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1 Principle and construction of single electron transistor. What is Single Single electron transistors (SETs) have high input impedances. Besides this, these. ABSTRACT. The goal of this paper is to review in brief the basic physics of nanoelectronic device single-electron transistor [SET] as well as prospective. physics and applications of nano electronic device 'Single electron transistor [ SET]' which is capable of controlling the transport of only one electron.

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PDF | The goal of this paper is to review in brief the basic physics of nanoelectronic device single-electron transistor [SET] as well as prospective applications. staircase' on which this Single electron transistor [SET] works and the basic comparison of SET Single-electron transistors (SETs) are essential elements of . The single-electron transistor (SET) is a nanodevice that can control the http://

The data that support the findings of this study are available from the corresponding author on reasonable request. Abstract A single-electron transistor is a nano-device with large potential for low-power applications that can be used as logic elements in integrated circuits. In this device, the conductance oscillates with a well-defined period due to the Coulomb blockade effect. By using a unique technique, we explore single-electron transistors based on a single metallic nanoparticle with tunable coupling to electric leads. We demonstrate a unique regime in which the transistor is characterized by multi-periodic oscillations of the conductance with gate voltage where the additional periods are harmonics of the basic periodicity of the Coulomb blockade and their relative strength can be controllably tuned.

During the last 10 years, several experimental setups for exploring the thermoelectric properties of nanoscopic systems [7e11] have opened up the possibility of using such systems for controlling the energy transport on a microscopic scale.

In a recent experiment, a gate-controlled single-electron refrigerator was obtained, in which the Coulomb correlation controls the heat transfer and, the refrigeration process in a mesoscopic system [12].

Electron pdf single transistor

In another interesting paper, Popescu et al. Another paper related to our calculations was the study of thermoelectric effects in molecular junctions by Pramod Reddy et al.

From the theoretical point of view we can refer two recent papers employing the numerical renormalization group [15,16].

The SIAM was experimentally realized by the Goldhaber-Gordon group [17] with complete control over all the parameters of the model. They measured the electric conductance of a SET and showed its universal character.

Ramos et al. In ordinary metals, the thermal and electrical conductances are related to the same scattering processes, with only weak energy dependence.

All efforts to increase the ZT values have resulted in few advances, due to the interdependence between the physical properties associated with ZT. A summary of the evolution of ZT values can be found in Fig. Vineis et al.

The thermoelectric figure of merit for the single electron transistor

G is an energy unit associated with the energy width of the conduction band. To simplify the notation we set. The conductance unitary limit is experimentally attained in real quantum dot QD systems, at temperatures on the order of 10 mK.

Kretinin et al. In a general way, G.

Multiple periodicity in a nanoparticle-based single-electron transistor

Mahan and J. They determined that a narrow energy distribution of the carriers was needed in order to produce a large value of ZT. The regions where ZT exhibits high values corresponds to the transition from the empty dot to the intermediate valence and the transition from the singly to the doubly occupied states. We show that this is the most interesting region, because ZT attains strong values. Considering the electronic and phononic contributions separately, ZT, can be written as.

A quantum dot embedded into conduction leads and b Details of the eigen states structure of the atomic solution generated through the atomic approach in the Kondo regime. In the SET, the phononic contribution to thermal conductance can be minimized, because the QD is isolated from the electrodes by two tunneling barriers, whose material can be appropriately chosen to produce low Kph values or by alloying the barriers material in order to introduce atomic scale defects and scatter phonons [4].

Recently, new research has been published that takes into consideration the phononic contribution to the thermal conductivity. Instead of having a conduction channel, as in case of MOSFET, which does not allow further reductions in its length, this channel is replaced by a small conducting "island" or quantum dot QD.

Source and drain regions are separated from the QD by tunnel junctions. The research on SET is mainly supported by "orthodox theory" based on three assumptions:.

Single-Electron Transistor (SET)

The main benefits of the SET use are a high device integration level and ultra-low power consumption. Moreover, the SET fabrication process is CMOS -compatible complementary metal—oxide—semiconductor , which increases the possibilities for integrating them into complex circuits.

At this point some drawbacks appear to be overcome such as low current level and the low temperature operation.

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This condition implies the maximum allowed island capacitance is inversely proportional to temperature. For these systems, to solve the drawback related to the SET operative only at cryogenic temperature it should be considered that an island capacitance below 1 aF is required to be room temperature operative.

Note that the island capacitance is a function of their size.

Electron pdf single transistor

Note that this level of device dimensions can jeopardize the SET manufacturability. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs attention from an expert in physics.

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The specific problem is: WikiProject Physics may be able to help recruit an expert. June Japanese Journal of Applied Physics.