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The Hindi version of 'The Jungle Book' brings everything back on a bigger scale. The Jungle Book BRRip p Dual Audio Hindi Dubbed 1Gb IMDb Rating: /10 Genre: Adventure, Drama, Family Directed: Jon. The practice of dubbing big-budget Hollywood films in Indian languages gets a celebrity twist in the April release.

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Priyanka Chopra, Nana Patekar and Irrfan Khan have reportedly agreed to voice Kaa, Shere Khan and Baloo in Jon Favreau’s Jungle Book, which will be dubbed in Hindi upon its arrival in India. Jungle Book could not have found a better star than Priyanka to replace the soft. Additional voices: ​Aaditya Raaj Kaustuv Ghosh Parminder Ghumman / परमिंदर घुम्मन. Rajeev Raj Toshi Sinha / तोषी सिन्हा ​Ajay Singhal. Whose voice is used as chimpanzee in the Jungle Book? Who did the dubbing for the character King Louis in the Hindi version of the

So here's how some of the prominent Bollywood actors have gone out of their way to dub for famous English films in Hindi. Read on But then, let's just face it! The fact Hollywood is reaching out to more and more famous actors for their Hindi dub is because they want to tap harder on the Indian market and grow bigger than what they've already achieved here in terms of revenue. How eagerly are you looking forward to this collaboration?

Once the animation is under the movie's belt, the voice enacting and Neel Sethi 's Mowgli performance are just perfect. You root for Mowgli and not only because we are his people.

Dubbed jungle hindi book in

Bhaloo's good-natured manipulation makes you laugh and King Louie is as adorable as he is meant to be menacing. Sher Khan has a streak of wanting the good under his meanness. Characters made interesting by they own shades of black and white. The film flows along smoothly from one scene to another. But, in some of the fast-paced chase sequences, a few edits — a fall from one rock to another; a swing from one branch to another - are rather badly done.

Yes, yes, they are few and far between; and they pass by too quickly to leave a mark. The Jungle Book enthralls with its technical expertise and with its story-telling too. One of those films that takes you back to your childhood and becomes a lovely memory for today's children. I saw it in English. The film is suffused in the music of the soul. This is one of the best Jungle Book adaptions on screen and also one of the best live action motion-capture films I have seen in years.

Just wondering how Warner Bros will top this with their version of the book that will come next year. Verdict - 'The Jungle Book' is a visual treat and will surely make you nostalgic!

The Jungle book is beautiful. The Jungle Book will tug at your heartstrings, even though you know how the story plays out, and therein lies its greatness.

The film deserves your time and it is a bang for your buck! Should you watch the latest avatar of The Jungle Book. Oh please do.

Will it stay with you? That only time will tell. Im still going to imagine Mowgli as that cheeky boy in 2D lines and color and sinister will be George Sanders. Whether it is a Sher Khan's "Is ilaaqe mai naye ho sahab Other than an onimous rendition of a cuckoo's tale as a bedtime story; Shere Khan doesnt conjure as many quote worthy moments here.

All very well that Nihalini is playing spoiler here.

The Jungle Book Hindi dubbed trailer in Priyanka Chopra voice

And yet, you're going to love Mowgli, this film, the voice cast, the photo-realism of the animals surrounding Mowgli and an inherent innocence that just shines through and through. It's a spectacular film and one you shouldn't miss. Just go watch it! In comparison, this movie is every bit as brilliant as it seemed 20 years ago on inch television sets.

Priyanka Chopra, Irrfan and Om Puri roped in for The Jungle Book

The 3D and the IMAX goodness add depth not just to the visuals but the impact of the story and the experience. Kids, young adults and adults will all enjoy this thrill-a-minute ride in the jungles of India, where animals can talk and where human beings and their creations are a part of enigma.

Do not miss this at any cost. American movie studios want to expand the market for their produce in India in the same way that dubbing has conquered the lucrative Chinese territory. Dubbed content is in greater demand by television channels, the studio head added. The live action adaptation is based on the popular animated film by the Disney production company in , which in turn was based on the books by Rudyard Kipling. The dialogue for the Hindi version has been written by Mayur Puri, in a departure from the convention of merely using a rough translation of the original script.

Disney has also appropriated the title song of the version that Indians are more familiar with, which is the animated series broadcast on Doordarshan in Patekar was also the voice of Shere Khan in the TV series. Still, the use of celebrity voices is the exception rather than the rule in India.

The Jungle Book 2

Hollywood studios have occasionally used big names as marketing hooks for animated films, a genre that remains underdeveloped in India. The celebrity endorsement did not reel in audiences for these films. Many people who speak both English and Hindi prefer the Hindi version because the English accent is often difficult to follow. But efforts to localise American pop culture references and play with accents have reduced the gap between Hollywood and a country that sways to Bollywood.

The hindi dubbed version of 'The Jungle Book' is a capsule of nostalgia for the 90's kids - News18

Baloo loves honey. So like any Punjabi who is a foodie and loves a good life, Baloo talks and behaves like one.

Hindi in book jungle dubbed

The idea is to augment the emotions in translation. Hence the Hindi version is a trans-creation, not a direct translation. According to Puri, Irrfan was a little apprehensive about playing a Punjabi, as he had never done it before.

Puri told him that he had an intrinsic laid back personality and all he had to do was to bring his attitude to the role. The results are there for you to see. This is both Baloo and Irrfan at their best. The character, in keeping with his name, is given a Goan touch and made to speak in Hinglish. Om Puri voices Bagheera Ben Kingsley in the English version and does not add much layer to the wise panther, Mowgli's best friend.