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Rich Dad's Retire Young, Retire Rich book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Imagine being able to make so much money at a. Retire Young Retire Rich Cara Cepat Menjadi Kaya dan Tetap Kaya Selamanya! Pages·· MB·1, Downloads·Indonesian. Rich dad's retire. Aug 4, The Rich Dad Company has made Retire Young Retire Rich available for free eBook download beginning today. Download Retire Young.

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Retire Young Retire Rich: How to Get Rich Quickly and Stay Rich Forever! by Robert T. Kiyosaki. Read online. Editorial Reviews. From Library Journal. In this fifth addition to his highly successful "Rich Dad" Kindle Store · Kindle eBooks · Business & Money. Apr 17, In the past years, personal finance advocate Robert Kiyosaki has been giving away free copies of his books. It may be his way of creating more.

In the past years, personal finance advocate Robert Kiyosaki has been giving away free copies of his books. Still, we appreciate getting a copy of a popular personal finance book at no cost. Kiyosaki now focuses on the power of debt leveraging in order to work less and earn more. Beginning with the principle of changing attitudes about financial freedom, he explains the difference between earned income and passive or investment income, managing good debt that makes money for you, such as in real estate, the fundamental concern about k retirement plans that are too focused on stock market performance, and the need to create a long-term financial freedom plan and the emotional discipline to stick to it. This book is primarily about the power of leverage. It demonstrates how Kiyosaki started with nothing and retired financially free in less than ten years. Kiyosaki further breaks the book down into three sections:.

The formula for great wealth is found in the game of Monopoly. download four green houses and trade them in for one red hotel. If you want to be rich, you must build networks and link your network with other networks.

The reason it is easy to become rich through networks is because it is easy to be generous through networks. On the other side, people who act alone or as individuals limit their chances for economic success. Networks are people, businesses, or organizations that you are generous with because you support them and they support you. Networks are powerful forms of leverage. If you want to be rich, build a network and network with other networks. That means continually reinvesting enough money and resources in order to keep the asset strong and growing.

Too many business owners put themselves in front of the asset, the employees, and everyone else. That is why their business fails. The reason the business owner gets paid last is because he or she starts a business in order to be paid the most. But in order to get paid the most, the business owner must make sure that the rest of the business is paid first.

That is why I am training you to not work for money.

You are learning to delay gratification and work to build assets that grow in value. I want you to learn to build assets, not work for money. The people who must get paid first ultimately get paid the least. The business owner should pay himself last because he is in business to build an asset.

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If he is in business for the big paycheck, he should not be in business. He should be looking for a job. If the business owner has done a good job at paying everyone else to build his asset, the asset should be worth far more than he could ever have paid himself. They get the big reward simply because he or she builds a system or asset to serve more people. That is why a business owner can become rich exponentially, and people who work for wages become rich incrementally.

It is your job to make yourself rich at home and in your spare time. Your job is to position yourself and be ready when the opportunity presents itself. It is okay to be five years early, but not one day late. Today, more than ever before, it is very important to want to look after yourself and your loved ones.

But if you want to be rich, you must first think about serving the needs of as many people as you can—first. If you want a smile, be the first to give a smile. If you want love, be the first to give love. If you want to be understood, then be the one to be understanding. They do not have much money because they do not give money. They do not give money because they are tight and stingy with money, always afraid that there is not enough money. Their fear becomes reality.

If you want more money, give money. If you want more time, give time. One of the reasons poor people are poor is because they treat themselves poorly. He meant that poor people do not do things that financially enrich themselves. By paying yourself first, you are financially enriching yourself, your soul, and your future.

Many will work hard all their lives living below their means, invest in things they do not understand, work hard for the rich rather than work hard to make themselves rich, and do what everyone else is doing rather than do what the rich are doing.

Most poor people are poor because they have poor habits. If you want to be rich, all you have to do is train yourself to have rich habits. My poor dad did not want to look at his financial situation. He kept our financial troubles a personal secret—a secret from himself, his family, and from anyone else.

We kids knew our family was in financial trouble, but we did not discuss it. We kept our financial problems a secret. Psychologists will tell you that family secrets become toxic.

Everyone has financial problems. The rich, the poor, businesses, governments, and churches all have money problems. What determines if someone is to be rich or poor is simply how well he or she handles those problems.

Poor people are poor simply because they handle their money problems poorly. If you want to win the game of money, you want the best and smartest people on your team. Your greatest asset is the information in your head and the age of your information. Too many people are falling behind because the information in their head is ancient history, or they cling to answers that were right yesterday but wrong today.

If you want to retire young and retire rich, you will need to keep up with a world of rapidly changing information.

Growing up means being willing to be more and more responsible for yourself, your actions, your continuing education, and your maturity. If you want to have a rich and secure financial future, it is imperative to know that markets go up and markets come down and no one is there to protect you.

The faster we grow up and face that reality, the better we can then face the future with greater maturity. In the Information Age, more of us need to grow up and grow away from old Industrial Age ideas of expecting someone else to be responsible for our job security and financial security. What is stupid is to pretend you are smart. When you pretend to be smart, you are at the height of stupidity.

People who have only one right answer are very often three things. One, they are usually argumentative or defensive. Two, they are often very boring people. And three, they often become obsolete because they fail to notice that their once-right answer is now wrong. Sometimes what is right for you at the beginning of your life is not the right thing for you at the end of your life. Too many people are unsuccessful simply because they are afraid of changing or are unable to change with the times.

The reason they are unable to change is because they are afraid of being wrong. Sometimes to be right, we all need to be wrong. If we want to learn to ride a bicycle, we must go through being wrong for a while.

Most people are unsuccessful simply because they want to be right, but they are unwilling to be wrong. It is their fear of failing that causes them to fail.

It is their need to be perfect that causes them to be imperfect. It is their fear of looking bad that causes them to ultimately feel badly about themselves. That is what they do differently. The same is true with money. We all feel frightened, uncertain, and doubtful at times. That is part of being human. When I feel that way, the first thing I do is check my thoughts.

If I feel bad or afraid, I know I am saying or thinking something to cause myself to feel that way.

Then I sit quietly until the feeling of fear leaves and the feeling I want comes into my heart, chest, and stomach area. Even with the best thoughts and best feelings, sometimes things just do not go your way. A winner knows when to quit and walk away. A winner must know that losing is part of winning. It is only a loser who stays at the wrong table forever, losing everything, hoping to prove that they are not a loser.

The point of this habit is that I go through the thought-and-feeling process especially when I feel afraid or doubtful of myself. For me, doing that is a better habit than allowing your feelings of doubt and uncertainty to run your life.

While the process does not always assure that I win, it is still a good habit that has allowed me to occasionally win when the odds were stacked against me and I wanted to run. Always remember that all winners lose now and then, but that does not mean they have to feel or think like a loser.

To leave your money sitting in one place is like watching a pile of dry autumn leaves and waiting for the spark that will turn the leaves into a bonfire.

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I also want to keep my investment. It means you want your money back as quickly as possible so it can be reinvested to acquire other assets. That means you should analyze properties, make offers on ten of them, have three sellers say yes, and then download one. In other words, it takes shopping and looking at over properties to download one property.

They are the people who make the biggest mistake, which is to fail to learn from their mistakes. One last point. Investing in real estate, or any investment product for that matter, requires more than downloading one thing and expecting that one product to make you rich.

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If you want to be successful in the world of investing, regardless if it is in paper assets, businesses, or real estate, you need to be both an investor and a trader. An investor knows what to analyze and how to manage investments. A trader knows how and when to download and sell. An investor usually wants cash flow from the asset. The trader wants to realize a capital gain from downloading low and selling high.

That is the context of a winner. Listeners will likely be captivated as they learn how to replicate his success, and the crisp narration by Jim Ward definitely makes this fact-filled collection of sound financial advice another hit for Kiyosaki.

Retire Young Retire Rich by Robert T. Kiyosaki (ebook)

The solid, practical insight into how to put together a plan to financial freedom will require a commitment to changing lifestyles and personal attitudes about work and, of course, enough time left in life to allow the investments to succeed. Highly recommended for all public libraries, especially those that have not yet begun to add Kiyosaki's other super titles to their business and investment collections. Marines and serving in Vietnam as a helicopter gunship pilot.

In he founded a company producing Nylon and Velcro 'surfer' wallets which became a multi-million dollar business. See all Editorial Reviews.

Product details File Size: September 18, Sold by: English ASIN: Enabled X-Ray: Not Enabled. Real Estate. Wall Street. Is this feature helpful? Thank you for your feedback. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Customer images. See all customer images. Read reviews that mention poor dad dad poor rat race robert kiyosaki middle class financial freedom highly recommend financial literacy common sense eye opener financial intelligence high school opened my eyes many people passive income life changing someone else great read poor and middle eye opening.

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Retire Young Retire Rich

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Total scam! Mass Market Paperback Verified download. The book is really easy to understand and to read, the message Robert gives is good and can help you change your mindset to be more financially independent but please beware of richdad education. After downloading this book I immediately received ads all over social Media Facebook and instagram about Rich dad education seminars.

So you can have access to a mentor. They never talk about what I was promised at first on any real estate strategy. Please beware of this scam. I posted the packages they almost force to download and the questionnaire are you need to submit so they know how much money you have and or how you can get a loan to download their package. I bought the original about 18 years ago and it changed my families destiny for the better. I am glad the reprint came out as it prompted me to reread it and deepen my understanding.

Some people complain that this book does not give a step by step process for change. I would counter that one size shoe does not fit all feet.

There are many individual paths to wealth, and Kiyosaki sets the guiding stars to navigate by, but you have to walk your own individual road. Some key concepts of this book are: Liabilities take money out of your pocket, therefore your house is a liability [unless you rent out rooms and the garage as one person I know did while rebuilding his asset base].

Net Worth is similar to potential energy, to use it you have to spend it, then it is gone. Cash Flow is like power from a hydroelectric dam, constantly replenished. The rich don't work for money, they work for assets.

Young indonesia retire retire ebook rich

The tax laws are fair from the standpoint that the laws that the rich spent billions of dollars to have modified and interpreted apply to everyone who learns how to use them. A great foundation book for beginning to improve your financial intelligence so that you don't work 4 or more month's of every year for the Tax man, more months for the banks that hold your mortgage and credit cards, and whatever is left making the company you work for wealthy.

Good luck on your journey to being Rich, poor, or middle class. This book is primarily about the power of leverage. It demonstrates how Kiyosaki started with nothing and retired financially free in less than ten years.

Kiyosaki further breaks the book down into three sections:. How important is leverage? In quoting his Rich Dad, Kiyosaki states: Leverage is one of the secrets of the rich. It is how Kiyosaki was able to start without money and amass a fortune… and how you can too. The message of the book is correct: One element is missing, though.

The risk of building a business is also high, as well as failure rate. Kiyosaki is a very successful businessman, but like many other successful people he fails to mention the role of chance in building a successful business. Yes, if you persevere, you may build a good business and become financially independent.