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Let all this be catalogued in a loose-leaf book under the Conflict numbers to which 12 Plotto Chart: Master plots with Interchangeable Clauses 'A" Clauses ' B". You are an author about write a story. How shall it begin? Perhaps there is a single, basic plot: a conflict that needs to be resolved. Perhaps. Abstract. Pulp fiction author William Wallace Cook published Plotto: The Master Book of All Plots in , which contains almost. plot fragments and.

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William Wallace Cook was born in Marshall, Michigan, in He was the author of a memoir, The Fiction Factory, as well as dozens of Westerns and. His effort resulted in an astonishing 1, plot scenarios, and Plotto: The Master Book of All Plots was born. A how-to manual for plot, hailed by the Boston Globe . Start by marking “Plotto: The Master Book of All Plots” as Want to Read: A classic how-to manual, William Wallace Cook’s Plotto is one writer’s personal method, painstakingly diagrammed for the benefit of others. What if someone wrote out all the plot points for stories from 1 to.

A classic how-to manual, William Wallace Cook's Plotto is one writer's personal theory--"Purpose, opposed by Obstacle, yields Conflict"--painstakingly diagrammed through hundreds of situations and scenarios. William Wallace Cook was born in Marshall, Michigan, in He was the author of a memoir, The Fiction Factory , as well as dozens of Westerns and science-fiction novels, many of which were adapted into films. He spent five years composing Plotto before finally publishing it in Cook died in his hometown of Marshall in

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In , French critic Georges Polti recognized thirty-six possible plots , which included conflicts such as Supplication, Pursuit, Self-sacrifice, Adultery, Revolt, the Enigma, Abduction, and Disaster.

In , dime novelist William Wallace Cook, author of Plotto: The Master Book of All Plots, did him one better, cataloging every narrative he could think of through a method that bordered on madness. His final plot count? Plotto , reissued last month by Tin House , was a manual that aimed to mechanize the entire narrative trade. In his introduction, Paul Collins recognizes that Cook was something of a plot machine himself, once writing fifty-four novels in a year, more than one a week.

The success of Plotto inspired other write-for-pay miracle workers. Plotto was far more complex, and despite its careful categorization, still exceedingly hard to understand. Had the writers used Plotto, they could have provided the police procedural with at least sixty years of dramatic tension. The plots of Plotto, each handily numbered, can range from the simple acts of love and deception… 1a. A, of humble birth, in love with aristocratic B, pretends to be a man of high social standing.

B [the female hero], in male attire, is suddenly revealed to A, the man she loves, in her true sex.

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A had local fame as a female impersonator and A-6, a detective, makes use of this fact as a clue in apprehending A for his transgression. Because of the actions before and after this I have changed A-2 to B-2 or is it 3? I know this is breaking with the strict restrains, but it makes much more sense in light of the events leading up to this moment and the ones to follow.

This story is going to be totally ridiculous, I blame myself for putting all choices out of my hands. Not as calmly as I thought I sounded in my head. This could go on and on indefinitely. A mobius strip of accusations that each was predicated on us both thinking just about the same exact things, but probably for different reasons.

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I hope that the reasons were different. At least not right now. She just walked out of the room, showing with every part of her body how irritated she was at me. But, fuck her. Is this better than death?

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Did you ever think of that? What happens to me then? Maybe it was a week ago. There is nothing here to tell how much time passes.

Or maybe the time does pass quickly. I have no idea.

Plotto : the master book of all plots

Before you judge me about how did I not just escape. This is a stupid reason. She also had a taser, and it hurt pretty bad when she used it.

She shrugs. Thank you.

'Plotto': An Algebra Book For Fiction Writing

We were raised properly. Manners-wise at least. I wonder sometimes if her parents are still alive, are they wandering around upstairs, watching Pawn Shop reality shows or whatever it is that her parents would watch on TV while about fifteen feet below them is a nearing middle-aged man spending his days sitting on a putrid looking sofa staring at faux-wood paneling and asking himself if he is grateful to still be alive.

Why did you want to die? Or in a car accident.

Or storm comes and you are trapped in a flash-flood, and while trying to get out of your car a tree branch falls and kills you. It happens. A can falls on your head at a grocery store. Two tweakers rob the liquor store while you are in it, and you get caught between them and the clerk shooting it out.

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A satellite falls to Earth and hits you. There are many ways to die everyday. I also have all of my groceries delivered.