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(Book) POLITICAL THEORY By ASIRVATHAM Printed Study Materials · Free E-books Download · NCERT Books Download | NCERT हिंदी PDF. Eddy Asirvatham and K.K. Mishra, Political Theory. 4. O.P. Gauba, Pqjitical Theory. 5. Chandran Kukathas and Gerald F. Gaus, Handbook of Political Theory . 6. Political Theory () by Eddy Asirvatham and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books available now at great .

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Uploaded by: EFFIE Asirvatham, Eddy echecs16.infoioned: mimetype: application/pdf echecs16.infods: Political Theory. Get this from a library! Political theory.. [Eddy Asirvatham]. Home > Higher Education > Political Science > Political Theory. Political Theory, 13/e. Eddy Asirvatham & K K Misra. ISBN: Pages:

Free online reading Abstract This proposed study seeks to conduct an in depth analysis on the transition of authoritarian regime to a democratic state. It will also outline the continuation of state building process in a newly independent state. It is nothing but just a form of government. It is quiet apparent that draws its authority directly from the people, remain accountable to the people and works for common interests of the people. Moreover, representative is nothing but just presents the view on behalf of the people and works for their benefit Becker: They are also held accountable for their each act to the state. This word has been defined by many political scientists but the most appropriated definition was given by the former president of U.

Moreover, history not only speaks about the past but also links it with the present events. History provides the chronological order of every political event and thereby helps in future estimation of events also. Institutional Approach: This is a very old and important approach to the study of Political Science. This approach mainly deals with the formal aspects of government and politics emphasizes the study of the political institutions and structures.

Thus, the institutional approach is concerned with the study of the formal structures like legislature, executive, judiciary, political parties, interest groups etc.

The advocates of this approach includes both ancient and modern political thinkers. Among the ancient thinkers Aristotle is an important contributor to this approach while the modern thinkers include James Bryce, Bentley, Walter Bagehot, Harold Laski, etc.

Legal Approach: This approach regards the state as the fundamental organization for the creation and enforcement of laws. Therefore, this approach is concerned with the legal process, legal bodies or institutions, justice and independence of judiciary.

The various traditional approaches to the study of Political Science have been criticized for being normative. These approaches were idealistic also as their concern went beyond how and why political events happen to what ought to happen.

In the later period, the modern approaches have made an attempt to make the study of Political Science more scientific and, therefore, emphasize empiricism.

Which is the oldest approach to the study of Political Science? Name one of the advocates of Institutional Approach. Describe the Institutional Approach to the study of Political Science.

Thus, to minimize the deficiencies of the traditional approaches, various new approaches have been advocated by the new political thinkers. Many thinkers regard these approaches as a reaction against the traditional approaches. These approaches are mainly concerned with scientific study of politics. The first breakthrough in this regard comes with the emergence of the behavioural revolution in Political Science.

Characteristics of Modern Approaches These approaches try to draw conclusion from empirical data.

Democracy and its implication: a differentiation from authoritarianism

These approaches go beyond the study of political structures and its historical analysis Modern Approaches believe in inter-disciplinary study They emphasize scientific methods of study and attempt to draw scientific conclusions in Political Science ACTIVITY Point out three differences between Traditional and Modern Approaches.

Two major modern approaches are Behaviouralism and Post-behaviouralism.

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Its focus is on the individual as voter, leader, revolutionary, party member, etc. Salient Features of Behaviouralism: David Easton has pointed out certain salient features of behaviouralism which are regarded as its intellectual foundations.

These are: Regularities: This approach believes that there are certain uniformities in political behaviour which can be expressed in generalizations or theories in order to explain and predict political phenomena. In a particular situation the political behaviour of individuals may be more or less similar. Such regularities of behaviour may help the researcher to analyze a political situation as well as to predict the future political phenomena.


Study of such regularities makes Political Science more scientific with some predictive value. Verification: The behaviouralists do not want to accept everything as granted. Therefore, they emphasize testing and verifying everything. According to them, what cannot be verified is not scientific.

Techniques: The behaviouralists put emphasis on the use of those research tools and methods which generate valid, reliable and comparative data. A researcher must make use of sophisticated tools like sample surveys, mathematical models, simulation etc.

Quantification: After collecting data, the researcher should measure and quantify those data. Values: The behaviouralists have put heavy emphasis on separation of facts from values. Johari, Jan 1, , Constitutional history, pages. History of Political Thought: Ancient and medieval, with a chapter on Manu. Contributed articles in the Indian context..

Kashyap, , Constitutional history, pages. A commentary and study.. India announced that it was now a. Modern India , Sumit Sarkar, , History, pages. If you are grieving the death of a friend, do something for yourself. Take the time to read this book. It isn't. Political Theory , Eddy Asirvatham, , Political science, pages.

Acclaimed to be by far the most sophisticated general study on Indian politics. Politics in India unfolds, here with insight and acumen and the vastness and confusion of the. Study based on interviews with field administrators in two rural administrative divisions in Bangalore District, Karnataka, An atlas from a Canadian perspective.. This new edition of An Introduction to Political Theory examines a fairly wide range of issues on political theory as identified at the beginning of the new millennium.

A critical examination of political, critical, and cultural theories that have discussed the relation between intellectuals and society.. Opening chapters provide a perspective on the exam with.

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Political theory.

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