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standardsG-V1M10Y MIL-STDG. ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING CONSIDERATIONS AND LABORATORY TESTS. Getac computers have been. MIL-STD is a generally accepted standard of ruggedisation testing and compliance for The Latest MIL-STDG is a revision of MIL-STD F and E. MIL-CE Cloth, Duck, Cotton or Cotton-Polyester Blend, Synthetic Rubber, Impregnated, and Laminated, Oil Resistant - Pad Load Deflection Properties.

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As in MIL-STDF, this revision recognizes that the environmental . The MIL- STDG Working Group wishes to recognize with great. MIL-STD, Environmental Engineering Considerations and Laboratory Tests, is a United . More recently, MIL-STDG implements Test Method calling for the use of . "MIL-STDG, Department of Defense Test Method Standard for Environmental Engineering Considerations and Laboratory Tests" (PDF). Title: MIL-STD, Version: G, Date: Oct, Status: Active, Desc: ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING MIL-STDG, DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE TEST METHOD STANDARD: ENVIRONMENTAL Download File - MB.

Test Method That is why consumer devices look radically different from their military counterparts that are extra-bulky. In total, 26 drops from about 4 feet phones, laptops are necessary to perform the complete drop test. Since tests are done to test specific areas of the equipment, manufacturers can divide the 26 drops over five different devices. After each drop, the equipment is inspected for damage.

The best way to perform the test may be to mount the equipment in the actual vehicle and shoot it with appropriate non-exploding ammunition.

Pdf mil std 810g

This is an expensive test and generally not available at civilian test labs. What exactly does that mean? There are 28 distinctly different Methods included in G. Perhaps a major program such as the F35 Joint Strike Fighter will be tested to most of the 28 Methods but will it be subjected to Method for Rail Impact for transport on rail cars?


Items such as rackmount computers or LCD displays should be tested to an appropriate sub-set of Methods but certain Methods, such as Method On the other hand, a sealed fanless computer might have a requirement to be tested for Salt Fog and it would survive. A matrix of the tests and methods of MIL-STD through Revision G is available on the web and quite useful in comparing the changes among the various revisions. The following table traces the specification's evolution in terms of environmental tailoring to meet a specific user's needs.

It focuses on the process of tailoring design and test criteria to the specific environmental conditions an equipment item is likely to encounter during its service life. New appendices support the succinctly presented text of Part One.

It describes the tailoring process i. With the exception of Test Method , these methods are not mandatory, but rather the appropriate method is selected and tailored to generate the most relevant test data possible.

Std pdf mil 810g

Each test method in Part Two contains some environmental data and references, and it identifies particular tailoring opportunities. Each test method supports the test engineer by describing preferred laboratory test facilities and methodologies.


These environmental management and engineering processes can be of enormous value to generate confidence in the environmental worthiness and overall durability of equipment and materiel. Still, the user must recognize that there are limitations inherent in laboratory testing that make it imperative to use engineering judgment when extrapolating from laboratory results to results that may be obtained under actual service conditions.

In many cases, real-world environmental stresses singularly or in combination cannot be duplicated practically or reliably in test laboratories. As a result, a vendor's claims of " Suppliers can—and some do—take significant latitude with how they test their products, and how they report the test results. This is because many of the tests described can be expensive to perform and usually require special facilities.

810g mil pdf std

Consumers who require rugged products should verify which test methods that compliance is claimed against and which parameter limits were selected for testing. Also, if some testing was actually done they would have to specify: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

United States Department of Defense. April Journal of the IEST.

MIL-STD-810G Explained

Few if any engineering schools teach about such protection or such testing. Hence this specialized course. Comparison of Revisions G is the latest revision. It has been revised roughly every 8 years since was introduced in Some of the earlier revisions are occasionally cited in procurement contracts. He discusses commonly specified older ones.

Because few of those just entering climatic testing have seen very many if any climatic test chambers, Steve provides numerous pictures of general purpose and special purpose chambers, such as Solar Radiation and Rain.

After this short course, you will be able to: perform vibration, shock and climatic tests evaluate and select equipment to perform testing convert field measured data into a test program, interpret vibration and shock test requirements and results, supervise vibration, shock and climatic tests, specify and experimentally evaluate vibration and shock test fixtures When you visit a test lab or review a test program, you will understand the requirements and execution of dynamics and climatics tests.

MIL-STDG - A White Paper About G Not Being A Standard

You will be able to ask meaningful questions and understand laboratory personnel responses. This course is aimed at people who need to perform, witness or specify environmental testing in accordance with MIL-STD I design products to dynamic and climatic requirements, which I don't fully understand.

Then I send a prototype to our lab for testing.