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Labels: COMICS, comics tagalog, filipino comics story, filipino komiks tagalog, free comics online, funny komiks, pinoy komiks download, short comics story. This list is divided into two sections (click on the link to jump there): Contemporary Komiks, which are comics made after the s including. “Pinoy Komiks Heroes Battle” is a challenging puzzle game wherein The app is available for download via Google Play and Apple App Store.

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To download files please Log in or Register. Rating Pinoy Komiks Compilation (3 of 3) Comic Book Cover For Pinoy Komiks Compilation. Downloads. and views. To download files please Log in or Register. Rating. 10/10 (3 votes). Comments, You must be logged on to. Hiwaga (Mystery in Tagalog) Komiks was the third comic to come from Ace Publications, the premier producer of komiks in the Philippines. It continued mystery.

Have a project that you would like to discuss with us? Please fill out the form below. We'd love to hear from you! In the Philippines, it also shows. How do we revive our favorite childhood komiks and how do we provide a digital platform for these komiks?

Years later, Taga-Ilog picks the story up again, releasing the further adventures of Mina and Dante in individual comic book issues.

Two issues are out, with more to come in Indieket. Maria The creators go for their own epic spin on Pinoy mythology in this comic tale.

Ian Sta.

Komiks download pinoy

Maria's art is up to the task-clean, richly shaded lineart with a keen eye for details. Story-wise, you really can't go wrong with a tikbalang slicing the heads off invading conquistadores during the Battle of Mactan spoiler alert: Magellan dies. Mervin Ignacio goes for some serious world-building, as a lost kingdom of tikbalang, aswang, and various Sons of Heaven poke and prod at the unseen corners of Philippine history.

A four-book volume is already out, with a full-color sequel on the way. You've probably seen one or two of his posters floating around the interwebs.

Komiks download pinoy

Best of all, he's released it free on the web, and you can download it here. This is only one of the prolific Cham's many comic works-also check out his collaboration-slash-anthology with Apol Sta.

That is, if you can find a copy; it was completely sold out at this year's Art in the Park.

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Don't expect cheesy romances from these comics, though-Black Ink publishes graphic novels that feature a variety of creators and cut across a whole swath of genres. Out of all the comics on this list, Black Ink Comics are probably the most widely available-you can check them out in most major bookstores, priced at P70 a pop.

Download pinoy komiks

There is so much exciting work coming out of the Philippines, and we feel it is about time everyone started paying attention. This book focuses on Filipino artists both from within the Philippines as well as those working outside of the country. It features a wide array of artists from popular web cartoonists, indie creators and even industry professionals working for big international publishers we can't name names!

We think you will be blown-away by the talent you will find in these pages. There are stories of Aswang - shape-shifting vampires - to autobiographical accounts of growing up Filipino-American.

List of Filipino Comics You Can Read Online for Free (from to present!) | SPIRAL OF SALIENCE

We believe this book will make a fine addition to any collection, and we hope it will open the door wide open to the wonderful world of Pinoy Komiks. With your support we can make that a reality, and cross borders through comics! Not good enough, you say?

And our big stretch goal is: That is right - some of the submissions we have been getting are just to beautiful to convert to grey scale. Here is an example: Risks and challenges Like any collaborative effort, a lot depends on us coming together as a team.