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Activity Workbook to accompany Side By Side, Book 1 (CD not included) Through their highly interactive format, the audios serve as a student's speaking. English Course Side by Side Extra Student Book cover Level 1 Enhanced audio CDs containing standard CD tracks and mp3 files for all Workbook listening. Side by Side Gazette "magazine-style" pages offer feature articles, fact files, vocabulary expansion, cross-cultural topics Student Book 1 with Audio Highlights.

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*The audio of Side by Side 3rd edition and Side by Side Extra is exactly the same . The Teacher's Guides of Side by Side Extra are identical except for the. Side by Side 1 Student Book 1 Audio CDs (7) by Steven J. Molinsky, The audios contain all unit vocabulary practice, all conversation models and exercises. Format: Hardback. Side by Side 1 - Sample Unit Side by Side 1 - Student Book with audio CD, , X, $ Side by Side 1 - Teacher's.

Student Components. Skill-integrated units focusing on all communication skills Variety of grammar, vocabulary, listening, pronunciation, reading, writing, and communication activities Expanded grammar sections with new Grammar Focus Picture dictionary lessons introduce unit vocabulary Built-in assessment for each unit includes a check-up test and skill checklists that enable students to assess their level of achievement How to Say It! Vocabulary flashcards Skill building activities for vocabulary, grammar, and reading GrammarToons animations with activities GrammarRaps, GrammarSongs, and video segments with activities Levels 1 and 2 only. Vocabulary, grammar, reading, writing, and listening activities to reinforce and supplement Student Book lessons New Gazette activities build reading and vocabulary skills New can-do activities strengthen functional communication skills aligned with GSE and CEFR objectives Enhanced audio CDs containing standard CD tracks and mp3 files for all Workbook listening activities, GrammarRaps, and GrammarSongs for entertaining language practice through rhythm and music. Interactive language games to reinforce grammar and vocabulary learned in each unit Photocopiable activity sheets for each game Available for Levels

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His primary interest is the development of innovative approaches to language teaching. He has taught methodology courses at Boston University for more than 30 years and has worked with teachers in-training throughout the world.

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Bill Bliss is President of the Language and Communication Workshop, which provides training and consulting services in language learning, literacy, immigrant education, and citizenship. Since , he has worked as a teacher, trainer, refugee camp program manager, consultant to government agencies and school systems, and advocate for immigrant and refugee education.

He holds an M. His interests include social justice education, immigration policy, and the impact of social media and emerging technologies on education.

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Integrated Skills Beginner. Integrated Skills Low-intermediate.

Overview Extract Authors. Beginner ISBN: ALL NEW eText access included with every student book Use this digital tool to complement the program's dynamic conversational approach. The eText supports students' independent practice for self-paced learning.

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Enhanced version of the classic Side by Side with eText New eText — with embedded audio and FunZone — expands the course and makes it flexible and fun for students to practice on their own The eText FunZone is a digital amusement park with attractions for every unit.

Updated components include lots of new features: Pages of the Student Book, with the complete audio program in embedded links, provide conversation, listening, pronunciation, reading, and Gazette practice. Order by:

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