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Raymarine Autopilot Manuals. Raymarine manuals and user documents have moved. You can find all associated documents for current and retired Raymarine . The ST control unit, like the ST, is fully weather protected and Autohelm rotary drive units provide smooth, powerful steering commands with almost. Autohelm Power Pilot Installation and Operating Handbook (1).pdf - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online.

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Autohelm. SeaTalk Service Manual. 1. Autohelm Inboard Autopilots. (ST and ST systems). Service Manual. Tom Green 11/ View and Download Raymarine Autohelm user manual online. Raymarine Autohelm User Guide. Autohelm Autopilot System pdf manual. Raymarine Autohelm Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Raymarine Autohelm User Manual.

Testing whether the brain is trying to drive it, and whether it will run directly on 12v, will reliably isolate the problem to either the electronics or the drive. There are no brains in the drive, it's purely an electromagnetic clutch which seems to be working , an electric motor which may or may not be , and some mechanical transmission bits which again may or may not be ok but you'll know about it if you can hear the motor running but the rod doesn't move. If you disconnect the drive from the steering mechanism to work on it, take care not to run the drive right up to its end stops by applying power directly. Reportedly this can damage it; in use it relies on a combination of the physical stops built into the steering system and the pilot brain knowing where to stop. Easy to rig up a simple test with a bit of forethought though.

You will notice that an initial fixed helm movement is applied and that after a short interval the drive unit will continue to apply further incremental helm movements.

6000 pdf autohelm

If 21 left in this condition the rudder will eventually be driven hard over. If, however, the vessel were moving through the water, the progressive application of additional helm would eventually return the vessel to the correct course with the necessary standing helm applied.

Return to course can be simulated by keying - 10 to return to the current heading. The progressive application of standing helm will cease when the fluxgate senses that the course error has been removed. When the steering system is being moved manually or under drive from the autopilot do not touch any part of the system. The forces exerted are considerable and could cause injury.

6000 pdf autohelm

With an assistant to turn the main steering wheel get into a position where the tiller and rudder reference transducer can be seen. Check that the rudder reference transducer and linkage do not foul any part of the steering mechanism or vessels structure.

Check that the steering ram moves smoothly and that there is no excessive play. This is normal.

Autohelm 6000 Power Pilot Installation and Operating Handbook (1).pdf

Drive will only be restored if the rudder moves away from the end stop or if drive is required in the opposite direction. The performance of the Autohelm PowerPilot will only reach the designed levels if the installation of the hydraulic pump and rudder reference transducer is correctly engineered and adjusted.

It is strongly advised that these be checked before sea trials.

Initial sea trials should be carried out in calm conditions with plenty of sea room. The drive is automatically engaged by means of an internal friction clutch when the autopilot is Supply voltage Page Hydraulic Drive Unit 1.

Page 12 2. Both are non magnetic and may be positioned near a steering compass if necessary. In all cases the control units should be placed within easy reach and view of the helmsman. Page Fluxgate Compass Installation Precautions Correct installation of the course computer and fluxgate compass is vital to the successful performance of the Autohelm The installation precautions must be heeded if poor performance or even failure of the autoprlot is to be avordect.

Page 14 For use with the Autohelm this plug should be cut off and the cable threaded through the mast. The windvane head is then plugged into the top of the mast Fig.

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Page Auxiliary Alarm 2. The alarm unit is supplied with a terminal block to connect a two core interconnection cable to the course computer.

Page Drive System 2. Most steering gear manufacturers supply special autopilot drive attachments and many include this facility as standard. Page 17 It should be borne in mind that the reduction ratios are for the average case and that vessels broadly classified by length and hull type can vary significantly in steering characteristics.

Selection of the correct chain reduction ratio is not over cri,tical however, and any mismatch can be corrected during sea trials by an adjustment to the gain control switch on the course computer. Page 18 cases, it may be necessary to fabricate a special frame to mount the drive unit. It should be noted that chain tension can exceed lbs thus an extremely rigid mounting structure is vital to maintain good chain alignment.

Page Linear Drive Unit 2. It is usually preferable to couple the linear drive unit to the rudder stock via an independent tiller arm Edson offer a standard fitting. Page Hydraulic Drive Unit 2. It should be located as near as possible to the hydraulic steering cylinder.

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It is important to bolt the hydraulic drive unit securely to a substantial member to avoid any possibility of vibration that could damage the inter-connecting pipework. Page Cabling And Power Supplies 2. All peripheral units connect to the connector unit where they are permanently hard wired to colour coded connector blocks situated on a central printed circuit board Fig.

Pdf autohelm 6000

Page Operation 3. Deviation from course is continuously monitored by a sensitive fluxgate corrlactive rudder is applied by the drive unit to retuln the vessel to course. Page Controls 3. Page Hand Held Control Unit 3. A safety interlock prevents use of the hand held control unit when the autopilot is disengaged by the helmsman. Page Windvane System 3.