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William R. Forstchen - Magic the Gathering - Arena - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Magic: The Gathering eBooks. Posted in Feature on . Arena, William R. Forstchen, , N/A, download on Kindle. The Moons of Mirrodin, Will. According to today's Arcana, the first ever Magic novel, Arena, is now available for And if WotC sees that there's an interest in those novels (and in e-books in.

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Orange stepped into the circle and reached into the satchel dangling from his right hip.

William R. Forstchen - Magic the Gathering - Arena

Instantly a small cloud appeared over the undead, a sheet of fire flashed out, blinding the crowd, who recoiled backward at the thunderclap roar. A swirl of smoke roiled outward and Garth pulled his cloak up tight around his face to block out the stench of decaying flesh that had just been burned to cinders. An awed gasp swept the street.

Okmark, his gaze still fixed on his opponent, finally allowed a thin flicker of a smile to show. Only seconds before Gray had been their champion and hero, but their champion had just cost most of them their money. Garth looked over quickly at the gambler and the picture was now clear as the gambler started to drift back to the edge of an alleyway.

Arena magic ebook gathering the

It had been a wonderful setup, a classic con job on a bunch of yokels in town for the festival and eager for a bet. Webin looked around anxiously at the mob. Webin, who had strutted so haughtily only moments before, looked back and forth and then toward Okmark.

Turning, he fled the circle, pummeled by the crowd, who showered him with curses, mud, offal, and kicks. Okmark, with a disdainful gesture, reached down and picked up the amulet that had controlled the spell of the undead.

He looked over at the boy holding his cloak and took it back. The boy stood waiting, expecting a reward, but Orange ignored him. The crowd was silent and Garth looked around. The gambler had moved to one side of the Orange fighter and Garth saw the flicker of recognition between the two. Garth moved to the edge of the circle. Orange looked over at Garth and instantly there was silence.

All eyes turned on the gambler, who stood silent for a moment. The man finally reached into his purse, pulled out a silver coin, and threw it into the circle. The raggedy man started to dance excitedly.

Ebook magic the gathering arena

Garth leaned down, picked the coin up, and, wiping the mud off, pocketed it. Okmark looked at him with a cool, superior disdain. He held his cloak out and saw that the boy he had been arguing about was there to take it.

The gambler moved to the edge of the circle and stared at Garth for a moment. The raggedy man stepped up to Garth. I am my own. The gambler, laughing, held his hand up. Ten to one in favor of Orange. Garth waited for the frenzy to die down. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out the silver coin. The crowd started to laugh.

A real fighter!

William Forstchen - Magic The Gathering - Arena

Garth lowered his head, extending his arms, gathering in his thoughts, calming them, focusing, remembering and not remembering, clearing away all. The mana, the source of all power of spells, was ready.

He stepped into the circle and looked up. Orange stepped forward as well. Garth did nothing, waiting. He did not need to look up to know that a cloud was forming over the circle again, darkening the street, and though he heard the gasp of the crowd, he heard it not.

He could feel the tension, the strength drawing out of the Orange fighter, focusing on the power he was drawing upon from distant lands and places—the mana which he controlled—bringing that power into the circle to serve his will.

Ebook arena magic gathering the

The fireball that Orange was creating started to build with a terrible intensity, bathing the street corner in a hellish light. Garth looked up and extended his hand.

Instantly another cloud formed above the one created by Orange. A cold gust swept outward. The street was as dark as night. Flickers of light flashed and then there was a swirling of white. Snow, a blizzard of snow, coiled and twisted, devouring the cloud created by Orange.

There was a howling of wind and then, in an instant, all disappeared and the evening sunlight again filled the narrow street, reflecting off the sheets of ice that now caked the sides of the buildings.

Instantly they started to melt, the cold ice breaking off, showering down on the mob, who covered their heads with their arms. As the tinkling of broken ice drifted away the street was silent. A scattering of applause and cheers broke out, especially from those who had wagered a mere copper and now would have a silver in their pockets.

They had found a new hero and cheered lustily, while those who had thought even that bet to be a waste silently cursed themselves for not having the foresight to play.

Those who had lost everything in the first duel were ecstatic as well, since the source of their losing had been defeated. Garth fixed the stunned Orange fighter with his gaze. Okmark looked at him, gape mouthed. Garth stood silent, waiting.

Okmark looked over at the gambler, whose expression was one of seething fury as the mob started to close in on him to claim their winnings. Okmark looked back at Garth. Reaching to the dagger hanging from his belt, Okmark pulled it out and flung it so that it plunged into the ground in the center of the circle. Garth looked at him and said nothing.

I demand death! Those are the rules of the circle. He fell to the ground, eyes rolling in his head, hands clutching at his throat, a sickening gurgling sound gasping out of him. The crowd fell silent, watching the agonized struggle as the raggedy man rolled in the mud.

The raggedy man gasped out a rattling cough and he crawled out of the circle. Orange nodded grimly and, ignoring all ritual, he leaped into the circle. Staggered by a blast of fire, Garth stepped back, holding up his arms to protect his face.

Magic:the Gathering.#1:Arena [Download] Full Ebook - video dailymotion

A small circle appeared in the mud around him and the fire was diverted. Around him he could hear the cries of the mob as they fell back, some of them writhing in agony, their clothes afire.

The side of the building behind Garth burst into flames. Garth raised one of his hands up and a skeletal form appeared in the fire, stepping forward through the flames, toward Okmark.

There was a crackling roar and the ground beneath the skeleton opened up and, with a clattering of bones, the skeleton fell into the fissure which now split the circle in half. Garth nodded and the skeleton rose into the air, hovering, and continued its relentless advance. And why is the Grand Master of the Arena so afraid of what Garth might do? The wizard Garth arrives in the city of Estark and is befriended by Hammen , an old man who is the leader of a brotherhood of pickpockets. Garth quickly becomes known as One-Eye after winning a magical duel on a public street.

Estark is a brutal city where the populace's favored pastime is watching and betting on bloody battles, both on the streets and in the Arena.

Zarel , Grand Master of the Arena, uses the games to keep the populace and the Four Houses of fighter-wizards in check. Every year, the city hosts a tournament in the Arena, called the Festival of Estark. In the past, this was a fairly harmless testing of skills between the Houses. This changed after the former Grand Master killed off the entire Fifth House and took their cache of mana, becoming Planeswalker Kuthuman.

After this, the four surviving Houses have fought in ever-bloodier gladiatorial wizard matches. The Planeswalker returns to watch these yearly bloodbaths, taking his tribute of mana and supposedly allowing the wizard who wins the tournament to come with him on his extra-planar travels.

[PDF Download] Magic - The Gathering: Arena [Download] Full Ebook

In reality, he kills them and takes their mana and spells, preventing any rivals from arising. While in Estark, Garth witnesses a skilled Benalish warrior win a fight in the streets, even though her opponent fought dishonorably and failed to pay the bet.

Garth prevents her from being stabbed in the back by her opponent's friend and later confronts her foe's House with her. The warrior, Norreen , thanks Garth, but remains aloof, especially after being taunted vulgarly by Hammen. She has entered the city to earn the title of Hero, so that she might escape the caste system of her home, since her caste, the 7th, is currently at the bottom and any of higher castes could demand anything of her.

Magical duels continue throughout the city. The standard practice in fighter-wizard battles is to bet a spell on the outcome.

If the fight is to the death, the bet is the loser's entire satchel of spells and mana. Garth gets involved in several of these fights, joining and abandoning each of the Houses in turn. Rather than simply explore the fictional world the gam As a 12 year-old, when "Magic" was the center of my world, I was in love with this book.

Rather than simply explore the fictional world the game is set in with any old story, "Arena" actually tries to recreate the experience of playing "Magic" games as a big part of its setting. The exhilaration of reading about characters actually fighting each other in much the same way the game was played in the early days - when it wasn't yet as specialized as today - is still incredibly strong.

The arena ebook gathering magic

I would love to hear the story of how Forstchen conceived of these magical fights one day. They are clearly based on actually studying the card mechanics of the basic set. Then again, Forstchen went on to write political thrillers, work with Newt Gingrich and these days is spewing hate against Muslims on Twitter. With that in mind, it's hard not to see the weird nihilistic bent of the novel, with a strange disdain for humanity and "the mob".

When the protagonist's plan is to incite everyone to slaughter each other in droves in order to revert things to "the old ways", it makes you wonder, what his creator's idea of world politics must look like.

The melodramatic emotional fireworks are very annoying, but fortunately the author partitioned most of them off into small one- to two-page segments. Hammen somehow manages to be both out-of-character and cliched at the same time what was with him unconsciously transferring to calling Garth "Master"?