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CAMBRIDGE Face2Face Upper Intermediate Students Book that 13atl they had to Ital think I can face going through all those downsta~rs for /f~/ you? check . Intermediate Audio. The Library of Prof. Mahmoud Azab Upper-Intermediate. PDF Student's Book. PDF Drive is your search engine for PDF files. Face2face Elementary FACE2FACE UPPER-INTERMEDIATE WORDLIST: English to Slovak.

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"1", " " -"" Vocabulary adjectives for giving opinions RealWorld discussion language(2): Cambridge face2 face - upper intermediate students. Face2face Intermediate Workbook Face2face Intermediate Teachers book. Face2Face Upper-intermediate Teachers Free Full set All levels: Starter, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate, Advanced - students book. формат (format): PDF, Mp3, CD-Exe, DVD Face2Face Upper-Intermediate Student's book ISBN: ; Face2Face Workbook ISBN: ; Face2Face Upper-Intermediate Teacher's book - ISBN:

Cambridge University Press. June 14, It includes one progress test per unit, and multiple versions of each test can be printed, containing the same The Student's Book provides approximately 80 hours of core teaching material, which can be extended to hours with the inclusion of the photocopiable resources and extra ideas in the Teacher's Book. Each self-contained double-page lesson is easily teachable off the page with minimal preparation.

Sight translation activities Many one-to-one students are business people who are expected to learn English for their job. One typical area that people at work need English for is sight translation. Someone comes into the office waving a piece of paper and asking if anyone can tell them what it means.

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Do this from time to time with your student. Give them a document related to their work and ask them to explain it quickly to you in English.

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Get out of the class One-to-one classes are often extremely mobile, and teachers can take advantage of this. Ask your student to take you on a guided tour in English of their home or workplace. Do a shopping class, where you and your student go to several shops together.

Or just go for a walk outside with your student and do your class like that one day. A change of environment is very good for refocusing the mind, and there are lots of new topics for language study that you can get just from walking down the street. Questionnaires Prepare a series of question prompts on a topic.

First interview the student using the prompts. Then ask the student to do the same for you. Tell the student that for the next class he or she must prepare a similar list of questions on a different topic to interview you.

Cuisinaire rods Cuisinaire rods are little coloured wooden sticks that are used in teaching maths. With one-to-one classes and very small groups, there are lots of things you can do with cuisinaire rods. Ask the student to make a representation of the company structure using the rods like an organigram. You can also use rods to teach word stress rods for every syllable, a different coloured rod for a stressed syllable.

Index cards One piece of equipment that is particularly useful for a one-to-one class is a set of index cards. Use them to keep track of new vocabulary.

The cards can then be used from time to time to review this. You can also use index cards as cue cards for a presentation. Help the student write their cues for a mini presentation on a topic, then get them to give you the presentation using only their cues.

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You can also write different conversation topics or role-plays on individual cards. Ask the student to choose one at random and talk about or act out the situation on the card. Think of someone who Many teachers of one-to-one classes are frustrated by coursebook or resource material that is only suitable for large groups. However, some of these activities can be adapted.

For instance, the classic Find Someone Who activity can be changed to a Think of Someone Who and used with only one student.

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