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A Pound of Flesh book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Orange Is the New Black meets Jennifer Probst's New York Times. Editorial Reviews. Review. “An intriguing tale of acceptance and finding love in unexpected Sophie Jackson writes fanfiction under the online handle Jaxon . with completely unique stories (that had nothing to do with Twilight) but used. I've found I like (almost) ALL kinds of Twilight fan fiction. . She also has a new original story available on Amazon for Kindle called "Otherwise Alone". .. A Pound of Flesh (jaxon22) Edward is in prison.

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I know many Twific Readers are looking for the PDF of these fanfic titles: A Pound Of Flesh by Jaxon22 and Bonne Foi by Amethyst Jackson. A Pound of Flesh is a pretty recent release, so I remember it being talked (I used to write it back in my high school days) or that it came from Twilight. after Bella and Edward if I hadn't been tipped off to its fanfic beginnings. A place to find, share and recommend COMPLETED Twilight fanfiction, CURRENTLY AVAILABLE in the public domain. Disclaimer: Mature.

Joined , id: , Profile Updated: I forgot some so I'm updating again. I'm leaving the links to Perusing the Shelves and 4Shared because these are great sites for pdfs of "older" stories that have been pulled; many of which I may have listed below. I thought I only liked angsty ones but have decided I like funny ones and smutty ones too; I'm not too picky. Occasionally I hit up other communities or the Twilight forum, but not too often. Actually, the best compliment I can give you in a review is one full of frustration and anger with your characters! And since almost all of my reading is on my iPhone, well… you get the picture! Damn iPhone!!!!!!

It's over 10 years later and they meet again when he is a guest at the hotel she manages. He feels the pull but he can't figure out why As she gives him hints and he pieces the puzzle together, it's not a pretty story. Edward was not in a good place when he was Bella shows up in Edward's office to announce they have a child. She met him 12 years ago, last saw him a year ago, she's currently with someone else no clue who , have no idea if he's seeing anyone or not and apparently, he hates her and we have no idea why.

You can't help but impatiently wait for the next chapter hoping you'll get something, anything to help give you another piece to the puzzle! Lots of action, lemons and excitement.

Author's summary: At the roll of the dice, Edward wins what he has been dreaming of for the last two years. A night with his mob boss's son's girlfriend, sexy pole dancer Isabella Swan. What will happen in one night full of passion and lust?

What dangers will follow after their one wild night? Every time I open an update I wonder "why the hell does she only have xxx reviews"? Edward's an architect, Bella's an Italian translator. They are instantly attracted to each other but Bella doesn't believe in fairytales and Edward just doesn't do relationships.

Should be a match made in heaven so we'll see how their weekly arrangement works out for them. Updates once a week, there are 20 chapters total and she just posted chapter 9. Another wonderful, angsty one! Bella and Edward continue to struggle with their past and how to raise their three children. Unfortunately, their past cannot be kept a secret from their children forever.

One of the few sequels I'm really enjoying It's like a totally different story. You could read it without having read Repentance but you need to understand that the oldest child was a product of the rape in the original story. This is a sweet story of finding love in the most unusual places. There is a poem that Bella writes not really sure where it originated from, maybe Gemgirl wrote it as I can't find it anywhere else called "The Search for Me" that sums up the importance of their relationship with each other.

Rated M for Edward's dirty mouth, Bella's inner whore, embarrassing situations and lemons galore… Note: There is some "drama" in this near the beginning but it will be resolved quickly and then it's all "fluffy" as per the author's summary. He can't forget or let go. Then, she fell in love fast and hard. So did he. Can the heart remember what the mind has forgotten? Edward can only hope. Edward and Bella are both in the music industry; Renee is in total control of Bella and her career.

Bella grew up with the white picket fence and all the happiness inside; Edward grew up across from her on the "wrong side of the street" - he had nothing. Despite all odds, they fell in love but will Edward overcome a lifetime of demons to find happiness with Bella. Wonderful, real story! Luckily for him, Bella has a room for rent. As a Seattle sports talk radio host, it's my job to give my opinion on the Seahawks new quarterback, Edward Cullen.

But maybe I shouldn't have said what I did Landscape photographer Bella Swan has lived her life believing she's just not cut out for love. Enter Edward, who seems to hate her for no particular reason.

Both of them are fighting something they can't control. Sometimes destiny has other plans. A slow burn with some mystery as to what's going on across the globe.

Two kids and five years later, events force them to live under the same roof for a while. Will they realise what they lost? The boy I had once loved had turned into a man Could we ever be what we were or am I just completely screwed?

Edward comes from the London office and will be working with Bella. They haven't seen each other since she left him years before You'll have to read to know why she left and there are still things we don't know; like who the hell keeps calling him from London???

At the start of high school, Bella moved away. They reunite 20 years later. In chapter one, they're already having sex in a coat closet at Emmett's wedding Really, how could you go wrong reading this one? Bella is a prostitute. Can they help each other find the right balance and love in their life? I swore when this was complete I would pimp it out. It is one of the best I've ready.

I've cried, smiled and cried some more. I've even questioned my faith. This is all humor well almost all humor and a must read! How will they survive when it all comes crashing down?

Love, lies, loss This is that story. I actually waited until this story was half-way done before I would even consider starting it! Angst level is off-the-chart but it's complete now! Not trying to spoil anything but Bella is a breast cancer survivor from when she was 17; Edward was injured in the war. They both have demons and feel unworthy of love.

As far as she was concerned, he already was. A decade of regret. Edward's a politician; Bella decides she can't be what he wants to she runs.

Parts of this story about broke me but it is a HEA! It's about rape and forgiveness If you can read it with the understanding that people truly make mistakes and not every act one does is intended to be malicious, I think you will really enjoy the story.

The rape was part of a college frat initiation -- not condoning it by any means, but when you read the story you will understand that Edward probably suffers almost as much as Bella. It's easier for her to forgive him then it will be for him to ever forgive himself.

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A very good read and interestingly enough, although I don't usually do sequels, I'm finding I really like the sequel to this one, Aftermath. This was a drabble fic and it's complete. I don't think the author's summary does it justice. Edward is a recovering addict 6 years clean when Bella walks into his tattoo shop. There are secrets there that develop into a very beautiful love story! Who wouldn't want to keep a girl like her?

An unconventional coming of age tale for Gen Xer Bella. This one will make you cry A LOT! College student Bella Swan stumbles across his profile on a prison pen-pal website.

Their friendship is formed over written words, but will it last once he rejoins her world? Edward comes to her rescue. Will Bella let him save her? I will never look at an apple tree the same way again actually, I'm not sure I've ever seen an apple tree, but when I do His dad was a religious nut-job and his mother killed herself in the doorway of his room on Christmas Eve when he was 7 and believe it or not, it just goes downhill from there.

This story is NOT for the faint of heart. The connection between Bella and Edward runs very deep. It is now completed and has moved up in my top It's very well written and the chapter about the laptop is to die for - IMO. Poughkeepsie Mrs. Even if the other train passengers can turn their backs on 'Crazy', the man that pretends to play piano on cardboard, Bella can't. Can she break down his walls or will he break her heart? But when his family's ranch faces ruin, he returns to the only place he has ever called home.

Will a big city accountant be able to help him save the ranch? Or will she help him discover something much deeper? A ridiculous love story. Bella's mind works like no other! I know of three kinds of change: the kind that jangles around in your pocket, the kind that happens slowly, every moment of every day, and the kind that blows you away in an instant. Bratty-Vamp was on Twitter and Facebook, but she was always quite reserved.

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She was the definition of class and grace. She wasn't close to a lot of people in the fandom, but she did have a few good friends.

A Pound of Flesh by Sophie Jackson

I was lucky enough to consider her a friend, and I always hoped she felt the same about me. While most saw the sweet, humble side of her, I was privileged to see a more rowdy, naughty side. And it was incredible. She was funny, and dirty, and silly, and refined, and crass, and quick-witted; overall, a true gift to our fandom.

And I miss her every day. Not just her stories, but her. I remember once she told me she didn't think anyone would ever notice if she disappeared from fanfic.

I told her she was wrong, that it would be madness in her wake. I only hope that somehow she was able to hang around long enough to see that I was right — that she was loved and admired and appreciated and respected. That she is missed. Not just her stories The woman. The writer. The creator. The friend. Do yourself a favor.

If you haven't read her stories, find them.

A Pound of Flesh

Read them. Love them. You won't be sorry. She was, is, and always will be one of my favorite authors, and I know I'm not alone when I say that. Bratty-Vamp was a light in this fandom, and she will forever be missed. But luckily for us, her stories live on in PDF form.

Of fanfiction flesh twilight ebook a pound

And they're remarkable. And if ever our sweet Bratty-Vamp reads this little tribute, I just have this to say I miss you. Every day. And you know my email. Don't make me come find you. I'll even let you call me Beulah. Or Bernice. Or Bridget.

Other books: TWILIGHT PART 4 PDF

Or Becky. But only you. Leave one. Bratty's stories are like rays of sunshine from Heaven. Bask in one. There are as many opinions as there are readers, and the biggest stories - those juggernauts of the early TwiFic era - have developed factions who will defend their position on this Edward or that Bella with the kind of heat usually reserved for politics or religion.

Most fics have a similar structure: a grave injustice visited upon a reluctant hero that results in his brutal behavior toward others, which causes self-loathing and a need to wield extreme control.

Add a heroine with the courage and ability to hold her own in the face of adversity, who is also capable of catalyzing the hero's redemption, and you've got yourself the making of a fandom favorite. And while many stories follow this model, the best also contain mysterious and meaningful moments that bind a reader to the narrative; lines of dialogue readers whisper to each other like sacraments, a magic word that casts a spell to stunning effect. And with this single utterance, an entire fandom was bewitched.

In this character, HH created an Edward that belongs in the pantheon of all-time greats, because this isn't just a rich kid with a sad history and a piano; this Edward is a motherfucking badass. This Edward exists in the middle space between a horrific event and his own tenuous recovery.

There is no innocent Bella to balance out his darkness, and every page is filled with uncertainty: the clicking of the stud on Edward's tongue as he runs it back and forth against his viper bite, the razor against Bella's hip as he skims her skin, the bitterness of the pills she chews.

At the end of the day, hunterhunting now Helena Hunting wrote a story that followed a familiar formula, but conformed to her own set of rules, and in the process created a new Edward that was suddenly obvious, as if he'd always existed. From her story sprung new Tattwards, Inkellas, tumblrs, Pinterest pages, blogs, contests and I'd bet a lot of tattoos , and inspired others - including me - to be brave and write our own Edwards.

And that, to me, is a truly magical feat. It can also be a horrifying one.

Buy for others

There are many fic rec sites out there, but one of the most consistent throughout the years has been The Lemonade Stand. The staff is composed of a lovely group of fic lovers who are dedicated to finding gems in the world of Twilight fanfiction and sharing them with us. For years, there were weekly polls of recommended reading. While we no longer vote for favorites, the ladies behind the blog still bring weekly recommendations to their subscribers. GREAT recommendations.

The focus is on stories that have started posting within the past 30 days. This has evolved, as well, with a special preview feature being added to the blog recently.

How lucky are we? In the mood for a one-shot? TLS has already done the work and found perfect, quick reads for you.

A Pound of Flesh (A Pound of Flesh, #1) by Sophie Jackson

All you have to do is pick your poison. My favorite thing about TLS is the support the staff gives the authors in our fandom. Updates from our tried and true veteran authors are posted in the Facebook group, sometimes before the author even has a chance to announce a new chapter.

Another great thing? The ladies at TLS are always looking for new talent and new stories, and posting links for those, as well. Our fandom is blessed to have this hardworking, dedicated group looking out for us and bringing us the gift of great fanfic.

Stop by and check it out. Or you can join the fun in the Facebook group! Thank you, TLS, for years of great fanfiction recs. Hollett - Have you ever had someone just catapult into you like a comet and your life is forever altered?

You never know when one will change your life. And it was worth every accolade. But where did she come from, this anonymous wordsmith? Quietly reading and writing, but never posting. And then one day she decided to take the chance and started to share with us the gift of her words.

Like a lot of fics she wrote early on, this was a one-shot. A one-shot many of us were willing to mortgage our lives to get her to continue. Here was a duty-bound Edward, committed to fighting for his country, but still in search of a girl to commit his life to.

And Bella. Smart, self-sufficient Bella who wanted to take pictures of the very world he was trying to get out of. They corresponded mainly by email, beautiful missives of hopes and humor and hot sexytimes.