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GOd five men at Kursk is a terrible rule set, you have a squad of guys and only Battlegroup is finally making it to North Africa, it seems. Rule book. BGK is the first hardbound rule book I have downloadd. Most of my rules come from PDF. My first minis game download was Nuts by. . Battlegroup Kursk is a game I've not got to play but damn do I love that rulebook. Speaking of Impetus, the rulebook has been scanned btw., it doesn't.

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Battlegroup Kursk campaign supplement PDF larger image Please note this the original Battlegroup Kursk book without the rules section. Products 1 - 10 of 27 Army lists, vehicle data and special rules for the beginning of the war on the Eastern Front,. Battlegroup Kursk campaign supplement PDF. .. I'm looking strongly at Longstreet (posted the rules and cards some time ago, should be in the I'd say check Battlegroup Kursk/Overlord/Whatever.

Also, thanks to all who contacted us about sponsorship. Remorse Lost in the swamp and welter of the pit, He flounders off the duck-boards; only he knows Each flash and spouting crash,—each instant lit When gloom reveals the streaming rain. He goes Heavily, blindly on. Green-faced, they dodged and darted: Today in military history:

A unit firing twice must make a spotting roll for each shot. If the Spotting roll is successful, the firer attempts to hit the target.

Pdf battlegroup kursk rules

In some cases, spotting is automatic. As with Area Fire, cross reference the range with the type of weapon firing.


This yields a To Hit number. The firer now rolls one die for every rate of fire, getting hits on the indicated score. A cover save is made for each hit. Failed saves mean the target figure was killed and is removed. A unit may be required to take a Morale Check. Infantry units that take 2 or more casualties have the option to Fall Back. When firing at armored vehicles, there is no cover save. Instead, there is a penetration test. Each vehicle is rated for front, side and rear armor.

Each weapon has a Penetration value which diminishes with range. The resulting number must be rolled on 2D6 to kill the target.

Pdf battlegroup kursk rules

If the dice exactly equal the score needed, the target is pinned instead. Regardless of damage, if a hit was scored, the target must take a Morale Check.

Pdf rules battlegroup kursk

A unit is given the Close Assault order. It must first pass an Experience Test to close with the enemy. If they fail the test they are pinned. An assault is resolved exactly like Aimed Fire. However, in addition to the dice for Rate of Fire, each side may get bonus dice for certain weapons SMGs for example and the attacker may get bonus dice for grenades. Fire is simultaneous and normal cover saves apply.

Pinned: Units in BK can become pinned for a number of reasons, either to enemy area fire, failure to launch an assault, or as a result of a morale check. Pinned units may not be issued an order until rallied. Thus a sound tactic is to use Area Fire to pin units, then Aimed Fire to cause morale checks.

In order to rally pinned units, a player must use Battle Rating see below to rally his troops. At the end of issuing orders, a player may opt to pull a Battle Rating chit. For each chit drawn he rolls a D6 and may remove the pinned marker from that many units. There are a sheet of chits in the rule book to be cut out, and kept in an opaque container.

The chits are numbered from 1 to 5 and include a variety of random events. Certain events require a player to draw a chit. These chits form a running total. Each unit has a BR associated with it.

Battlegroup Intro

Simply add up the BR of all your units - this is your total Battle Rating. Some of the chits have a random event that is played immediately.

These may be to put an enemy unit out of ammunition, cause a vehicle to break down or induce a Morale Check on an enemy unit. Battle Rating chits are drawn for a number of reasons.

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Primarily a chit is drawn for each destroyed unit or vehicle including transports! Other causes are being under flamethrower attack, loss of your commander, or the first time you come under air attack. Calling in artillery requires the use of orders. First, an eligible spotter is issued a Call Artillery order. The artillery may be available or not some artillery requires a die roll for availability. Then the spotter must be given a Communication order, to direct the guns.

A die roll is required for success. If successful, a spotter round is placed. Artillery drifts between 1D6 and 4D6 depending on the accuracy. Once the barrage arrives, roll one die for each shot each gun fires twice, so 2D6 per gun. Each shot may miss, pin, or cause a casualty. Hits and pins are assigned to the closest enemy units. Other Rules: There are a number of other rules included in the game.

There are special unit rules that apply only to specific types of units Air Spotters, Engineers, Scouts, etc. Aircraft are treated as a random event using the Battle Rating chits, but attack using the normal combat rules. One very important rule is actually hidden in the army lists: ammunition. Each vehicle has a limited number of shots. When the unit runs out of ammo it must move adjacent to a Resupply Unit. When the Resupply unit is given a Rearm order, any adjacent units or vehicles are given a new load of ammo.

In common with many game systems, the rules and army lists are sold separately. Filled with artwork it is a hefty tome. It could use some editing with regard to organization however.

Rules that apply to certain situations are not all in the same section of the rule book. The accuracy dice roll again seems a bit random, and you can cancel the fire order if the ranging round falls short. The biggest omission is the lack of smoke rules, which is very strange indeed!

If a player rolls a straight 6, then the unit has a chance to take an immediate counter-action. I really like the uncertainty this mechanism introduces, particularly because it can result in occasional side effects e.

Reduction of battlegroup morale to zero results in defeat. It would seem that waiting for the number of Pinned units to rise before rallying would be sensible, but this is often not practical. Units that tend to be pinned are those at the focal point of your plans, so you cannot wait to get them active again, and therefore you have to rally even if only a single unit needs such treatment.

Battlegroup Intro

I have found games to be frequently lost simply by the effects of pinning opposing units, and obliging an opponent to rally. Before I discuss the non-rules aspects of the BGK publications, I will comment about the type of game they give. I like the speed of play, the mechanisms are clean and simple, and the use of chits to determine victory is good. Combat is clear and does not require constant double checking in the main rules.

The main weakness lie in the unit morale system too simple and rallying. The lack of smoke rules is bizarre! I will stick to CoC, which I think gives a better game, and I also still intend to try the new version of Bolt Action. Why do authors think they have to provide pages and pages of potted history in such publications?

They then add in a simple painting guide as well. Do they think a person downloads BGK as their sole source on a period, especially ones as well documented as Kursk or Overlord?

The majority of both hardback books centre on army lists. I generally enjoy a good army list. Not because they are inaccurate, unhistorical, or unbalanced, but because they are extremely repetitious and tedious. This is fine, but each list repeats the information in the previous list.