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Additionally, the fact that Brumadinho has a well-organized local health system enabled the implementation of an integrated set of prevention actions educational and communication campaigns regarding contact with the slurry, water and fish consumption, as well vaccination of military personnel and communities directly exposed to the risks of diphtheria, tetanus, hepatitis A and B, measles, mumps, rubella, yellow fever , health surveillance with the main focus on chemical contamination and mental health, articulating epidemiological and health surveillance with primary, Emergency Care Units - UPA, and hospital care and health care UPA, hospital care, laboratories, Centers for Psychosocial Care - CAPs, Center of Integrative and Complementary Practices in Health - NUPIC, primary health units - UBS, Family Health Strategy - FHS, and Centers for the Support of Family Health - NASF.

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This set of actions received support both from the Ministry of Health emergency health care support, health care through the national SUS and health surveillance and the Minas Gerais State Health Secretariat, which also enabled articulating actions for immediately collecting and identifying contaminants present in the slurry soon after the disaster this step is crucial to future surveillance and care actions ; identifying hundreds of firefighters who came into contact with the slurry during search and rescue operations in order to monitor their health state; guaranteeing in the courts that the company that caused this disaster pay the costs of temporarily hiring health and social service professionals by the Brumadinho municipality, as well as the costs of laboratory analyses of samples of water for human consumption along the Paraopeba river, involving articulations with water quality surveillance in the 18 municipalities traversed by this river.

Challenges to Public Health and SUS In addition to the good experience by the Brumadinho municipality and SUS in terms of the post-disaster actions and the medium and long-term contaminant and mental health risks to those who were affected, disasters like this one create a series of challenges both for the municipalities and for Public Health and SUS.

The disaster does not only involve the tailings slurry that reached them, but also the loss of revenues, which is reflected on their capacity to provide essential services, such as health, education, sanitation, among others. These two processes affect populations and territories more widely and systemically, generating impacts on living conditions and health situations tensions, depressions, insecurity, broadening and worsening of chronic diseases, such as those reported in Barra Longa , with an increase in health problems and needs, demanding more financial investments for service expansion precisely when revenues tend to decrease over time.

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Thus, after disasters, an ambiguous relationship is established, involving feelings of revulsion and betrayal and the desire to increase punishments and costs for companies, along with the economic dependence of individuals and municipalities that demand that productive activities not be interrupted. Belo Horizonte: Corpus; Mining disasters, their socio-environmental impacts and health effect are not the exception, but are part of the externalized environmental and social costs which are left to the territories and their inhabitants of the sale of commodities for the lowest price in the global market and grater shareholder profits in the financial market.

Now is the time to undo this pattern, pointing to a development model that promotes health instead of generating disease and death.

And, in this process, the Sustainable Development Goals, which are part of the Agenda, such serve as a reference. The challenges facing Public Health are also not small.

Desastre pdf belo

Studies on the disasters and their effects over the course of the post-disaster months have shown a rise in hospital admissions Milken Institute School of Public Health. For hospital admissions, cardiovascular diseases are especially significant, mainly affecting older and poorer individuals Excess mortality due to indirect health effects of the triple disaster in Fukushima, Japan: a retrospective observational study.

J Epidemiol Community Health ; Cardiovascular disease hospitalizations in Louisiana parishes' elderly before, during and after Hurricane Katrina. Considering that mining dam disasters are complex and dynamic, in their multiple and overlapping social, economic, environmental, cultural and health processes, whose spacial and time borders are diffuse, depending on scenarios of environmental variability and alterations degradations , exposures, risks harms and diseases, we are faced with the challenge of producing knowledge and training professionals in a systemic, interdisciplinary and intersectoral perspective.

Considering the context of climate change and rise and combination of natural and technological disasters, we must invest in research and in training professionals who work on disasters in a systemic perspective.

Another challenge is that of disaster risk reduction policies and management that also include Public Health. The Sendai Framework is a kind of Agenda 21 for this subject and introduces two themes that are relevant to our discussion.

Desastre pdf belo

Using this framework as a reference, we point out some processes that are relevant to Public Health. The first is the intersectoral work with the goal of reformulating fragmented and sectoral models of understanding risk governance.

Beautiful Redemption

In addition to transparency, it demands strengthening government agencies with the necessary human, technical and financial resources , the articulation and integration of the involved sectors environment, water resources, mining, labor, health, social service, civil protection and defense and broadening social participation through representatives of exposed and affected communities, NGOs connected to the subject such as the Movement of Persons Affected by Dams and academic institutions.

The participation of Occupational Health in the municipalities and states for mining inspections and audits should be integrated into licensing and auditing agencies environment, water resources and mining. In the disasters caused by Vale and Samarco, it became clear that emergency plans existed only on paper and that warning and alarm systems were nonexistent and ineffective.

Lastly, Public Health and SUS as a whole must work upon the health effects caused by disasters and the health rehabilitation and recovery processes, as well as disease prevention, integrated with reconstruction efforts. Nov 02, Sophia. This book contains one of the most disturbing scenes I have ever read in any book.

Pdf belo desastre

So here's one excerpt from the book. Abby slept with Travis and left his apartment in the morning without saying goodbye.


This is his reaction, a few hours later: He took a swing at Shep when he found out we helped you leave. I heard him call your name, and then he stomped all over the apartment looking for you. Then he livro belo desastre 2 to call you. He ripped his sheets off the bed, and threw them away, threw his pillows away, shattered his mirror with his fist, kicked his door… broke it from the hinges!

A few lines later, Abby calls him and everything's back to normal. A person obsessed with another to livro belo desastre 2 point of insanity, I. It drives me insane to see how stalkerish behavior is considered as "hot".

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This book is really, really disturbing, and I don't understand how it could get published. I got 'til chapter 9 and basically I can't take it anymore.

The guy, Livro belo desastre 2, suffers from very, very, VERY serious problems that should lead him straight into a shrink's office if not prison. Hey you girls, out there, who gave that book 5 stars, saying you want a Travis in your lives, in WHAT language do we have to tell you: