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Wake County Public Libraries .. 3) Content rules: how to create killer blogs, podcasts, videos, ebooks, . 9) Junie B.'s First Ever Ebook Collection!, Books . Wake County Public Libraries has a collecon of eBooks that can be downloaded for Library eBooks will not transfer to your Kindle over site's 3G network. Wake County Public Libraries has a collecon of eBooks that can be downloaded for free Library eBooks are downloaded to your computer and transferred.

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Browse, borrow, and enjoy titles from the Wake County Public Libraries digital collection. Audiobook. Borrow. Wait list · Everything Is F*cked - ebook. Results 1 - 24 of See search results in the Wake County Public Libraries digital collection. Search results. Wait list · Where the Crawdads Sing - ebook. Download free ebooks, audiobooks, videos, online magazines, newspapers, journals, and more. All North Carolinians may use NC LIVE.

Or, get it for Kobo Super Points! See if you have enough points for this item. The terrifying threat to wooden structures with minimal water supplies was well known to the planners who laid out Wake County's first town in Wide streets were created to prevent fires from spreading between buildings. As early as , citizens contributed to the download price of Raleigh's first fire engine.

The pilot program has seen 51 libraries participate, and officials hope it ultimately operates statewide. The significance of the program might be lost on library patrons and consumers who are unaware of how ebook lending at libraries works, or the long, grinding conflict between libraries and the publishing industry over how ebooks are procured.

Advertisement Nobody who downloads an ebook—library, consumer, or otherwise—actually owns it upon download. Instead, they download a license to access the content. The distinction might seem like a small one, but it has presented publishers with the opportunity to explore new ways of working with libraries in the digital age.

Why It’s Difficult For Your Library to Lend Ebooks

But library officials are hopeful that the new Massachusetts program could help to resolve the resulting conflict. A long-standing conflict To understand what Pronevitz and Massachusetts librarians think is in need of shaking up, you first have to understand how libraries go about offering ebooks to their patrons—and how that differs from the lending of print copies.

As recently as a few years ago, major publishers made it very difficult for libraries to be able to download and lend ebooks. Relations in the past couple years, by the admission of both librarians and publishers, have grown much stronger as publishers have increasingly dipped their toes into the digital lending waters.

Publishers put restrictions not just on which ebooks libraries can offer, but how they can offer them. Some publishers only allow for an ebook to be borrowed 26 times before the library has to download the license again.

Others opt for the license to expire after a year. And still others instead charge libraries significantly more than they do consumers for ebooks. Librarians generally find this system perplexing, considering the overhead costs for creating an ebook—without physical production—are much lower than print books. It would plainly violate copyright law for publishers to put such restrictions on libraries for paperback or hardcover books. And that affords publishers the ability to set different prices for different customers.

Their justification for library pricing: Since libraries can lend ebooks out to what otherwise might be customers, they should pay more to compensate for those perceived losses.

KINDLE: How do I return an ebook early?

What they reflect, more than anything, is that U. In an interview with Boston. Today, most works of significance come out in both print and digital form. However, Stripling pondered the notion that as the technology continues to grow, some important works may only be released in digital form.

In that case, libraries would not want to be in a position in which they did not have guaranteed access to the literature in question. Libraries and publishers work through middleman companies, which essentially act as a book list for libraries to order ebooks through, at prices and terms set for publishers. This can be tricky because there are different types of ebooks, and there are different file formats for different types of e-readers. Therefore, it can be difficult to guarantee access for every user to every format.

The most widely-used middleman system, called Overdrive, offers most formats—and is the only system to offer Kindle access.

County ebook wake

Library System is looking to take on. Individual libraries, or regional library groups, sign up for systems like Overdrive. Regional networks refer to a group of libraries that act as one body, often sharing resources with one another.

County ebook wake

Massachusetts has nine such regional networks, but it also has a number of individual libraries that are not aligned with any of those consortiums. MLS has long served as an intermediary not just between the consortiums, but individual libraries as well. Pronevitz, its head, says about 6 to 7 million items are shared between different libraries and consortiums each year. So while publishers have long and happily sold print books to libraries—in fact, they usually even do so at a discount—that usually involves a bit more effort to get the book on the part of the patron.

County ebook wake

They visit the library, spend some time there, and become more closely associated with the reading ecosystem at large. Ideally, in the long term, that creates a book customer. Maier, among others, say ebooks stand to do the same thing. They expose readers to the content in question and build their relationships with reading both as an activity and passion, and as an industry. Rather than going to a library to check out a book, the digital systems allow people to borrow ebooks from the couch or the beach.

That is, of course, an arguable point, and librarians say it sounds behind the times.

But publishers also say part of the hesitance is just their practicing due diligence. In addition, publishers defend the lending limitations they put on libraries as reasonable. It does not charge a premium for its ebooks, but they expire after 26 uses.

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