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Silent Hill: Book of Memories brings the Silent Hill series onto the PlayStation Vita . Silent Hill: Book of Memories is a "dungeon crawler" style survival horror game with RPG elements, set in the Silent Hill PCPS3®Xbox · Silent Hill. The objective of Silent Hill: Book of Memories is to guide the player character on the game in September , with a proof of concept for the PC produced two .

Get the latest news and videos for this game daily, no spam, no fuss. Silent Hill: Book of Memories falls short as both a dungeon-crawler and a horror game. Book of Memories launches on October 16, for Vita. What games are out in Australia this week? Will you be assuming the role of Master Chief or Commander Shepard?

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Every room will test your ability to survive. There are also traps scattered around the world.

Silent Hill: Books of Memories

Invisible ones, too! However, get a strong enemy to walk over it and a single punch will end the day for even the scariest of beasts. They provide much needed variety to the combat, each fight being unique and fun. There is a karma system within the game, one that only affects certain abilities you can use, rather then the story of the game.

You run a balance of light and blood, a balance that is offset based on the types of enemies you kill and the blood spatters you collect. This system is something that works best towards multiplayer, in which you and your cohorts can focus on fighting a specific type of enemy.

In single player you might find yourself forced to constantly switch the alignment of enemies you fight in order to stay on top of things. The only truly questionable aspect of the game lies at the end of every level.

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Every puzzle is the same. The answer? The concept works surprisingly well, and the game is actually fun to play although it is outperformed by Heroes of Ruin , which is on a handheld with allegedly weaker online capabilities. What are these problems with execution, then? The entire atmosphere of the game is grim, but on the whole, the game simply does not deliver the chills at all, in spite of some spooky music and sound effects.

Also, the camera angle, which is a zoomed out isometric take on the playing field, precludes any possibility of tension at all.

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But again, at best they serve as a jarring reminder of the fact that this is not Silent Hill, and at worst, they get reduced to generic pixels on your screen that must be attacked. Of course, all of this would be a huge problem if the game was setting out to be a real Silent Hill game in the first place. They can, at worst, be annoyances, but even that would be stretching it, I think.

Silent Hill: Book of Memories - PS Vita review at Thunderbolt

Having said that, there are definite problems with the game, problems mechanically that drag the game down and prevent it from being all that it could be; for starters, on the most obvious level, melee combat is next to impossible in this game.

The game introduces a concept called weapon durability, in which each weapon takes damage, and can go MIA permanently if it takes too much unless you repair it, of course. Everyone else, don't feel bad if you skip Silent Hill: Book of Memories. The plot received a range of reactions.

Giancarlo Saldana of GamesRadar enjoyed the story, writing: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. October 16, EU: November 2, AU: November 8, JP: February 14, The Book of Lost Memories is a big part of Silent Hill lore, so I decided that there must be a Book of Memories itself — which became our tentative title, but stuck and eventually became official.

Many of our initial plot ideas sprang from this concept.

Silent Hill: Book of Memories

Eventually, we settled on the one that seemed most compelling: Writing in [the book] may actually change history and therein the present. How would that affect a life? A reality?

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