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Unlock The Power Of Your Alpha Mind And. Manifest The Lifestyle Of Your Dreams. By Niraj Naik Version October Mental Power and we have is based on a thought that begins with our mind. It controls our emotions to do with unlocking mental abilities as being new-wave. Adobe PDF® files for free download at .. help us avoid many of the emotional upheavals caused by our own mind traps. . breakdowns in communication (e.g., arguments, power plays, hurt feelings), learning to.

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unlock the subconscious mind to gain power and control, thus, you have inner for you and realize how important this goal is to unlock your mind power. effectively unlocking your mind's power. That is set goals and work to reach them. The soul has hidden literature beneath its unconscious foremost. Subliminal. Write down experiences that have influenced you in a negative way. Try to un- derstand what was it about those experiences that made them negative and why.

Youre told your entire life that if you work hard and apply yourself, you can accomplish anything. If that were true, then everyone would be successful with a nice home, great career, great family and friends, and enough money so that life is not a struggle. But is that the case? Why do some people have those things while others donteven those who do work hard and apply themselves? Because its not whats in our conscious mind that determines what our lives will be likeits whats in our subconscious mind. Ill discuss this aspect in Chapter 4.

Chapter 2 Relaxation: The Gateway to Your Mind Power Before you start to develop your new skill of harnessing your subconscious mind power, theres another skill you need to learn. While learning and performing it are extremely easy, it is very important to the process. Its called relaxation. Before you begin an affirmation session, you want to relax your body because you also want to relax your mindclear all the junk out of the way and get your brain wave activity to a minimum so you can focus on the ONE thing on which you want to focus.

The subconscious mind is more susceptible to receiving and acting upon suggestions when it is relaxed and focused on that one thing. Here is how I do my relaxation. First, I put on some very relaxing music. This is optional.

Try using music at first to see if it helps you relax. If you relax better without it, dont use music. But you want your surroundings to be quiet. If you have a family, tell your spouse and children not to bother you for the next 20 minutes or for however long you plan to spend. And before you begin, tell your spouse to take a message if you get a phone call.

I sit in a reclining chair and breathe at a normal pace for about 30 seconds and get my mind off of things.

Then I take a deep breath, hold it for 5 seconds, then slowly release the air and as I do, I imagine my body is becoming relaxed, as if it dropped down to the next level. Then I return to normal breathing for about 10 seconds, imagining that my breathing is slightly lighter than when it was when I started. I repeat that process 4 or 5 times, then while I exhale the last time, I close my eyes, and say to myself quietly and slowly The muscles around my eyes are totally and completely relaxed I couldnt open my eyes if I wanted to because the muscles are soooo relaxed.

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Now, as I said, thats how I do it. If this works for you, great. If not, you can do it the way that works best for you. But you want to get your body totally relaxed.

You dont have to make an effort to relax your mind. It will relax along with your body.

Unlock Your Mind Power

And dont rush through this. I spend about 5 minutes doing the relaxation. Spend at least that amount of time. Also, I recommend that you do this in the morning before you go to work. If you do it in the evening after working all day and then eating dinner, you may fall asleep and miss out on practicing your new skill and throw your night sleep schedule off.

So try it at a time when youre less likely to fall asleep, and do it in a sitting position. I also recommend doing it on an empty stomach or waiting at least an hour after eating a big meal. If you do it right after eating, the food you ate will sit in your stomach like a blob because your metabolism will drastically slow down. And notice where I put Thats where you pause and imagine that part of your body relaxing. Just imagine it, pretend your body is relaxingfeel your muscles relaxing.

Then move on to the next area to be relaxed. You most likely wont be able to do the relaxation later in the day such as at work or while driving to work certainly not then. And you want to say your affirmation more than once.

So its a good idea to do the relaxation at least once a day followed by saying the affirmation for a good 15 to 20 minutes to allow it to sink deeply into your subconscious mind. Your Subconscious Mind Power is not way down there at the very depth of your psyche.

Its right beneath the surface, just one step down from your conscious mind. Relaxation helps you get to it.

Youll do so with Affirmationsstatements you Affirm to be true. Ive read books that claim Affirmations are more effective if said out loud. I see their point, but I have never said Affirmations out loud. Just saying them in my head has worked well for me.

The Power of Self Mind Control

If you want to say them out loud except when youre in other peoples company such as work go ahead. Lets say you want to use Your Power to be better at your career. I cant give you affirmations for every career because I havent had every career imaginable. So Ill give you one example you can use to help formulate an Affirmation for the type of work you do.

All you have to do is change the words to fit your situation. First, sit down with a pen and piece of paper. Write down the important elements of your job. What are all the things you need to do well in order to do well in your job?

Be specific and very detailed.

The subconscious mind works better when you program it with specifics and detail, so stay away from generalities. That goes for any affirmation for any situation.

So you have your list. Doesnt it make sense that if you do all of those elements better you will be better in your career? Of course.

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So you want to make sure you include all of those elements in your affirmation. I know something about Outside Sales. Thats a job in which a salesperson calls businesses, sets up appointments with them and then goes outside of their office and tries to turn those prospects into clients.

Most companies call those salespeople Account Executives. Salespeople say these are the keys to being a good salesperson: 1. Make the prospect feel youre helping them get what they want. If they feel youre trying to get what you want, the prospect will be less likely to download from you.

If youre in sales because you like helping and serving people by selling them products or services that will make their job easier and help their company be more productive and profitableif you really enjoy hearing from your clients how much your product or service has increased their companys business and thats what drives your ambition, then the money you can make from commissions will take care of itself.

If youre driven mainly by the money you can make, money will probably be harder to come by. When meeting with prospects trying to win them as clients, act the same as they do. Mirror their body language, tempo of their speech, tone of their voice, mannerisms. This subconsciously conveys to the prospectIm just like you.

You can trust me. If I were a computer salesman, this is how I would say my affirmation. First I would do the relaxation, then Id say something like this: I am the greatest computer salesman who ever lived. Every call I make to a prospect ends up with a sale the first visit I make. The prospect never has to think about my offer for a few days or listen to presentations by computer salesmen from other companies so I never have to visit the prospect a second time to get the sale.

Every prospect is eager to download our computers on my first visit. Im able to convince the prospect so easily that theyre getting a great deal and they feel very good about our computers because they can tell right away that our computers and the service I can provide them are going to help them in their job, and will make their company more profitable.

Every prospect can see right away that our computers can help them serve their clients so much faster and better and their business will increase. When I meet with a prospect, I always mirror their actions and they get a real good feeling about me because they can tell Im just like them and they trust me.

They can really tell Im trying to help get them what they want.

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I love doing sales because Im making my clients job easier and helping their company become more productive and profitable.

Its such a great feeling to hear from my clients about how their business has really picked up since they became my client. And when they call me with a question or a need, its such a great feeling to be able to be of service to them. I could make this even more powerful by imagining Im seeing all this happen. These will work out great. I want to get them right away. Or when I affirmI love hearing from my clients about how our computers have helped them I would pause and imagine the client calls me to say.

Hey Todd, those computers are great. And that program you gave us has already helped us pick up 5 new clients and our business is really taking off now and I would imagine feeling happy for them all. So visualization is another key component in harnessing Your Power.

Notice that the three keys to selling listed above are included in the affirmation.

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Now, lets examine the affirmation to see that it addresses all 6 Key Points listed in Chapter 1: 1. The subconscious mind only thinks in the present. I am stating everything in the present, arent I?

So, how can we understand the subconscious definition today in light of all this new information? The information you interpret through your five senses is divided between your conscious and subconscious minds. What you focus on exists in your conscious awareness. This is why witnesses of violent crimes sometimes find they can recall details of the event long after the event has passed when triggered by specific sights or smells. Your experience of life depends on your depth of information processing.

This phenomenon was studied by American psychologist, Sigmund Freud. He proposed the three level mind model: the idea that the mind can be divided into three levels of awareness: the conscious, the subconscious, and the unconscious.

The conscious mind is our present moment awareness, filtered through the five senses.

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The unconscious mind is the root of our deepest, most suppressed memories and experiences. So, what is the meaning of the subconscious definition according to Freud? Well, he believed that the subconscious mind is the seat of intuition, inspiration, and creativity. One of the biggest subconscious mind secrets is its ability to sense the future, and then warn you in dreams, to either stay away from something or to pursue it with all your might.

If you succeed in unlocking the power of the subconscious mind through any of the above techniques, you will discover the power of subconscious mind to make things happen depends on how well you train it. This also means that how well it will change your life depends on you. The following are the possibilities that await you:. You will just know. Empathy is the ability to feel what other people are feeling or to understand what they are thinking. There is power in positive thinking, and we all know that.

Still, many people fail to make use of this power. In fact, there are people who unknowingly use negative autosuggestion on themselves. In order to have a successful life, with your dreams fulfilled, and everything working according to plan, you must tap into the power of positive thinking. Following are 4 autosuggestion techniques, which will enable you to maximize positive thinking in your life.

Whenever you are engaged in autosuggestion, without being completely sure of yourself, then you are basically sabotaging yourself and your ambitions. Being true to yourself means you should have no doubt about whatever it is that you are auto-suggesting. If you are not completely overwhelmed by an idea, your autosuggestion will not be very effective. This means that you should take the time to eliminate all doubts in your mind, before moving on.

In fact, it is best when you are passionate about your goal because it makes you very focused. Once you have a Plan-B, it becomes very difficult to convince your subconscious, that this is exactly what you need. For logical issues and solutions, you can have as many plans as you wish, but when it comes to the subconscious, you need conviction. The subconscious communicates in feelings, so your feelings need to be sincere when making auto suggestions.

Having no Plan-B also enables you to focus completely on your target, leaving no doubt in your mind, that you will do everything possible to achieve your goal.

Eliminating negations is one of the most important autosuggestion techniques. Needless to say, you have to stop such negative auto suggestions, but how? The best way to stop negative auto suggestions is to increase your level of self-awareness.

You have to become more mindful, more aware of your environment, more aware of your actions, and more aware of your speaking. Mindfulness takes practice, but once mastered, it will allow you to erase a whole bunch of negative programming from your life, making your environment more positive and happy.

If you put the 4 autosuggestion techniques above into practice, you will discover a whole new perspective in life. Most times, people are robbed of their power of positive thinking by fear. That feeling of fear is what stops people from trying something new. Fear is also responsible for preventing people from focusing on a single goal, without any Plan-B.

If you can overcome your fears, step out of your comfort zone in full faith, and include the above techniques in your life, you will definitely reap bountifully. Subconscious Mind Power The following four mind power training techniques, each, affect the subconscious in one way or the other.

Here now are the four techniques to make use of your subconscious mind: Visualization Visualization is very important for any human being who wants to have a close connection with his or her subconscious mind.