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Click Here For Download File (PDF). सत्यार्थ प्रकाश [Satyarth Prakash In Hindi Free PDF]. Click Here Download link 1 Download Link 2. Collectionopensource. Hindi Book-Shivaswarodaya. IdentifierHindiBook- Identifier-arkark://t1dj6m82k. OcrABBYY FineReader शिव स्वरोदय मुफ्त हिंदी पुस्तक | Shiva Swarodaya Free Hindi Pdf | Hindi Pdf Books.

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Download free hindi pdf book or eBook of 'Shiv Swarodaya' (Hindi Version). Shiva Swarodaya is religious book in which you can learn secrets. - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online . Shiva Svarodaya with Hindi Translation - Khemraj Shri Krishna - Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free.

Quantity: Availability: Usually ships in 2 to 3 weeks This little book Sivasvarodya, herein presented for the first time, with an English Translation together with Roman version of the Sanskrit text, is an ancient Sanskrit Text of great importance and the only one extant which elucidates the Science of Predicting auspicious and inauspicious results based on the flow the breathing through one or the other nostril. It was initially revealed by Lord Siva to His Divine Consort Parvati with specific instructions to keep it a closely guarded secret, revealed only to those who deserved. And in keeping with this spirit the science really remained so guarded a secret as to become almost extinct today. However, its importance and utility would at once become evident to anyone as soon as he starts actions specified in it. Often the results start showing even within a week of its adoption.

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Malshe Paperback Edition: They criss-cross each other at various points as they have a serpentine structure.

Amogh Shiv Kavach

They criss-cross each other while appearing to be moving in a serpentine motion. The moon element of the body resides in the Ida. The sun element is in Pingala. Thus, the yogi must be calm, alert, and one pointed.

In this manner he is able to comprehend everything by observing the happenings and activities of the solar and the lunar naids.

Swarodaya in pdf shiva hindi

One must concentrate and mediate on this tattwa with a stable and calm mind. Never must one concentrate on it with an unsteady or wavering mind. By this one gets attains the desired goal great gains, and victory.

Those persons who always regularly perform the practice of controlling Lunar Ida and Solar Pingala nadis fervently attain omniscience. The left side Ida nadi is like amrit nectar, ambrosia, panecia providing nourishment to the universe always. The right pingala nadi is the source of all creation. The lunar nadi Ida on the left side always endows success in all auspicious activities. The left channel of pranic energy Ida is auspicious while moving out of the house.

The moon nadi ida which is the left-sided pranic energy channel is considered the female principal. The sun nadi pingala which is right sided pranic channel, is the male principal. The colour of Lunar nadi is white and that of Solar Nadi is black. In the dark fortnight, the solar Swara Pingala rises first. So, these swaras flow alternately for a period of two-and-a half ghadis 60 minutes throughout the twenty four hours of a day. In between these ghadis, the five elements get activated and flow.

Conversely, the daily activities are not to be performed if the flow of Swara is unfavourable. During the first three days of bright fortnight, the Ida Swara must flow first, and during the dark fortnight the right pranic channel pingala must flow initially. A wise person must never let the moon swara flow during the night. Similarly the sun swara must be suppressed during daytime.

By practicing in this manner daily and continuously one becomes a yogi. The moon is under control during Ida. The person who knows the flow of Swaras in this manner can control the universe in a second.

Pdf shiva swarodaya in hindi

If a day starts with lunar swara at sunrise and ends with the solar swara at sunset, then this cycle of swaras produces many beneficial and auspicious effects. If the cycle of swaras is contrary to this then all the auspicious acts must be avoided during such period. Similarly, if right swara flows on Sunday, Tuesday, and Saturday then all deeds performed get accomplished.

Success is inevitable if such deeds are performed during the darker fortnight krishan paksh. Pattern of flow of Five Tattwas The air elements flows first of all in either nadis.

Swarodaya hindi pdf in shiva

Then follows the fire element, and then flows the earth element. The sky element is active in the end. Air touches the sides of the nasal passage, Fire touches the top, Water touches the bottom of the nasal passage and Earth flows in centre of it.

The five tattwas arise and flow in the above mentioned sequence for the duration of two-and-a-half ghadis 1 hour in each of the nadis separately. During the time-span of one day and night 24 hours , 12 zodiac transitions are said to occur. These zodiac signs are considered to be of moon dominated. Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius occur and transit during the flow of solar swara pingala, and they are considered to be sun dominated.

One must determine the auspicious and inauspicious result via the rise of swaras in the right nadi. The moon resides in the represents East and North directions. Hence, one must not travel towards West and South while the Solar Swara is active. Hence, the wise scholars, who desire good for all, have prohibited journey in the Swaras-directions in the combinations mentioned above. Or, they might even have to face death. That day, when solar swara Pingala flows at the time of Sunrise and the Lunar swara at the time of moonrise, all kinds of actions undertaken at any time throughout the span of 24 hours will be successful.

Contrarily, if the Lunar Swara flows at the time of Sunrise and the Solar Swara at the time of moonrise then loss, conflicts, and sorrows ensue. Auspicious deeds are to be avoided at such times. During the flow of Solar Swara, one can undoubtedly acquire the knowledge of the subtlest and difficult subjects.

Contrarily, during the flow of lunar Swara, the knowledge of above mentioned subjects cannot be acquired. Starting from the first four ghadis of morning if the flow of Swaras is opposite, e. In such a flow of Swaras, the mind is perturbed during the 1st ghadi. In the 2nd ghadi the wealth gets destroyed; in the 3rd, travel or movement ensues; in the 4th ghadi, there is a loss of dear things.

Thus is the result of opposite or reverse Swaras. If the opposite Swara flow for eight successive days during all three periods morning, noon and night then bad results occur.

A little reduction or irregularity in this is good. If the lunar Swara flows during morning and noon, and the solar Swara during evening dusk , then one gets victory daily.

If the left or right Swara is active along with partially active Sushumna, then one must start journey by putting the corresponding foot forward to achieve success. While starting a journey, one must put left foot forward if the moon swara is active and right foot if sun Swara is active to ensure success.

One is relieved of all the troubles and returns home merrily. While sitting with Guru s , king, brother, minister and other beneficial person, one must keep them towards the side of active Swara for attaining auspicious effects.

To overcome an enemy, commit theft, while igniting the fire, while committing unrighteous deeds one must keep the person or object on the side of non-active Swara. Whatever has been mentioned till now regarding war and benefits undoubtedly comes to pass when the respective Swaras are actively flowing. This has been mentioned by Lord Shiva himself and thus, a gospel truth. The lunar Swara is beneficial for starting long journeys.

It ensures success without obstacles. The solar Swara is beneficial for activities like entering a house.

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The flow of Swaras can make an incapable and incompetent person fully capable and competent and vice-versa. As all the beings are under the control of the results of their previous karmas, therefore, they must act according to the flow of Swaras like Sushumna. The active lunar Swara can act even as an antidote to poison. The active solar Sara is beneficial for bringing the powerful under the control.

While the third Swara Sushumna bestows liberation.

Shiva Svarodaya with Hindi Translation - Khemraj Shri Krishna

Thus, one God has threefold functions and existence. The nadis must flow according to the nature of work s to be performed throughout day and night. If the Swaras are made to flow as per the nature of work e. While entering a new house, doing service, sowing and farming, doing auspicious deeds, forming alliances and treaties, and while leaving for a journey, Ida is auspicious.

Mounting an elephant or a horse, tying them or putting them in their stables , learning the art of archery, doing charitable services, collecting wealth. Singing, playing musical instruments, dancing, studying the art of dance, drama, and other aesthetic activities, entering a city or village, applying tilak, buying land. O Parvati!

The acts like practice of yoga are especially fruitful during the flow of Ida.

Best is to use raw chilled and fresh cow milk of wheatish colour cow brown coloured. Use very ice cool water and milk as lord loves snow to keep him cool use white til for puja. After puja do not throw oblations any where except running river, lakes or sea. If it is not possible put it in flower pots of home or trees except tulsi and peepal. Never consume anything which has been offered to shiv lingam, it brings bad omen illness, loss of money and luck. But u can have if it is from given specifically by priest as you cannot refuse or from shiv murti or idol.

You can offer coconut, but not coconut water, especially on shiv-lingam. Every thing offered on shiv lingam is called nirmalaya.

Until and unless somebody else offer you by priests. From murti's that is shiv idol you can consume anything. Whole shiv-mahiman stotra revolves around this fact,when gandharva called mahiman lost his everything by inadvertently disrespecting shiv-nirmalaya Best vibhuti for shiv puja is burned ash of human body pyre These are available in all puja shop's specially in karnataka emporium.

Never smell any flower or sandal wood or scent which you intend to offer to lord as by doing so you yourself are using it and a used item is not permitted in puja. Peepal is very good. Ideal is bel tree. As deemed fit, to excuse any of your fault knowingly or unknowingly In fast you can eat only once in day only in afternoon's but before sunset. If you are continuous in fasting then even salt is permitted but should be white rock salt not sea salt. If you are keeping numbered fast then only sweet or non-salt food is consumed.

In the evening just light lamp and dhoop incense stick in front of lord and offer flowers. Flower offerings - never offer ketaki flower to god or coconut water. Ber or Jujube Fruit is also offered to Lord Shiva, as it is symbolic of longevity and gratification of desire. No kummkumm haldi to lord shiva Put bel patram intact with three leaves and danthal facing top and towards you.

Flowers of white colour You can use as many as idols of lord ganesh in your house, except in your mandir or regular puja sthan where only two 02 idols are permitted and are good, it is similarly for any god. Abhishek water of all gods needs to be removed at once and can be stored in any other vessel for further disposal as per procedure.

Do not keep your god's feet wet as they will not move to help you as in water they wait for you to complete charan praksahlaya as you other guest do when they arrive in your house.