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Quick PDF Scanner Pro offers portable mobile document scanning with a In line with the latest Google Android trends Quick PDF Scanner is Quran Pro Muslim: MP3 Audio offline & Read Tafsir v [Premium] [Latest]. Quick PDF Scanner Pro - A handy scanner right in your smartphone. With it, you can read any documents anywhere. And all you need is a. Quick PDF Scanner FREE is an app to create PDF documents from any piece of paper by simply taking a photo of it. Basically, you can digitize any physical.

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From the developer of OfficeSuite, Quick PDF Scanner allows you to scan, export and In line with the latest Google Android trends Quick PDF Scanner is with flexible + PDF Editor Pro Apk · OfficeSuite + PDF Editor Premium. Whether you're sending receipts to your employer from the field or saving a magazine article for later, PDF Scanner will help you scan and digitize your paper. Quick PDF Scanner Pro v Full APK Regardless of whether you’re sending receipts to your manager from the field or sparing a magazine article for some other time, Quick PDF Scanner will enable you to check and digitize your paper reports easily. The most recent Quick PDF.

Free Business APP. Flag as inappropriate. We use cookies and other technologies on this website to enhance your user experience. By clicking any link on this page you are giving your consent to our Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy. Ok I Agree Learn More. Quick PDF view, edit, fill, sign, scan, convert.

When scanning is finished, just click on the check button. Then, the app auto-detects the borders of the page. Post-processing filters like print-ready, black and white, grayscale, color and contrast enhancement are available too. Advantages: After snapping a photo and saving it, you can edit the image by selecting borders and applying filters. Aside from taking a photo within the app, you also have the choice to import photos directly from your gallery.

The imported photos can be cropped and filters can also be applied to make the images look better. These photos can be scanned to PDF with this scanner. Disadvantages: The app contains distracting advertisements, and you need to upgrade to the full version to remove them. Also, the free app only lets you take photos of up to twenty documents. The home screen of this app is a menu containing the following choices: Import, Capture, Scans, Settings, About, Feedback.

Import is used for adding images from different sources. You can either choose files from Google Drive, Dropbox, or your device gallery. It supports turbo import, letting you select many images at once.

As its name suggests, Capture is where you can scan your paper documents. After taking a photo, the app automatically detects edges of the document to make it ready for cropping.

Quick PDF Scanner Pro 5.2.715 Apk

You can also choose from low, medium, high and ultra-resolution. Scans is where you can see all the images you have taken and view their contents. You also have the ability to re-edit the image if you want by clicking on the Convert button found at the bottom.

Finally, you can manage files by either moving, removing or reordering them. Advantages: This app has a combination of a beautifully crafted design and unique features.

Quick PDF Scanner FREE

The app has a clean user interface that is visually pleasing. The app detects the borders of a document accurately.

Scanner quick premium pdf

Disadvantages: Scanned photos are darker than the original. However, this issue may be fixed in a future update. The home screen of the app shows two main functions, namely import and capture. Below, the scanned documents are collated together for easy access.

The app supports importing from cloud services like Google Drive and Dropbox. Photos that you have taken using your phone or tablet camera can be imported too. Clicking on the capture button moves you to the screen for taking photos of your paper documents. After scanning a document, the app detects the edges for cropping.

The scanner app has built-in editing tools accessible after you have scanned a document. Names of the filters available are punch, vintage, black and white, bleach, instant, latte, blue, litho and x-process.

Using advanced settings like auto color, exposure, vignette, contrast and shadows can be adjusted within the app as well. Advantages: It is worth mentioning that the app has a nice modern design. Document scanning is quick and easy with the use of numerous built-in filters. Disadvantages: There are bugs that cause the app to crash occasionally. This app contains advertisements visible at the bottom of the screen.

Genius Scan's key features are page frame detection and perspective correction. When opening the app, you can see two tabs, Scans and Documents. At the center of the screen is the images. After taking a photo of a document, it immediately goes to the Scans tab.

You may then transfer it later to the Documents tab. The camera button is found at the bottom of the screen. After scanning, the app intelligently detects unwanted parts of the photo so you can crop them. Also, you can perform black and white and color enhancements to the photo. Rotating the photo left or right is possible too.

Quick PDF Scanner APK Download

Advantages: The app is simple to use with a nice looking user interface. It also supports cloud printing. The developer also has a fax sending app that works in case you need to fax documents. The free version seems to limit the number of documents you can scan. The pro version removes this restriction. Here are some more app list recommendations! It supports the key features for document scanning, conversion, and sharing.

It also boasts features to improve scanning of things like school notes, whiteboards, and other items.

Pdf premium quick scanner

The UI is simple enough and we enjoyed the scan quality and editing tools. Like Fast Scanner, these developers also have a separate app for faxing if you need to do that along with some additional apps that add even more. There is also a subscription service, but we only recommend that to those who use this app religiously. It promotes itself as being equally good for school or business use. It scans documents like normal.

The app also boasts good quality for things like receipts, whiteboards, sketches, business cards, notes, and more. You can save your scans to Microsoft OneNote for quick reference later. It's free to download and use whether or not you have an Office subscription. However, it does work best with a Microsoft Office subscription, if that matters.

Premium quick pdf scanner

It's a lot like CamScanner. It lets you scan documents, send them wherever, store them in the cloud, or even fax them if needed. It's a little bit buggy and the OCR could use some improvement. It's definitely not the first one we would recommend.

However, like CamScanner, it competently covers enough different use cases to where the benefits outweigh the cons.

Quick PDF Scanner FREE

It's good for what it does. Most of the in-app downloads are for credits to use while faxing documents. Create one-page PDFs or scan a dozen in a single file using the auto batch option. Advanced support for fillable PDF forms allows you make all the changes you need and to sign documents with your saved digital signature or by simply drawing the signature on the document.

Advanced digital certification allows you to validate PDFs authenticity. Protect PDFs Protect your sensitive documents with passwords to lock, encrypt and restrict the access to them. Work with advanced PDF certificates to validate their authenticity. Integrated File Manager Manage your local and remote documents with ease.


Quick PDF 6. Enjoy the completely redesigned Quick PDF and all its new features: Additional Information Category: Android 4. Quick PDF