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More than million copies sold worldwide. Daunted by the singular tastes and dark secrets of the beautiful, tormented young entrepreneur Christian Grey. The Mister,” which will follow two new characters in an erotic love story, E. L. James, whose best-selling “Fifty Shades” trilogy was spun off into Vintage Books, an imprint of the publisher Penguin Random House, announced on Thursday. Ms. James squeezed nearly all she could out of Christian Grey. [1] Fifty Shades Darker is the second novel in the Fifty Shades trilogy. Row 2 title Daunted by the singular tastes and dark secrets of the handsome, tormented young entrepreneur Christian Grey, Anastasia Steele has broken off their.

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Fifty Shades is a series of erotic novels by E. L. James, initially a trilogy consisting of Fifty Shades of Grey (), Fifty Shades Darker and Since then I have written my two fics and plan on doing at least one more. After that . Instead, she wrote, the books are notable not for transgressive sex but for how women are using. Fifty Shades Darker is a erotic romance novel by British author E. L. James. It is the second installment in the Fifty Shades trilogy that traces the The first and third volumes, Fifty Shades of Grey and Fifty Shades Freed, were published in and , The novel is published by Vintage Books and reached No. Editorial Reviews. Review. THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING FIFTY SHADES Trilogy Fifty Shades Darker: Book Two of the Fifty Shades Trilogy ( Fifty Shades of Grey Series) - Kindle edition by E L James. Download it once and read it.

May 23, Ellie rated it did not like it This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I really am appalled by how popular this book series is. And even worse It's Twilight.

But somehow, now she is raking in the cash as women everywhere drop their panties and run to download this drivel. Her stupid inner goddess should have hung her head in shame. Ana was a total doormat. I guess we are supposed to applaud that she never signed his stupid contract and she didn't let him beat her??

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Face it. As written, they were "broken up" for a week. If it had gone to week two, this pansy would have gone and handed him a whip and a cane. Throughout the "trilogy" I use the word soooo loosely. The word trilogy implies that there was a story Maybe then you would see why female characters like Bella and Ana aren't just ridiculous, they are also harmful to impressionable girls who read it and think they should emulate the pathetic behaviors of these two characters in order to snare a man The writer describes Christian as someone who has not matured beyond the age of His past "interludes" all began with him having the "subs" sign a non disclosure contract.

How hot. This included anal fisting, vaginal fisting, caning, and a bunch of other equally ridiculous garbage. I marvel at the fact that a book that talks about fisting, urination and bowel movements in sex is not only a best seller, it has now become one of the fastest selling books IN HISTORY. What this says about our society is frightening.

But wait! It gets hotter when we find out that Christian has a big book of pictures he's taken of these women in compromising positions that he keeps as leverage to make sure they never talk about him.

Sure, he says the women agreed to it It's debasing and abusing human beings, and it's disgusting.

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Whatever floats your boat. I have no issue with it. This crap is another thing entirely. I just about threw the book out the freakin window when it was revealed that all of Christian's ex subs and Ana too looked like his dead drug addict mother. Christian says he "liked to beat dark haired girls that looked like his mom".

And have sex with them.

They argue about her going on business trip to New York with her boss; Grey freezes SIP's accouts so that she can't get a plane ticket. Elevator-sex at Escala.

Fifty Shades Trilogy

Lincoln surprise visit; she's being blackmailed. Leila breaks into Ana's apartment with a gun, threatens Ana.

Grey diffuses situation; makes Ana leave, causing her to worry that he's still in love with Leila. Ana goes to bar with Ethan. Christian asks Ana to marry him. Ana uses self-defense training to escape. Christian fires Jack and confiscates his computer.

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Flynn appointment. New Home tour.

Fifty Shades Of Grey Trilogy

Dinner at Mile High Club restaurant. Charlie Tango crashes; Grey and Ros go missing for eight hours. Ana accepts Grey's proposal. Hyde is stalking the Greys outside the mansion.

Christian and Ana's engagement is leaked to paparazzi. Skyping with Kate. Grey sings while playing the piano, shocking his entire family.

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Car sex. Christian strong-arms her into changing her name at work, tells her that he wants to eventually put her in charge of SIP. Meeting with Gia about design of new house. Ana cuts Christian's hair. Jones spotted kissing. Ana sneaks out for drinks with Kate. Hyde attempted to kidnap Ana, but is stopped by Ryan.

Christian angry that Ana and Kate didn't stay home like she said they would. Grey has another nightmare. Elliot proposes to Kate.

Fifty Shades Trilogy

Christian fires Prescott. Greene runs into Ana and asks her why she's cancelled four appointments; does a pregnancy test and finds out that Ana is weeks pregnant. Grey walks out on Ana after finding out about pregnancy, gets drunk with Elena. Christian and Ana fight; marriage appears to be on the rocks. Ana thwarts plan; shoots Hyde above the knee. Ana in a coma from injuries during scuffe with Hyde.