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The walls of an Earthship are built with used automobile tires rammed with earth. These walls . The Hybrid Earthship combines the simplicity of the Packaged Earthship with the sculptural qualities of the Modular . This book was designed. The Packaged Detail Booklet includes detailed drawings, diagrams, and pictures with material lists for Packaged Earthship's, the newest Earthship model next to the Global Model Earthship. Grand Central · SUBSCRIBE · ← Back to Books. Some books also available for download at Apple iBooks, Earthship Volume 3: Evolution Beyond Economics. Packaged Detail Booklet.

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A very simple and economical version of the Earthship concept in terms of construction and building. Pre-designed drawings and partially. J5 - Sill Detail Below Operable Window H2 - Head Detail at Operable Window . the functional systems are done by the experts from SSA as a packaged project. Earthship Books and Chronicles for a comprehensive overview of. developing his earthship construction principles in the s. and shared them with the public in several books and articles. . What are the details for fish “ One of the most recently built Packaged Earthships reports a.

Hcuses sheul d. S orne of thi s energy roe SU Its In he Sit; which 'i S stored in the built-in mass of our bodies; our bodies are batteries. Withoutmass, we are running out of fuel, WI:X ing cu r energy system s, and wasting most of our ume making and. The canceJ t of house as battery m s appropria te anywhere. Diets C ou ld be Ie aned toward what is easil Y p rod ueed in lh e en v ironment P IiOV i ded by 'the Barth sh L Pt as the Eartbship's food production capabilities are slowly evolved I award the des] res o f the inhabitant. Vihal will this mean in tb.

We just find that the simplicity and value of free scrap tires to be a great way to produce what is basically a rammed earth wall without the cost of forms. You can still have an thermally efficient building as long as you incorporate thermal mass into the walls and floors of the building.

Using what is easily available to you is a good idea, and depending on your local climate, you might adjust the amount of solar gain, building orientation, etc. We do implement a water catch systems in most Earthships, but again, if you have easy or existing access to fresh water, and you don't have to get creative with 10 inches of precipitation per year like we do here in the high mountain desert of New Mexico, you don't necessarily have to incorporate this feature into your Earthship.

If you have abundant wind, you can augment photovoltaic solar panels generated electricity with windmills. The point is, the Earthship is made up of many systems and features that can be incorporated into your design based on your individual needs and tastes. Some people are intimidated by the idea of pounding dirt into tires.

Book packaged earthship detail

Like everything, a little practice goes a long way. It's more technique than brute strength. The tire walls for an average 2 bedroom home will usually not take longer than 2 weeks to complete with a moderate crew of 6 people. Many people have done this, and we receive photographs and stories from do-it-yourselfers all over the world. If you are ready to begin planning your project, the first step would be to contact us regarding the design.

What size home, how many rooms, bedrooms, baths, etc. If you have land and funding and can get permission to build in your desired area, you are ready to go forward.

EarthShip VOL1

We have many designs to choose from. The more affordable, Packaged Earthship has a plan book available through the web-site www. This price includes all labor, all materials, and all systems. This price is comparable to mid-range conventional housing, but the future utility bills are much less than conventional homes. Please note that this is a turnkey price, that is, a home that is ready to move into and fully functional. If you are looking for ways to build more economically, personally contributing to the labor that goes into building your home can lessen square foot costs.

Also, our company does fairly expensive finishes, stone and tile floors, tile baths, all handmade doors and cabinetry, and many custom details. You can choose to do simple concrete slab floors, for example, or purchase manufactured doors and cabinetry, to bring costs down. If you wish to hire outside help to build for you, we have a skilled crew that goes to any location in the world and builds Earthships.

If it is already too late, we will need, in the near future, living units to sustain us via direct contact with existing natural phenomena. We need to evolve self-sufficient living units that. These units must energize themselves, heat and cool themselves, grow food and deal with their own waste. There will be discussion of what the vessel must be capable of in order to independently support human existence. Idealistic visions will be digested into realistic possibilities.

One type of creature was rooted in the ground. It was very evolved, relative to its host planet. It must have been very intelligen t. Without moving from place to place, it took what it needed from the air, the sun, and the ground to sustain a very long and low stress life. It dropped its by-products on the ground around it and they entered the ground and were recycled back into the creatu re itself. When it died, it entered the ground and became food for its ofsf pring.

It was more than a creature; it was a system. It also took what it needed from the air, the sun and the ground. Some of them took each other. Its by-pr oducts ground.

These creatures also took some of the above creatures into them for food.

Packaged Earthship Model | Pangea Builders

There seemed to be a physi cal exchange between both of these creatures in terms of both food and air. They had mteifaced with the planet and with each other. As a molter of fact, tJUs creature may hove been on alien.

It seemed to be taking over the planet like some kind of malignant growth.

These creatures prolific ally multiply, fight each other, ruthlessly slaughter the other two types of creatures, and ruthlessly abuse the host planet. They do not seem to understand their environment , their chemistry, or themselves. Possibly, they shoul d be contained in some intergalacti c corral to keep them from harming other creat ures and planets, as well as themselves. So u was and the project began For a couple of days.

Many people, thinking they were well prepared for such an emergency, got out their stored canned goods, laid away for just such an occasion.

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Unfortunately, the majority of the people in the city had electric can openers and they could not get into their emergency stash of food! The concept of housing really has not changed much in centuries.

Soon, we began to do things in these compartments that required light, fire and water and a reasonable level of comfort. To achieve this we began to bring energy and water to the compartments first by hand, and later by systems. The systems have evolved from carrying wood for a fire pit to nuclear power plants making huge quantities of power that is fed through wires to various compartments all over the planet.

The systems have radically the compartment evolved; compartment. We build all kinds of compartments out of wood, concrete, steel, and glass. We even put them on wheels, but they are still just compartments that we pump life support into. One can easily imagine the limitations, dependency, and vulnerability of being on a life support system in a hospital.

Book packaged earthship detail

What if you found that you had to stay on a life support system for the rest of your life? Many people would rather die than live this way. Weqre livjng thjrway We are also dying this way. The systems give us power in one hand and poison in the other.

Acid rain, radioactive waste, spider webs of power lines, polluted rivers and oceans, vanishing wildlife are all part of the "price" for the life support systems necessary to make the current concept of housing functional. So it is with our current concept of housing. This need to be plugged in keeps us from using thousands of acres of dynamic and beautiful land. Also, in some cases, the water pumping for the living compartment is dependent upon these systems.

In order for these systems to keep up with the demand, they are producing seriously hazardous by-products and effects, as well as lacing the planet with a web of wires. The price for this power, in terms of money, is high and is getting higher.

These systems are owned by corporations whose aims are not always in the best interest of the people or the planet. The price for this power, in terms of ecology, is the depletion of resources which took millions of years to produce and the pollution of the delicate environment that sustains life.

It is no longer safe for us to keep using systems, and their reliability is questionable as we voyage into the future. Water systems: Centralized water systems always involve electricity in some way, so the water systems are dependent on the electrical systems. This, in addition to questionable purification and treatment processes, leaves many cities with water that is undrinkable and dependent upon the power grid.

In rural situations, pumped well water is abnost always dependent upon the power grid and in many areas is already undrinkable due to sewage, cattle urine, or radioactive waste. Sewage systems: In cities, ill waste water goes to the sewage systems and in rural areas, it goes to smaller sewage treatment plants.

In very rural areas, it all goes into septic systems. In most cases, this is not even considered, so we are left with massive amounts of sewage to treat. The result is extreme pollution in and around the water ncar cities, and a waste of very rich irrigation water in rural areas.

Again, most sewage systems depend in some way upon electrical systems to function. Gas systems: The natural gas systems arc the cleanest and the least destructive to the planet. However, in times of catastrophe, they go out gas lines break quite often. The distribution of this gas is potentially dangerous and unreliable in times of disaster, and will continue to get more expensive. If the complete functioning of a home depended upon gas, this home would be just as vulnerable as those using any other system.

Packaged Earthship Model

Of course, gas must be shipped by vehicle in rural areas, which is an obvious vulnerability in times of disaster. Food systems: Food has become just as much of a system as anything else. The centralized food production system is definitely one of the major support systems for human habitat on this planet.

The existing housing compartments do nothing toward dealing with the food needs of the human inhabitants. Food is mass produced, not with human health in mind, but with profits in mind. Money is, unfortunately, the major objective of all systems. The various chemicals used to produce more food, faster, have radically affected the quality of fruits, vegetables, dairy products and meats. The quality of the global waters is also beginning to affect fish.

Distribution of food is dependent upon vehicles which may or may not run during economic, natural, or human-made disasters. The existing food system is, therefore, unreliable as well as unhealthy. In addition, it is so wrapped up in the monetary system, that it almost ceases to be food.


Speaking of wrapped,it is also wrapped in various plastics and packaging which are a serious disposal problem.