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piwikapi is a Python implementation of the Piwik tracking and the analytics API. You can use it to track visitors, ecommerce, actions, goals. There are many user guides for Piwik, see the full list here: The goal of this ticket is to figure out how to generate a PDF (or single HTML file). PDF is the standard way of exchanging rich data, with graphs, colors, consistent design. Proposed features set of Piwik PDF export For the first release of PDF ex.

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Did you know accurate data reporting is often capped? Meaning once your website traffic reaches a certain limit, the data then becomes a guess rather than . Matomo (Piwik) automatically track these clicks as Downloads, and reports them mobi, mov, movie, msi, msp, odb, odf, odg, ods, odt, ogg, ogv, pdf, phps, png, ppt, When you use the Log Importer, files with one of the file extensions listed. 2. WHAT IS PIWIK? Piwik is the leading open-source analytics platform that gives you more than just powerful analytics: • It is built on free, open-source software.

Category: New to Matomo Feedback sent successfully Thank you for your valuable feedback. We will use it to make matomo. On many websites, you want to track when visitors download your brochure, a photo, a software, etc. Matomo will automatically detect a download as a click on a link that ends with one of the following file extensions: 7z, aac, apk, arc, arj, asf, asx, avi, azw3, bin, bz, bz2, csv, deb, dmg, doc, docx, epub, exe, flv, gif, gz, gzip, hqx, ibooks, jar, jpg, jpeg, js, mp2, mp3, mp4, mpg, mpeg, mobi, mov, movie, msi, msp, odb, odf, odg, ods, odt, ogg, ogv, pdf, phps, png, ppt, pptx, qt, qtm, ra, ram, rar, rpm, sea, sit, tar, tbz, tbz2, tgz, torrent, txt, wav, wma, wmv, wpd, xls, xlsx, xml, z, zip. You can also force Matomo to count a click as a download by using a specific CSS class for this link. When you use the Log Importer , files with one of the file extensions listed above will be automatically tracked as downloads in Matomo. To increase accuracy of download tracking, you can consider enabling the use of navigator.

Convertigo now supports MATOMO (Piwik) analytics Out Of The Box !

Here you can choose start and end date and also if you want to have diagrams in the report. At the moment you can only download the PDF by clicking on a button. Christian, thanks for updating us. Could you keep all PDF related actions in the administration area?

Adding a new tab in the main menu is not possible as this menu is only for web analytics reports. Also, it makes sense to have all PDF related actions add, edit, delete, customize with comments in the same place. We can give access to "view" users to these screens if necessary just like they can, in 0.

Also, how do you fetch the list of available reports is it the list of widgets? Hello, This plugin seems to be very interresting. Feedback on V0. First of all, very good start: This can be a security issue as the URL is easy to discover.

Instead, PDF should triger the 'download' browser window Possibility to send by email see below for more explanation the tables in the PDF should contain all columns by default bounce rates, unique visitors, time on site, etc. For example in a class 'PDFRenderer' that would take all data to display as input, and not know anything about Piwik specifics. Instead, the PDF will generate for the currently selected date and period in the Piwik calendar.

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If the user selects 'every day' then he will receive the daily stats in his email. If he selects 'every week' he will receive weekly stats. Same applies for the language: Is it possible to edit PDF templates, or simply delete them? While displaying fine in the browser, they wouldn't load in photoshop and would throw an exception in FPDF. I'll still do a code review: Also, filename should be in a variable and not copied twice.

Comments are not always useful "Get Full PDF report", access public is not necessary as the functions are public, etc. Instead, all parameters are in the function methods and are automatically passed to the function by the Piwik front controller.

Pdf s piwik

Check other API. Instead you can use translations from the translation files. They can 'do stuff' and return data, but they can't set cookies or other http headers. Instead the calling function should do the redirect.

Pdf s piwik

I think date and period should always be set so need for default maybe? Other plugins like SiteManager record UTF data as site name, so this can work without the set names piwik might support other DB soon, on top of mysql in various methods, code is not refactored and copied pasted. See also the templates. Or you must submit the form to the controller actions that will then, in the controller code, call the API.

You can't however submit a form to the API directly.

I just see the SMTP settings form Let me know when you need a new code review, good progress, but some cleaning work left before we can integrate. Code review Core patch be careful, when you merged, you didn't keep all new changes from trunk. This results that the patch is reverting some other commits.

For example config. Use transport instead when transport, by default, is empty, then use normal non smtp the function addPeriod? Also should display some help text explaining supported format, maximum logo size, recommended size, and explain where the logo will be used First report page?

Of course, simply refactor the list of allowed types as a private members of the controller. Also refactor the upload function in a private helper method. Maybe we could move this to Piwik:: I'll do a quick code review as I couldn't merge the patch therefore not see the plugin. Indentation is not like other files in Piwik. Arial is written many times. All sizes, colors, etc. The order should always be the default: Generating pdf was not working for me see attached pdf but I still reviewed code and UIs Could you please attach a PDF with all reports that are possible to generate, and some data, so I can see how it looks?

Instead page should redirect to the list of templates, and user can decide to view it, or send by emails, etc. Form add new template: For example, items are in a table, the Add a new PDF Report link hides when clicked and displays the form, etc.

Can you add a simple "PDF" menu in the top bar instead of main menu? This can now be done with hooks see other plugins top menu you introduce a new Form checking mechanism Please look at Goal plugin for an example. These proxy mechanisms are generally not a good idea when they can be easily avoided. For example in my case the mail server doesn't work, when I click Send I get a white page error with only back button.

By using ajax request and the piwikHelper js functions, this problem is solved. Creating report named "Test '" test" it doesnt display properly in the table. Such reports should not be displayed in the list, as the API function doesn't exist for them.

Can you maybe add an array of API action that you know doesn't exist. There are a few SQL requests in the code, please refactor into small private methods. Errors are very important, for example right now pdf is empty and I don't know why. Instead, PDF reports are always generated for the selected date. Maybe all columns, except the first one, could have fixed width, and the label use the rest logo seem resized, they look pixellised and are higher than standard size.

If not resized, they maybe would fit in the row height which would also look better I haven't yet fully tested to generate a very long report with lots of data and all reports possible to generate.

Hi, You can find above our last version. Things which are not in the V0. If not resized, they maybe would fit in the row height which would also look better Our choices: A later version could take care of this modification. Known issues: Geography and region tracking Country, region, city, even organization. Drill into your Piwik data to see exactly which location your site visitors reside Visitor flow Want to know what visitors did on the previous page?

Pdf s piwik

Loading times that are slow could definitely affect user behavior Monitor downloads and outbound links Piwik can track when visitors to your site download documents such as PDFs or ebooks and it can track clicks on sponsored links, ads and other outbound or referral traffic you steer to external websites Specific campaign tracking Automatically detects Google Analytics campaign parameters in your URLs.

It can sometimes take added configurations. Piwik claims to be more accurate in this area. Annotations Annotations are another feature that Google Analytics provides. Annotations are incredibly important for keeping track of long term differences in your data. If there is a huge spike in goal completions or a huge decrease in traffic, these are things you want to know right away.

Either you can leverage incoming traffic or fix a big problem with your website if traffic has declined. No data limit This is arguable the single biggest advantage that piwik provides over Google Analytics. Ok, got it working. On line 94 of the piwik-mw. Now I've got tracking again! That did it for me too! I am using Piwik v0. It would be nice to have another config variable for the https Piwik URL. Is it possible that you cannot use sysops or bureaucrats etc.

Or did I something wrong. For me MW If this is really the case we should correct the Extension-Page. If I did a stupid easy mistake, maybe someone knows the answer. But it works now quite well, with the extra-group. I try to use piwik v1.

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I'm logged in as Sysop. What can be the problem? Just installed piwik and your extension on my mediawiki. Here is the settings from my LocalSettings. When I'm trying to get some graphs on the piwik special wiki page as a bureaucrat, i'm automatically redirected to the piwik app login screen. Is there a way to fox this and to make every users see the piwik special page?

Thanks for your support -- Etienne50 Hi, While I understand that you are telling people to set their Piwik data viewable by anonymous so that it shows up in wikis, I think this is the wrong way to go about it security wise.

A better way is to pass a Piwik API key as an argument for the stats display. And I have a development version working on my own site. The development version works for Countries and Browsers , but not for Last visits. As mentioned here I think this might be broken by Piwik 1. I think the arguments passed in the iframe url need to be check, as they might have changed between versions. I haven't had time to look into this myself. PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method SkinMonoBook:: This extension doesn't appear to work with the above versions of MediaWiki and Piwik I've followed the instructions on the install page..

All I get is a blank page for every page of my wiki when this extensions is enabled Any idea's anyone? As a side.. I'm thinking resource loader or something might be the culprit? Ashimema I haven't decided on going with Open Web Analytics or Piwik yet.

I'm going to use it for tracking MediaWiki and I'm mainly interested in tracking top user edits in pages and categories. The Open Web Analytics extension seems to be well integrated judging by this feature list.