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This is the fourth edition of Baggish and Karram's Atlas of Pelvic Anatomy and Gynaecologic Surgery from professors in obstetrics and. Te Linde's Atlas of Gynecologic Surgery. Helps the gynecologist in training and those already in practice to master this field. The text provides clear and detailed, . The Atlas of Gynecologic Surgery has a long and respected tradition, going back to its first German edition in and culminating with its last.

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This atlas addresses the technical principles, details, and mechanics of gynecologic surgical procedures that practitioners ofthe art must master or at least. This is volume 3 of a six-volume series on gynecologic surgery produced by Download the PDF to view the article, as well as its associated figures and tables. Consultant Gynaecological Oncologist and Surgeon . Next year, Bonney ' s Gynaecological Surgery cele- See

List of Illustrations from Other Works Close A groundwork and milestone for an innovative, trendsetting, and international school of thought in gynecology. A groundwork and milestone for an innovative, trendsetting, and international school of thought in gynecology. A superb work of art as well as an outstanding clinical reference, this book continues the rich tradition of earlier editions by providing unparalleled coverage of the entire field of gynecologic surgery. This new fourth edition offers completely updated content, user-friendly features, and the cornerstone of the book: an art program of astounding quality. It is indispensable for gynecologic surgeons or residents who need to review, refresh, or fine-tune their skills in preparation for surgery, while being alerted to pitfalls and possible complications at every juncture. Its step-by-step didactic concept is ideal for residents-in-training, while its detailed description of both common and rare procedures makes it useful for experienced surgeons. For all specialists, Atlas of Gynecologic Surgery is a standard, must-have reference on current methodology and clinical protocols in this rapidly evolving field.

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However, for the gynecologic or general surgeon, as well as for residents and medical students who are serious students of pathology, sufficient detail and challenge in this text exist. This atlas represents, therefore, a worthy addition to the published armamentarium that increasingly crosses the disciplinary interface between the clinical and pathologic approaches to the diagnosis of disease.

The large journal, which is much like a book in form and length, provides the best evidence for physicians, allowing them to deduce information and make the most suitable decision for given situations.

The journal is internationally compiled biannually. It tries to identify important clinical questions and to search for and summarize the best available, and most current, evidence to answer those questions.

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The contents are organized alphabetically into 19 chapters from cardiovascular disorders to wounds. Under each chapter, new sections are denoted by NEW. Preoperative work up.

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Cross sectional and molecular imaging. Sigmoidoscopy, cystoscopy and stenting. Tumor markers.

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Cone biopsy. Radical abdominal hysterectomy.

An Atlas of Gynecologic Oncology: Investigation and Surgery, Fourth Edition - CRC Press Book

Laparoscopically assisted vaginal radical hysterectomy. Radical vaginal trachelectomy.

Radical abdominal trachelectomy. Central recurrent cervical cancer: the role of exenterative surgery. Total mesometrial resection.

Atlas of Gynecologic Surgery

Laterally extended endopelvic resection. Radical vulvar surgery. The aim of the book is to demonstrate detailed pelvic anatomy through a mixture of line drawings, cadaveric dissection specimens and operative photographs. It details steps of many gynaecological procedures and is divided into sections, starting with pelvic anatomy. The largest section is on abdominal surgery and there are separate sections for vulval, cervical, urinary tract and bowel surgery.

The laparoscopic surgery chapter is only 90 pages, within a total of The first section I enjoyed, with clear line drawings demonstrating detailed pelvic anatomy, often much better than classic anatomy textbooks.

Atlas of Gynecologic Surgery

The surgery sections feel somewhat outdated, relying on conventional sharp dissection, rather than electrosurgery. Some of the operative photos are rather dark and unclear.

The pictures would have benefitted from better labelling and orientation, since it is sometimes difficult to figure out what is demonstrated in still photographs. The book would have benefitted significantly from good quality laparoscopic and open surgical videos. The book is not evidence based, stating opinion contrary to systematic review level evidence and feels in places out of touch with modern UK practice.

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