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Closet Connector Housing (CCH), Black, Empty, One Rack Unit High (1 RMU), Holds Two CCH Connector Panels. Cases of the cabinet connectors (CCH) provide the possibility of connections between external Article: CCHU, Manufacturer: CORNING Downloads. CCHU. Closet Connector Housing; accepts up to two. CCH panels, cassettes or modules; comes with blank panels and hardware to strain-relieve ca-.

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Installing a Lock Kit in a Closet Connector Housing · Download, CCHU, CCHU, CCHU. Benefits and Features of the CCHU, CCHU and. Corning CCHU Closet Connector Patch Panel Housings - Holds 2 CCH Connector Panels. Tap to expand. Move your Download Product Spec Sheet. CCH cassettes enable fast field termination and easy modular management of Download (11) Each cassette is shipped with 1 rail for use with CCHU/2U/ 3U housings, and 2 rails used with CCHU housings.

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Rack-Mountable Hardware Drawings

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CCH Cassette Slack Storage, empty, for 1 CCH panel

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All housings have field-installable lock kits available for both front and rear doors.

Corning CCHU Installation Quick Start Guide |

Every CCH housing is shipped complete with strain-relief brackets, routing clips and guides and mounting brackets for proper installation.

The CCH splice cassette supports fusion splicing of individual or ribbon fibers, with heat-shrinks, pigtail slack and cable slack managed within a single space-saving footprint.

This eliminates the need for individual splice trays or separate splice housings as well as allowing splicing to be done away from the rack housing in a suitable workspace as needed. The modular design makes it easy to access the fiber in an individual cassette without disturbing other fibers in the housing. A CCH panel with the desired adapter configuration can be ordered separately and fits easily into the cassette.

Grommets and cable ties for additional strain-relief and protective tubing for incoming cable are also included. Splice cassettes ship with 12 single-fiber heat-shrink splice protectors. The termination cassette is an economical way to provide modularity, segregation and added protection and security to your direct-terminated fibers inside any of the four CCH housing options.

The CCH pigtailed splice cassettes are preloaded and pre-routed for quick fusion splicing of either individual or ribbon fiber pigtails, using the same space-saving platform as the standard CCH splice cassette. Pre-routed pigtailed cassettes reduce field labor by streamlining the features and components of the pigtail cassette to allow for efficiencies in the field. They are loaded with a pigtail assembly and a CCH connector panel.

The pigtailed cassette eliminates the need for individual splice trays or separate splice housings as well as allowing splicing to be done away from the rack housing in a suitable workspace as needed.