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Download RasMol for free. The SourceForge OpenRasMol project is an adjunct to the RasMol and OpenrasMol project at It is hoped that the. Download RasMol. An efficient Add To Download Basket Files can be added using the dedicated commands, as well as by drag and drop. To download molecules in ENT format from the Brookhaven PDB, see a separate To do this, you type the select command at the Rasmol> prompt in the.

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A complete list of RasMol commands be displayed by typing "help . (see the source at RasMol - The SourceForge OpenRasMol project is an adjunct to the RasMol and A complete list of RasMol commands be displayed by typing "help. In order to install RasMol, you start with a compiled binary or work Once logged in, type the command "cd software/rasmol" to change the.

Do I want to use RasMol? If you're unsure, take a look at the gallery. Imagine being able to generate such images of your favorite molecules, and then rotate them, or view them in stereo, to comprehend their 3D structure! RasMol allows you to explore the structure of a molecule by "getting into it and climbing around". Let's get started! Where do I get RasMol, and how do I install it?

View a structure with RasMol

Atoms may also be labelled with arbitrary text strings. Alternate conformers and multiple NMR models may be specially coloured and identified in atom labels.

Download rasmol commands

Different parts of the molecule may be represented and coloured independently of the rest of the molecule or displayed in several representations simultaneously. The displayed molecule may be rotated, translated, zoomed and z-clipped slabbed interactively using either the mouse, the scroll bars, the command line or an attached dial box. RasMol can read a prepared list of commands from a 'script' file or via inter-process communication to allow a given image or viewpoint to be restored quickly.

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RasMol can also create a script file containing the commands required to regenerate the current image. The RasMol help facility can be accessed by typing "help " or "help " from the command line.

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A complete list of RasMol commands may be displayed by typing "help commands". Rasmol does have some features that Cn3D lacks; also it is lacking certain features of Cn3D.

RasMol Quick Start

The choice of which program to use is primarily a personal preference. The latest version of the RasMol software is called Protein Explorer.

You must download a browser plug-in called Chime in order to use Protein Explorer. Chime - Use this site to download and install the Chime plug-in. This only needs to be done once. Note that the Chime plug-in must have been pre-installed for this to work.

Use the above-listed web site to install it if necessary. In the early days of software development, most scientific software source code was freely and openly shared with a minimum of formalities.

These days, it appears that carefully drawn legal documents are necessary to protect free access to the source code of scientific software. We are all deeply indebted to Richard Stallman for showing us how a creative combination of copyrights and seemingly restrictive licenses could give us truly unfettered freedom to use programs, to read their source code and to develop new versions.

Download rasmol commands

The GNU project , and the Linux project have shown that an open source approach works. Until the RasMol 2.

Download rasmol commands

This is certainly the case for binary releases from RasMol 2. You can find a complete explanation of the OpenRasMol conditions for relases prior to the 2. If you are a user of OpenRasMol programs, you will find that the copyrights and notices ask little more of you than that you avoid mistakes by others by keeping the notices with copies, display scientific integrity by citing your sources properly and treating this like other shared scientific developments by not inferring a warranty.

If you are a software developer and wish to incorporate what you find here into new code, or to pick up bits and pieces and used them in another context, the situation becomes more complex.