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How we made over $ from selling things on site. Plus, insider tips on how to make money on site from Jim Griffith, a senior executive at site. This a great way to make up to $ per day online using a very simple method using site without selling anything yourself. Nothing new for those of us who have been around a while and it have the start up cash to start an seo project or something similar so for them this would be the way I would go. making money site without selling Update: Some parts of this post are no longer valid since site's affiliate program – now called site.

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You already know about making money by selling things on site, but what if you could enhance your bank account by not selling things?. I'm going to show you how you can make a lot of money by undertaking. JV' (Joint If you've ever seen my best selling Ebook 'site Auction Income Streams'. I make money. I spend almost nothing to acquire items to sell. I usually get them as payment for cleaning basements and attics or helping folks move. I get stuff.

By Leslie Truex Updated October 30, If you want to start making money at home quickly, with little to no investment, selling on site is a viable option. There are many advantages to starting an site business including: It's fast. You can create an auction today, and get paid for your item within a week. It doesn't cost a lot. You can start for free if you sell items you already own. Your expenses come after you've made a sale and have been paid.

For those of you that makes tons of money on site, good for you, keep up the good work. I once was you, now I'm not you. And for whatever reason, I cannot find that golden Midas touch even though my items are basically the same high quality and my sales technique hasn't changed.

What has changed is the downloading public and site. That I can prove. I understand your dilema IF that's what you want to do Times change: IBM no longer sells personal computers, AOL is no longer "the" internet go to place, pez containers no longer are worth The challenge of any business is to change with the times I make money. I spend almost nothing to acquire items to sell.

I usually get them as payment for cleaning basements and attics or helping folks move. I get stuff from family and friends that they no longer want - they GIVE them to me. Only sell what you have in your house right now. You will find a huge pile of money stops going out the door. I cant guarantee that it will flow in in buckets but it will at least keep the money coming one way. Other people see things differently than I do and what I didnt think much of they were looking for or needed.

I posted on a thread about lots yesterday. Try lotting things up in logical groups and offering them that way. Ask any price you want but until you find someone to pay it you are stuck with the item.

Try changing up prices or formats. Well, you can say "times change" but do people still want Williams Sonoma goods?

What you need to know before selling ANYTHING on eBay this weekend

Do people still want Pottery Barn? I have the goods people want, but the market is now so price sensitive that prices are driven down to a level that makes you wonder why you invest your time and energy in this endeavor. I'll have to relist 3 times and I'll find a downloader. But question is: Did I make money? Was it worth it? I think that is everybody - folks just dont make impulse downloads like they used to. The younger folks like me dont necessarily collect or want grandma's old stuff.

We also have much more competition not just from China with cheap junk but other folks who jumped on site when the economy nosedived. If one thing my degree in Marketing told me; it's that change is the essence of Business. Your products are always changing because your consumers change.

You can't keep the same items, same prices, and the same gimmicks. You can't stay stagnant and expect the world to change with you. My sales are increasing and my profits are growing because I know how to update my inventory with what downloaders want. I know when to chuck a few things, and when to take the risk. You have to secure your inventory at the cheapest possible rate and not pay more just because it's a decent product Sometimes you do have to walk away.

Your goal is to make money.

'I made £2.5m selling other people's junk on eBay'

That means selling what other people like and marking it up to maximize your NET not gross profit that is after overhead fees are taken care of. What sells like hotcakes one day may be on the clearance table a few months later-- that's just how it is. Trends change, consumer interest changes, and if you want to remain profitable, you have to change with them.

Not a lot of money in that, I'm doing the math. See folks, this is exactly what I'm talking about Don't take this the wrong way, you had your say, now it's my turn. I don't think you are successful. The money you make, I've totaled it up with your not so many transactions mathematical formula and you don't net out that much money in a year's time.

Even if you got the clothing for free and sold everything you had first time out it's not a great deal of money made. And we all know you pay for inventory and don't sell clothing first time out, and without returns.

Nothing ebay on money make selling

It's a hobby for you, hobby money. Anybody can do that, I do that with two hands tied behind my back. You sell cheap women's clothing, not dogging your product line, but that's what it is. Let's not get all melodramatic with the marketing here. Cheap women's clothing that is neither the cheapest out there or the trendiest I don't expect you to be honest, but I'd bet money you relist many of those items to find a sale.

I'd bet my Audi A8L you do. You are why site is what it is It isn't. Maybe my standards are too high but you make a great case for the jury but when the defense attorney steps up and uncovers your angle Respectfully so. Your witness, counselor. REading textbook lines of lesson that make little sense don't help out our readers. I deliver truth and truth is hyper researching has destroyed the retailer's bottom line. And not in a good way.

I won't change the world, not here to do so. This is more of a truth seeking vent than anything else. You are quick to judge other people's business models, but can't seem to figure out your own, despite the fact that several people have given you solid advice.

And, yeah, I know you're going to look at my stuff and make a comment about how it's not worth your time, blah blah blah yadda yadda yadda. Quite honestly, my reason for selling here is not the same as yours.

Apparently, everyone has a different defintion of success, but in your mind your definition is the only correct one. I took a look at your inventory of wares and I'm going to be honest with you And relisting a ton to unload that free stuff. Yours is hobby money and because you have it free and the time to list, you consider it good money. It's not.

You kid yourself, like a ton of siteers out there. Sorry to bring back Oz's curtain I've done your math. No thanks. You prompted me to consider an excellent reflection about today's youth Not like we used to back in the day. And with the influx of minorities Blacks and mexican and asians do not collect stuff in the manner we as kids were conditioned to do, and thus, don't actively seek to add to their stash of stuff.

That means, sellers of antiques and vintage items, although chock with worth and value, may take much longer to find a home.

That qualify me as an expert? Yeah, think it does. I knew you'd get your panties in an uproar, just knew it. I am not looking for small timers who read lines out of an "site for dummies" book and repeat them.


You keep on selling cheap women's clothing to a few people and all is good in the world. My standards are higher than yours. Nothing personal, remember that I gotta be me. Oh, they do. Just not the sort of stuff that you're selling.

On nothing make ebay money selling

The store where I work got in a bunch of Star Wars stuff last year to coincide with the release of the new film and we got cleaned out of just about all of it in a little under two months. No, it isn't; and I'm not the only reader who appreciates reading the OP's well-considered thoughts. I feel for you, OP. It's all about the new garbage from East Asia! Comments like this against downloaders really turn possible downloaders off. I would be afraid to download from you because if something went wrong I would be the one being called names and blamed for any problems.

7 Tips to Making a Living on eBay

I also keep some of the best bits for my personal collection! Several years back ago I used to download several copies of certain printed UK Nintendo magazines, because I knew the bundled giveaway gifts would be collectable in other countries. It allows you to see what items typically sell for, how rare they are and most importantly how much you can expect to make.

Make use of Gumtree Gumtree and other classified ad sites can sometimes prove a rich source of items to resell. As a specific example, I have some saved searches for specific items that I collect and resell, and receive an email notification is anyone lists one. Hit the yard sales Similarly, another option is to download things at yard sales and car boot sales and resell them on site. We need to be honest here, however: People have been doing this for years, so really profitable items are more of a once a year lucky find than a regular occurrence.

If you stick to searching for items you genuinely know about as per point four , you can cash in here. We never have much luck with books, as an example. The combination of low selling prices plus high postage costs makes selling them there rather thankless and not very lucrative. site tends to be a better bet for books, and Discogs is good for records — in our experience at least.

Selling ebay nothing money make on

The ability to quickly process photographs, copy and paste regularly used snippets of text, and respond to queries from your phone just three examples are all things that will speed up your site business. If you want to make money with site, your computer skills will help you make it much faster. Are you making money with site? Do you think my strategies are good?

How to start selling on eBay and Amazon with zero money | Just One Dime Blog

Do you have any of your own to share? Let us know in the comments! If you found this article useful, I'd be delighted to send you occasional emails notifying you of new guides and exciting freelance opportunities. I'm also always happy to receive feedback on reviews and articles, and to respond personally to any queries.