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RBEditor is a roadbook editor that will let you create and edit roadbooks with ease and minimum of effort. It is suited for rallies and competitions. Get Started - Make a Rally Roadbook - Click Here Use drawing tools by dragging a desired road segment into Waypoint editor and then dragging the. Roadbook Navigation powered by Google Map. Create. Print. Ride.

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The roadbook editor is similar in its function to the previous version of QV2/3/4, but it has been modernised and expanded very much in its. With the Rabbit Roadbook Designer you can create route books for printing [ Video] Rabbit - Stretch EditorDecember 20, In "Videos". Roadbook Designer - It is a specific APP to draw easily, quickly and accurately route books. With the Rabbit RoadBook Designer you can create route books for .

Printing and pdf export does not work correctly on iOS7. Tulip - Roadbook Editor for iPad is an easy-to-use roadbook editor and it lets you quickly type roadbook entries on your iPad. This app is being used by organisers of rallies, e. But following driving directions in a roadbook is not only for competition rally events. It is also a fun way of taking a tour. How to read a roadbook:

You can translate this file and make a pull request on github or send it by email.

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I'll add it quickly then. Why does my roadbook no longer exist? All roadbooks are kept 1 month after the last modification date.

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You can know the date with a hover on the "Save" button, and if you save it, it'll be kept again. Is my roabook public and published on internet?

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No, your roadbook is absolutely private and it doesn't appear on search engines. Only you know the link, and you should keep it private if you prepare an event. Your roadbook can't be found with tests on the URL, there are possibilities.

Why doesn't my GPX file work? Only GPX files with the version 1.

Tulip - Roadbook Editor for iPad by Long Haul Software

Installation and activation d. QV main window.

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Data managment. QV-OSM maps for offline use. GPS online mode.

Tulip - Roadbook Editor for iPad

PDA and smartphone interface. External documents and images.

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Roadbook Editor. Export and import of geodata. Solving Problems.

Table of Contents Roadbook Editor. Free choice of text style, size and colour in the information field. Editing the drawings to complement them with many other contents, which are not able to be modified with the fixed tools.

Compact fileformat for an easy transfer of roadbooks completely with all symbols and pictures. To create a roadbook from a track, follow the steps below: Edit the track with the edit-function, until it shows exactly the preferred route from the start to the end.