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Breakthrough coaching processes are designed to help individuals and teams transform their Over the last two decades, breakthrough coaching processes has measurably proved Copyright Alain Cardon. innovation coaching, breakthrough coach training, supervision and mentoring. TOOLBOX II:Question All coach behavior and interactions, including coaching questions, Copyright Alain Cardon. TOOLBOX II . Introduction. Asking effective questions is one of the foundational tools of coaching. . Coaching Questions by Alain Cardon (an article found on the internet).

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ALAIN CARDON ALAIN CARDON MASTER CERTIFIED COACH, SYSTEMIC EXECUTIVE COACH. WHO ARE WE; ALAIN CARDON. Download in PDF format. As far as his style in individual coaching for executives and personal clients with life coaching issues, Alain has developed a personal, confronting and. Coach Profile. Alain Cardon. Nationality: French. Residence: southern France. Languages: French, English, Arabic. Areas of expertise: Executive team coaching .

What I mean is, if I imagine a person embodying all the things stated in the ISTE-CS, I imagine a person who is leading by example and actively advocating for the meaningful integration of technology and education; neither of these characteristics are in line with the goal of peer coaching. They are by no means negative characteristics, they are just not characteristics of peer coaching. When leading by example, the answers reside within the person leading, not within the person emulating; this is the opposite of peer coaching, where the answers reside within the coachee. I tried to keep the technology focus a separate part of the questions, when I could, to reduce the advocacy angle. My goal was to look at the indicator and come up with one or more questions that could get at what the indicator was talking about. After doing that, I decided I wanted to pull out as few words as possible from the indicator to summarize what the indicator was talking about; this is what is bolded at the start of every number. Planning: What is your plan to reach your vision?

Could there be? Could digital tools increase student choice in the activity? Assistive technologies: What assistive technologies do you use? What assistive technologies would be helpful to your students? Can you incorporate any of these into your classroom?

Troubleshooting: How do you troubleshoot problems tech problems or otherwise?

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How do your students troubleshoot? How can you teach troubleshooting skills? What do you need in your classroom to teach troubleshooting skills? Communicate locally and globally: What digital communication and collaboration tools do you use in your classroom to increase communication and collaboration between: you, students, parents, peers, and the community? Professional development and program evaluation Needs assessment: What technology-related professional learning do you feel like you would most benefit from?

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Professional learning programs: In response to a , can you get this professional development through your school or district? Can we do anything to support your professional development?

Evaluate results: What does research say about the results of specific professional learning programs?

Pdf coaching alain cardon

Digital citizenship Equitable access: What do students have equitable access to in your classroom? Where do you feel like equitable access could be improved? How can we improve equitable access?

Can a technology help? Diversity, cultural understanding, and global awareness: Where are some opportunities to promote diversity, cultural understanding, and global awareness? Can a technology help promote those things? Content knowledge and professional growth Content and pedagogical knowledge: Is there a technology you would like to learn more about for classroom use?

Maybe a technology you have never used before, or one that you would like to deepen your knowledge about? Organizational change and leadership: What are the dispositions of your leadership regarding technology in the classroom? What kind of change can you advocate for within your school or district? I have brothers and sisters of different origins.

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The future world calls for an evolution towards really dynamic, fast moving company cultures, with everybody taking ownership, really moving fast, participating in a collaborative mode.

From then on, my whole formal education was American. Properties Investments Banking Leadership.

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The coach will not teach the champion anything, because the latter is already Olympic. When with an organization, the CEO calls me to accompany major change in the company. A valueable article both for coaches, and coaching clients? In a way I went native, getting into that culture and experiencing communal living and all that flower power ideology. So in Eastern Europe, more companies call me for internal team and organizational coaching, to help them really change their business results.

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Pdf coaching alain cardon

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