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May 30, Secretary to the Government of Pakistan. Finance Division The budget had the following salient features: CHAPTER - 1. Oct 5, Federal Budget /16 – Sectoral Analysis of Spending Priorities. PDF. Pakistan Development Fund. FATA. Federally Administrated Tribal. Jun 15, ISLAMABAD, the Federal Budget presented by Finance Minister Ishaq Dar in the National Assembly. Federal Budget PDF.

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Jun 3, onwards, the Government of Pakistan is following a system of Output Based seek a simple and clear understanding of Budget Budget. Estimates Estimates Estimates. . Pakistan Investment Bonds (Bank) . G Deposit Works of Survey of Pakistan. 4. Jun 5, Secretary to the Government of Pakistan. Finance Division The total outlay of budget was Rs 4, billion. This size was higher by.

Currently there are no articles under this heading. Overview This article gives a short overview of the energy situation in Pakistan. It outlines the main sources of energy and states the main problems for the energy sector regarding micro hydropower, solar energy products and cooking technologies for energy access. Furthermore, the institutional set-up, the policy framework and international programmes regarding energy access are portrayed. Energy Sector Overview The Islamic Republic of Pakistan which became an independent state in is governed by a federal parliamentary constitution.

Noncommunicable diseases. Fact sheet. Updated January Available from URL: Non-communicable diseases and injuries in Pakistan: Lancet ; Global status report on noncommunicable diseases Geneva, World Health Organization.

2015 pakistan pdf budget

International Diabetes Federation. IDF Diabetes Atlas. Sixth Edition Mazhar M.

2015 pdf budget pakistan

Population, Labour Force and Employment. Chap Pakistan Eco-nomic Survey Government of Pakistan, Ministry of finance. Available from: Pakistan National Diabetes Survey: Diabetic Med ; J Pak Med Assoc ; 49 9: Pakistan National Diabetic Survey: Diab Res Clin Pract ; 44 1: Nishtar S, Shera S. Diabetes prevention and control as a part of an integrated non-communicable disease strategy: Practical Diabetes Int ; 23 8: Comprehensive global monitoring framework, including 25 indicators, and a set of 9 voluntary global targets for the prevention and control of noncommunicable diseases, Annexure 1.

Global status report on NCDs Nishtar S. Prevention of non-communicable diseases in Pakistan: Health Res Policy Syst ; 2 1: Diabetes prevention and control: J Pak Med Assoc ; 54 12 Suppl 3: Milestones of the Diabetic Association of Pakistan. Islamabad, Pakistan: Global diabetes scorecard tracking progress for action.

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Ministry of Finance, Govt. Unfortunately, it has not been initially supported by the health care system, both in public and private sectors.

In the last few years, the trend of certificate and diploma courses in diabetes education is spreading all over Pakistan, mostly because of the realization of the fact that diabetes educators are an important part of the multidisciplinary care team. Various institutions in public and private sectors have the capacity to train such work force, which no doubt is the most cost- and time-effective approach for dealing with the epidemic.

Pakistan pdf 2015 budget

In Pakistan, BIDE led to the development of this concept and has changed the understanding of diabetic foot care at various levels in the country. Pediatric services initially were scarcely available and were very expensive. Personnel experienced in wound dressing and management are trained for 6 weeks through a structured course. Step by Step Sbs program was started in Pakistan following the successful results in India and Tanzania.

Foot care teams, including clinicians and their DFCAs, were trained initially for the basic course and then after a year of experience through an advance course helping in the establishments of diabetic foot clinics.

Another program with the support of WDF, by the title of footwear for every diabetic FED , was initiated to achieve this target. Through FED, a nationwide training of footwear technicians has started, and a customized low-cost foot wear is now being developed in many cities of the country.

Pakistan Federal Budget 2014-15 Complete PDF & Features

Members of HRAB represent major technical specialties, medical institutions, and associations and possess relevant expertise to spearhead such a significant component of our health system. Likewise, nurses, lady health workers, community midwives, and other allied HCPs are being trained more and more, but much more structured and dedicated efforts are needed to combat the epidemic.

Also, worth noting is the fact that lifestyle modifications LSMs have proven to be more effective than pharmaceutical interventions. Awareness campaigns have started since. It was affiliated with IDF in and is one of its oldest members. BIDE realizing the importance of patient awareness and community involvement started with an annual diabetes awareness walk.

National Association of Diabetes Educators of Pakistan NADEP was established in with an idea to involve multiple stakeholders in diabetes education programs, especially primary prevention all over Pakistan.

–16 Pakistan federal budget - Wikipedia

Membership was offered to patients, their careers, philanthropists, people from social and electronic media, allied HCPs, and non-HCPs.

It is a probability-based algorithm for assessing T2DM risk among the Pakistani population. RAPID is established on screening variables without the need of laboratory tests.

School going children of the age of 8—10 years were studied. Increasing associated risk factors of diabetes among the children and adolescents warrant defining strategies at primary and secondary school levels. Website Modernization

Therefore, the planning of diabetes awareness campaigns depends on the age targeted. School going children are given lectures on healthy diet and exercise by their teachers and by school programs.

Cooking of healthy breakfast, sports activities, and various games involving physical exercise are encouraged and highlight health interventions to prevent adolescents from diabetes. These strategies have been developed and publicized through social and electronic media, and now it is being used more and more for education. Added to this is the disproportionate distribution of nutrition and lack of facilities for physical activity for women.

Women in the reproductive age group are increasingly affected by diabetes, and many pregnancies are complicated by pre-existing diabetes.