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Parvana's father has died, and her mother, sister and brother have gone She sets out alone, masquerading as a boy, her journey becoming. Parvana's Journey (Breadwinner) [Deborah Ellis] on Start reading Parvana's Journey (Breadwinner Series Book 2) on your Kindle in under a. Sequel to The Breadwinner, Parvana's Journey by Deborah Ellis follows the eponymous year-old girl who, disguised as a boy, sets off from Kabul in search.

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Start by marking “Parvana's Journey (The Breadwinner, #2)” as Want to Read: In Parvana's Journey, the Taliban still control Afghanistan, but Kabul is in ruins. Parvana's Journey by, Deborah Ellis is a continuation of the parvana's trials. Get personalized recommendations and earn points toward a free book! Before you go Check Out. The Bestselling Books of All Time. See the List. A sequel to The Breadwinner, this novel tells the story of Parvana's journey once she leaves Kabul to search for her family. The Taliban still controls Afghanistan, but Kabul is in ruins, Parvana's father has died, and her mother, sister and brother could be anywhere in the.

The break in the story was well placed but I feel they both must be read as a single story. I think too much is left out if only one is read. The author leaves the reader with a very pleasant occurrence in the middle of unpleasant things as she brings this part of the story to a close. I was still left with the feeling of a cliffhanger at the end but I know I may have to wait a long time for This is a continuation of The Breadwinner and the comments I made on that book apply equally to this book. I was still left with the feeling of a cliffhanger at the end but I know I may have to wait a long time for the real ending as the story is still going on in Afghanistan.

Her father and brother went to war and her mother left one day to find them and never returned. She lives with her grandmother near a minefield.

The grandmother has given up on life and just lies and sleeps all day. Leila feeds them by salvaging the remains of the animals that get blown up in the minefield. They eventually make it to a refugee camp and finally Parvana is reunited with her family, after suffering the loss of one of her dear friends.

Parvana's Journey

The children in Kilmihil book club enjoyed the story, even though they found it very sad. They liked that it was based on true life and found it an easy book to read. The short chapters and descriptive language were a help when reading it. The book made the children think of children whose lives are not happy, as a result of war etc.

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Favourite characters: Parvana and Leila. Clare County Library.

Book parvanas journey

They make clothes, take stock of their provisions, cook pigeon stew, and for the first time in the novel, enjoy some sense of normalcy and community. Again the children are forced to continue their aimless quest. And this idyll, when compared with what awaits them, becomes all the more poignant. When they finally reach a refugee camp, initially it seems salvation is at hand.

Journey book parvanas

The dangerously dehydrated baby, Hassan, is taken into a clinic, and the children get shelter. Parvana and the other characters endure such hardships and traumas that it seems madness and brutality must be the only result. Ellis, a counsellor in a Toronto group home, has travelled to Afghan refugee camps and interviewed women there — apparently the inspiration for the Parvana stories — and her experiences have obviously informed her portrait of children immersed in suffering.

They get on with things.

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They forage. They plan.

Book parvanas journey

They cook and clean and care for malnourished babies. They tidy up and make their squalid living conditions better. They are the personification of pragmatism and compassion. But not always — and this, too, I admired about the book. Asif is needlessly insulting as all children can be , and Parvana herself gets tired of caring for the baby, of its crying and stinking diapers.

Book parvanas journey