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Download Scion of Ikshvaku free pdf written by Amish Tripathi You can download free chapter of Scion Of Ikshvaku in pdf eBook form. BC. In what modern Indians mistakenly call the Indus Valley Civilisation. The inhabitants of that period called it the land of Meluha a near perfect empire. We are uploading things for fun only. please download the original copy at the store & read the book. Downloads. azw3 Epub mobi pdf.

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First book in Ram chandra Series by amish tripathi (indian author). First City Scion of Ikshvaku Book 1 of the Ram Chandra Series I Love you Rachu Amish westland ltd 61, II Floor, Silverline Building, Alapakkam Main Road. Where can I download Amish Tripathi's “Scion of Ikshvaku”? What is the date of release of the Scion of Ikshvaku book by Amish Tripathi? Is scion of ikshvaku is the part of shiva trilogy?.

We are uploading things for fun only. His newest book Scion of Ikshvaku is first book in Ram Chandra series. This book will explore the life of Ram in full details. The Perfect Land. But perfection has a price. He paid that price. A terrible war has taken its toll.

Vishnu for Amish is not just avatar or reincarnation but the title to be achieved. Ram had that potential and guru Vashistha believed that Ram would be the next Vishnu rewriting the history of the nation through his noble deeds and idealism.

Amish remarks that Vishnu was an ancient title accorded to the greatest leaders, idolized as the propagators of Good. Lord Parshuram, the previous Vishnu guided people out of the age of violence to the age of knowledge.

Amish demytholizes the very concept of avatars. Vashishtha had a hope that Ram would complete the task lord Parshuram had left. Lord Parshuram was also Ram, The word Parshu was later added in his favorite weapon was Parshu, an axe In most of the earlier Ramayana stories, the birth of Ram is celebrated as the advent of Avatar, the reincarnation.

When he was born, he did not move and he was not breathing. Nilanjana, the doctor patted on her back to make him cry.

Scion of Ikshvaku

Soon, the baby moved and gripped her hair crying out loudly On that very day, Dasharath was defeated and injured by Ravan. The court astrologer had said that if the baby was born before midday, he would turn out to be the greatest person in history but if he was born after midday, he would suffer misfortune and never known personal happiness It was exactly midday, not a minute late, not a minute early.

Dasharath was convinced that he was born with bad karma and his birth was inauspicious for the Raghu lineage. This deviation also shows that Dasharath did not possess royal virtues that were required in a great king.

Pdf ikshvaku son of

His favorite wife was Kaikeyi who had saved his life in the battle of Karachapa. As a noble son, Ram never thought or uttered a disparaging word about Dasharath but Bharat was outspoken and minced no words criticizing Dasharath as a hopeless king. We are a civilization in an advanced state of decay. Once a wealthy and prosperous kingdom with wonderful architecture, Ayodhya was in a state of constant decay.

Even law and order were in shambles and Ayodhyans broke every law with impunity. The rich and the nobles considered themselves above the law and they tried to brow beat the police when the law caught up with them Valmiki Ramayana depicts Dasharatha as a wise and just king.

She was born in a poor family and in her childhood, she was afflicted with small pox that made her face scarred and ugly looking. Her right foot was partially paralyzed due to polio. However, she regained power through her wealth that could finance the entire royal expenditure of kosala. Manthara had a beautiful daughter called Roshni, the rakhi sister of the four Ayodhyan princes.

She was an expert vaidya doctor besides being an intelligent and a woman of noble virtues. She attended the sick people nursing them back to health selflessly. She was gang raped and brutally killed by Dhenuka and his gang.

Scion Of Ikshvaku PDF

Many people called her the virgin Goddess. There was unprecedented rage for retribution among people. Dhenuka was under age and therefore could not be punished by law. Other seven accomplices were executed but Ram stood by law inspite of his anger at the horrible death of his rakhi sister. Dhenuka was secretly put to death by Bharat at the behest of kaikeyi and Manthara. There is no mention of Roshni and the gangrape by Dhenuka in any Ramayana versions.

This is an imagination of Amish Tripathi who probably had Nirbhya rape incident in mind. Amish connects the characters, incidents and thoughts with the modern context in his book making it more relevant to the modern readers.

Scion of Ikshvaku (Ram Chandra Series)

Lakshman was tall and muscular. He had vowed to protect Ram at all cost. He was also a great foodie who enjoyed good, rich food.

Of ikshvaku pdf son

Shatrughan was a scholar, well read and well-versed in scriptures and philosophy. Ram was an ideal man, intelligent and abider of law and justice. Lakshman and Bharat felt that he was good and noble to a fault who suffered for no fault of his own. The character of Sita is also major deviation. She was the prime minister of Mithila.

Besides being a good warrior and strict administrator, She was intelligent and rational in her attitude. When Ram saw her for the first time there was a flush on his dark-skinned face. Sita had a lean and muscular physique with whitish complexion.

Amish describes her character in highly poetic words. Ram was mesmerized by her beauty and demeanour. He felt that his heart found a true ally in Sita. Ram who had immense control over him felt for the first time that his heart was beyond his control. Sita invited Ram and Laxman to visit the royal garden the next day. She wanted Ram to attend Swayamvar.

Deep down, She had decided to live and share her life with Ram. At Gupt Swayamvar, Ram strung the bow, mocked the arrow and pierced the eye of the whrling fish above. Here also, Amish has made a major deviation.

In valmiki Ramayana, Tulsi Ramayana and other versions, the swayamvar, test was to lift the bow of Lord Shiva and just string it. Ram not only strung it but broke it making Parshuram furious. He has employed the test of Draupadi Swayanvarar from Mahabharata in Ram story. Earlier Sita had shown the bow pinaka to Ram and asked him to practice with it.

Sita said that she was only a caretaker of the bow which needed great care and regular lubrication. Amish turns the bow story into realistic story of an excellent legendary bow bereft of miracles and undue halo. At the time of Swayamvar, Ravan picked up the bow, strung it and knocked it violating the rules of the Swayamvar arrogantly.

Vishwamitra declared that he had violated the sequence as Ram, the Prince of Ayodhya was first to compete in order. Ravan left the Swayamvar venue in anger with his guards.

Ram Chandra Series

Ram won the test and also the hand of Sita whom he had already given away his heart. The wedding was simple and solemn followed by attack on Mithila by Ravan and Kumbhakarna.

It was almost impossible to defeat Ravan and his huge army. Vishwamitra told Ram to use asurashtra as it was the only way to defeat Ravan. Vishwamitra was a Malaya putra, the leader of the Malaya putras.

Loard Rudra had forbidden the use of asurashtra many centuries ago and those who broke the law would be punishable with banishment for fourteen years. Ram decided to accept punishment and save Mithila for the love of Sita.

This is also the major twist in the Ramayana Story. Asurashtra was not a weapon empowered by mantra but science. It was like a missile which emitted demonic clouds of green gas. Ravan had to fly back to lanka in his pushpak vimaan. Amish describe pushpak vimaan as a giant conical craft made of some strong metal with huge rotors attached to the top of the vehicle.

It made deafening sound when the rotors were in motion. Amish divests pushpak vimaan, Pinkaka bow of Lord Rudra, asurashtra and Lakshman Rekha of all miracles. See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details.

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