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GRE Big Book. Learn all about GRE Big Book from Get complete free online information on GRE Big Book. Hi everyone, I was looking out for the Big Book sections for quants I have the Verbal sections with the 27 tests, but can't find the quants one. Lets discuss this notion by putting up a review of the GRE big book by ETS! Whereas on the quant, exacting question types such as word.

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Big Book. 1. GRE Big Book Test 1 Section 1 no Nonviolent demonstrations experiment, he must be ______ for his neglect of quantitative analysis. GRE: Practicing to Take the General Test: Big Book [Educational Testing Service] GRE Math & Verbal Strategies Set: Effective Strategies & 6 Online Practice. GRE Math Workbook and millions of other books are available for site Kindle . .. Try the Kindle edition and experience these great reading features.

Because of the high level of competition one has to prepare exclusively for it, leaving all other matters aside. There are a variety of sources one can choose from; chiefly there are online courses, coaching centers, books for preparation and software packages for preparation. Each source has its own pros and cons. In case you prefer to study from a book then there are some very good ones available in the market. A good book for GRE preparation would mean the one which has both, explanation of concepts and practice questions. If either of these is missing in a book then downloading it proves to be unsatisfactory.

But your reviews made me doubtful on them.

Now Im stuck on verbal. FYI my verbal in last mock test was so just average. Can you please tell me some resources to practice verbal questions from? Reply Amini July 12, at pm Thanks a lot.

And if you were to recommend any third party provider for text completion or sentence equivalence would you have any book recommendations? Text completions and sentence equivalence questions are very hard to write well, and not many sources have good practice.

ETS's Old GRE Material: Practicing to Take the General Test 10th Edition (Big Book) Book Review

Hope these suggestions help! You introduce both resources for reading comprehension. I studied some passages of each resources.

I compare the passages of these resources in some ways: 1. Passages of LSAT are not very difficult like big book because they are not include many GRE words like big book, its questions are very hard because ask about all content and if you do not understand all passage very good you can not answer many of its questions and questions have not any order for finding their answers in the specific place of passages, its explanations are very good for each question an finally its variety is limited.

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Is my comparison right? With LSAT it is the passages that seem to be denser.


This book is a compilation of 27 real test papers along with answer keys. ETS had released this book and that makes Big Book the official document for tests practice.

There are no other tests in this book prepared solely for the purpose of practice, nor is there any explanation of concepts and strategies or list of formulae. Big Book is just a collection of genuine test papers. This book is not printed any more.

ETS itself conducts and administers the GRE and consequently this book is the most reliable source for preparation.

Book gre big maths

It does not contain tests which were prepared for mere practice but those which were actually administered in the test. There is no other such book available which contains the original tests.

With such a large number of actual questions available in the Big Book, there is seldom a need for any other practice material for the test. Moreover when you have such a source at hand which contains the true tests then all other sources seem unauthentic.

The Big Book consequently becomes a must for those who are appearing for the test. Many students claim to have benefited by using this book, to the extent that some of the questions were actually repeated in their test!

Review of the GRE Big Book by ETS

Quant, on the other hand, is where this book really shines. The Quant problems are spot-on to the real test. All the math questions are very well designed, aptly capturing the tone, look, feel, and range of the real GRE Quant section. The answer explanations for Quant are excellent as well! Given that the Quant half of this book is solid, think of the Manhattan 5 lb.

Book as a Manhattan 2.

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Nonetheless, I still somewhat like this book for its helpful big-picture strategies. These strategies are mostly absent from the Official Guide though I share similar strategies in the eBook and on the blog.

That said, two major caveats: Do not use this book if you are looking for a high score. From this book glean some helpful strategies that you can use on actual test questions.