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GOING GLOBAL. ETHANOL INDUSTRY OUTLOOK. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page Page Page global markets increases the pool of project ideas to choose from, .. eu/research/iscp/pdf/policy/progress_report_octpdf#. GO GLOBAL. SUPPORTING EXPORT SUCCESS ▫ Foreign market intelligence. ▫ Introductions in key networks. ▫ Cost- and.

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Going Global - Programme at a Glance. Monday 1st June, Queen Elizabeth II Centre, London, UK. For more details on the session content and speakers. GOING GLOBAL: GLOBAL MARKETING, SOCIAL AND CULTURAL ENVIRONMENTS Article (PDF Available) · January with Reads. Going global: Trust research and international relations. Article (PDF Available) · February with Reads.

The full text of this article hosted at iucr. Use the link below to share a full-text version of this article with your friends and colleagues. Learn more. The present paper evaluates the international status of the Chinese currency, the renminbi RMB , by examining its use in the global market. However, compared with the size of the Chinese economy, the current scale of the use of the RMB is quite small.

Look at the data.

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And companies can excel without going abroad: Follow him on Twitter EnduringSuccess. Julia Hautz is an assistant professor of strategic management at Innsbruck University School of Management in Austria. International business.

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Research shows the odds are stacked against you. June Issue Explore the Archive. A version of this article appeared in the June issue of Harvard Business Review.

A Neglected Factor. Volume 22 CrossRef Google Scholar.

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Center for China and Globalization Beijing China. Personalised recommendations. Cite chapter How to cite?

ENW EndNote. download options.

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I actually kept a diary of observations. While I was in grad school, I also coached foreign professionals part-time. The challenge for them was how to behave in a new way when every bone in their bodies was telling them not to. The difficulty was more psychological and behavioral than it was cognitive.

Property Going Global – How To Create Global Wealth And Invest With Confidence

But what I quickly realized was that most academic literature—and even most cross-cultural coaching—fixates on differences: In Germany people do X. In China people do Y. You have to practice new behaviors in actual situations: speaking up in a meeting or giving someone performance feedback. And they need help, way down in the weeds where business gets done. Tell us about that. At a high level, it consists of three stages.

I tell people to figure out what the cultural norms are and how they differ from the home culture on six dimensions: directness, enthusiasm, formality, assertiveness, self-promotion, and self-disclosure.


Getting specific like this helps to alleviate the generalized anxiety people tend to feel in a new setting. At the same time, figure out what your comfort zone is on that particular dimension in a specific situation.

Does giving criticism more directly for example make you feel sick to your stomach or just strange and uncomfortable? The gap is about who you are as much as it is about your culture.

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Will some tweaks to your normal behavior edge you into appropriateness? Do you need to practice various scenarios and see what feels right?

Play with adaptations—rehearse them, see how people react to them, adjust them. Find out what works for you. Make them automatic by practicing. The middle step—tailoring your response to a particular situation—must be the toughest part.