one at home.

Sudeep Nagarkar

He finished his coffee and knocked on her door. Are you fine? You look dull. There is something charming about you that can awaken even a dead soul. The way you explained things so beautifully to me, it was incredible. Your parents are very lucky to have a daughter like you. The best way to impress a girl is to praise her for her qualities and not just her outwardly beauty. Malvika blushed and they talked for a couple of minutes more before Varun realized that he was still standing at the door.

Or is entry for boys banned? He settled himself on her bed and they continued to talk about various topics including professors, sexy girls, hot guys, celebrities, sex and relationships. He felt the urge to touch her, not physically but to touch her heart and soul, to discover the things that she kept locked within, to be one with her thoughts. He wanted to understand her as a person. Somewhere, somehow, in some nook of his heart, he knew that he had fallen for Malvika.

A slight mistake would have cost him either a deduction from his salary or the embarrassment of a lifetime. He knew he would be red in the face if his pants came down in front of so many people, including a good number of girls.

He just prayed for Garima to reach as soon as possible. His colleagues were trying hard not to laugh while his manager was getting really furious. Luckily for him, Garima reached the place just before the manager could fire him and handed over his belt. Thank God. If it does, your only hope of survival would be your manager. That too if he is gay. They were so close that even a blind person could have sensed what was going on between the two.

What is he doing here with. Varun watched him closely and tried to recollect the picture Ahana had shown him once. I mean I have never seen him personally.

She just showed me a picture once. Else Ahana might not have believed her word. After clicking enough pictures and videos she went back to the apartment where she found Ahana filing her nails. Garima had no clue how to tell her that her boyfriend was two-timing her. The relationship that Ahana had considered just a passing affair had never really existed for Sid.

Garima sat next to her and with all the courage she could muster, she blurted out the truth. He is sleeping around with another girl. She turned towards Garima and was about to pounce on her when Garima showed her the pictures on her mobile phone.

Ahana stood there speechlessly. Though she always put up a brave front, now a tear rolled down her cheek. Every single teardrop had memories attached to it. Good or bad but memories nevertheless! In a fraction of a moment, everything flashed before her eyes. That will alert him. A person who prefers to have an affair outside of a relationship always forgets that not every open eye is seeing, and not every closed eye is sleeping.

Sid would have thought that he could play around and Ahana would never come to know, but he had been spotted. The truth does. Sid had probably been lying for a long time but now when the truth was out, Ahana decided to put an end to their relationship.

The next morning Ahana felt so different from the person she usually was. She felt heartless. There had been fights before with Sid but now she was going to end it once and for all. She wanted him to pay the price for trying to fool her, so that he would be afraid to treat anyone else in a similar manner.

The entire way, Garima counselled her to keep a check on her aggression. But Ahana had made up her mind to kick his balls as hard as she could. She wanted to make him realize that cheating on women was not a cool idea. When it came to her dignity and pride, she could completely ruin a person for hurting her. Varun had informed them beforehand that Sid was sitting inside with the same girl. Everyone turned around to look at her, including Sid. He anxiously stood up as soon as he saw Ahana staring down at him.

The other girl with him looked confused. Yes, I have caught you red-handed but I was already aware of your cheap fucking trick. Thanks to Garima, I know the truth now. She showed me pictures and clips of you getting cosy with this girl. You fucking son of a whore, your dick should be chopped off and you should be made to run naked all over the street. Maybe that will teach you a lesson or two. The kick was so painful that he fell on the couch holding his balls.

But more than the physical pain, it was the embarrassment that hurt Sid. Varun stood there watching the entire scene. With Ahana at the centre of things, there was no need for him to interfere. She was totally capable of dealing with the situation herself. With her uncontrollable aggression, she was handling everything just fine.

He had not expected something like this to happen! One realizes the worth of what they have only when they lose it.

This was true for Sid as well. He was heartbroken. A few hours had passed when Ahana received a message from him. I could trade my life just to tell you one last time that though I committed mistakes, even you were not always right. But I know you have moved on, your expressions said so.

I took you for granted. But how could you go away so easily? How can you be such a bitch without even thinking twice? Your company mattered at some point in time. Fuck off.

Sid was going through extreme mood swings. Did she ever care about him at all? She was strong mentally and emotionally and was independent enough to handle her life her way. But he preferred to cheat on her which annoyed her no end. Now your phone bills will be reduced to half and you will get sound sleep every night. You can just lock yourself up in your pyjamas and stay in bed.

Just think of all that you can do with that money. Lots of vodka shots and pizzas. You can actually flirt around town and even upload photos with your male friends more frequently.

No immature guy is going to see your skin and shriek upon spotting a bit of hair. All four of them were more than a family now. When people start acting like the split ends in your hair, cut them off without warning before they cause more damage. Malvika had put on a knee-length skirt and a black halter-neck top.

Her eyeliner and glossy lips made her charming face shine a little more than usual. Varun was dumbstruck looking at her.

Are we heading to the same place that I suggested? Palladium Mall in Lower Parel. Everyone was speechless looking at Garima. For the first time since they had all moved in, Garima was wearing a dress.

Sudeep Nagarkar - Wikipedia

It was a full-length one-piece pink dress with a similar colour headband. She looked really cute in it. Everyone hugged her and Malvika could feel her eyes dampening with tears. She had always wanted Garima to destroy her past demons and enjoy her life to the fullest. Though she was still far from being absolutely comfortable in the company of outsiders, she was getting there with time.

She was making an attempt to mix and be more social, trying to overcome the bitterness. Everyone glanced at each other with quizzical expressions on their faces. Ahana went inside and brought a couple of straws that were shaped like penises. She had ordered them online a few months ago just for fun. Oops, I mean suck on the straw and drink your beer.

When we used it the last time, the waiter almost died of shock. Ahana was not in the mood to listen to reason and carried them with her. Malvika and Ahana decided to participate in the contest.

Within an hour, both the girls had already gulped down four glasses of draught beer. Ahana felt a little dizzy and just to check her level of drunkenness, she tried walking back and forth in the bar. She was swaying while walking and the situation was pretty fucked up. Malvika decided to stop as she wanted to go to the loo.

You should learn self-control. Varun had no clue how to respond to this. Four more drinks and that was it. She had reached her threshold. Ahana was so high that she was smiling and waving at every guy she saw in the bar.

The guy was shit-scared and ran away. I need a guy. I am in the mood. Varun was worried now as the situation was getting worse. Garima had handled Malvika but it was difficult to handle Ahana.

Sudeep Nagarkar - That's the Way We Met

Somehow they both made her sit in the car and Varun started driving. Ahana kept talking about stupid things until Varun screamed at her to let him drive. Varun was seriously scared now. Varun stopped at a lounge on the way and decided to take her in so that she could use the washroom. Malvika was asleep and thus Garima waited in the car while Varun accompanied Ahana to the washroom. She wore an expression of relief on her face once she came out after nearly five minutes.

Varun was slightly scared as they started interacting. He almost laughed and said yes. Ahana bent towards him and gave him a tiny peck on his cheek. There was something really sweet about him even though he was a complete nerd. He laughed and said that was not what he was expecting. Anyway, it sucks big time.

Ahana was terrifying and strange and beautiful. But her roommates loved her completely. Garima was slowly opening up and though she was reserved, all three of them cared for her a lot. Malvika lived for the moment and the one thing that everyone liked about her was that she was very frank. Varun was very understanding and knew how to handle women, which made him a favourite with the three girls. Ahana had decided to drop her off and then spend some time with Varun on campus and come back to the apartment together with everyone.

I will park the car and come. You carry on. Garima got off and started walking towards the college building which was not very far from the parking lot. Midway, she saw the group that liked to tease her by calling her a virgin and also playing pranks on her.

She would try not to pay them attention but they did make her furious sometimes. But she knew it was best to ignore them to avoid creating a scene in college. This time too as she walked past them, they started passing lewd comments. Sex is for fun and we live in modern times. Who are you to comment on my personal life and talk shit? By this time Ahana had parked the car and was making her way in and she heard their conversation.

Sorry, You're Not My Type

If your dad had used a condom that night, he would have saved the planet from scumbag motherfuckers like you. You think losing your virginity is cool? Teri maa ki. And the girls in the group—have you no shame? I will kick you so hard that you will never walk erect. Stay away. If they decide to hit back, you will realize that guys cry louder than women. Be real men who respect women instead of threatening them and bullying them with physical force.

They bowed their heads in shame. Ahana and Garima had taught them a valuable lesson and they would think twice before teasing another girl. Garima smiled and called Malvika to ask her whereabouts. She was sitting alone in the canteen in a low mood. Ahana and Garima came and sat near her and asked her the reason for her unhappiness. She told them her parents were insisting she get married as soon as she graduated.

Who made such creepy rules? I was just talking to them about general things and was telling them how the first semester will soon be over and they started saying how they wanted me to graduate soon and get married to the perfect guy. Once you are done with graduation, take admission to a postgraduate course. Most people who opt for PG do it to postpone their inevitable marriage.

Doing this graduation is worse than a Roadies task and you are talking about postgraduation. They keep pestering me to get married and they talk about it all the time.

Sudeep type pdf not sorry nagarkar my youre

I mean ALL the time. I will stop calling them from now on. I so hate this. Everyone laughed and Varun took his seat beside them. Malvika went red in the face and Ahana caught her blushing. Ahana knew that Varun and Malvika secretly had a crush on each other and were trying their best to hide it from each other and the group.

Garima giggled and they high-fived. She had understood what Ahana was trying to say. Varun and Malvika avoided looking at each other. Just then Varun got a call from his dad that changed his mood completely. He picked up the call and left the table. Garima too left for her oral exams. Malvika and Ahana chit-chatted for some time until Varun returned.

His frustration was visible on his face. Just remember what I told you. Wow Varun, you are too fast. You never told me. When Malvika left to attend her lecture, Varun told her everything. This is what Sudeep unlocked with this one. Now, I would say it will become a pressure for himself to keep the expectations fulfilled of his readers in future.

When I started reading this book, I thought it would be same stuff of 3 friends in a rock band struggling to make their mark and splitting come later on and again collaborating together in the end and rocking the stage. But suddenly the book changes into something as divine as a love story, character of each person, association of everyone with each other, decisions, mistakes, correction, motivation and survival.

Each and every word written to describe each and every scene is out of the box. I often accuse writers of downgrading themselves by highlighting few of their paragraphs and disappointing by not writing it as effective as needed. But every italic paragraph in this book leaves a mark in your brain.

It clearly tells you how controlled you should be when you get emotional and possessive about someone.

Type sorry pdf not sudeep nagarkar my youre

Book covers just 2 years of life of these 3 friends and covers so much of philosophy and content in it that it feels you have read a book about how to value people through out your life. How a small trip changes every thing for these 3 friends and other 2 included is an astonishing experience. In the anti-climax and climax, with each sentence, Sudeep Nagarkar kept on raising his bar of standard and as I ended reading the last sentence, I wanted to call him and ask to write another book for me within an hour and send me as I wanted more of him.

Even the way he described intimate moments between his characters is ravishing. A rape scene that is described as a theme at one moment is also explained as it contains whole life of a girl and unbelievably, that's the only piece I have read till date written to make me stand up and clap for the author's imagination, purity and excellence. His first book got 3 from me, second got 2. You hear it right. And Vikrant narrates it. I am truly disappointed by this book. Mar 07, Dinesh Pytho rated it really liked it.

He is the recipient of the Sudeep nagarkar novels Achievers Award, and has been featured on the Forbes India Long list of the most influential celebrities for three consecutive years. Return to Book Page. I am just expressing what I felt. The story was lame typical bollywoodish kind. In the book Nagarkar has made the characters giving long speeches almost everywhere. Every friendship needs bonding to last forever. When a trust broke it breaks so many things like friendshiplove etc.

All thanks to the author. Sudeep nagarkar novels have this doubt because the friend is the narrator and sudeep nagarkar novels entire story travels through his eyes!! Its very hard for a new author to make his way into one of these genres that already has a King ruling the Jungle.