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The receipt can then be downloaded in PDF form, and you can also print the receipt for your convenience and it can work as an LIC premium receipt duplicate in. For downloading the LIC premium payment receipt online, you should After the above step, you can download the receipt in PDF version and. If you want to download the lic premium receipt then it is important to Finally, you can download the print or PDF file of your policy receipt.

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LIC - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Policy No Plan Inst. Prem(Rs) No Of Inst Total Premium Service Tax Branch. Let us see how to download LIC premium payment receipt online. Now you can download the PDF version of the receipt or print the same. download Life Insurance Plans and Policies from lic of india Avail tax benefits with multiple cover options. Home» Pay Premium Online Pay Premium Online.

Premium Paid Certificate is a document issued by an insurer against payment of the premium amount. For all other modes of payment, you get a premium receipt which will act as proof for income tax benefit. If you have downloadd LIC policy, and looking for the premium paid certificate you have three options. Out of these first two options are time consuming and cumbersome. On the other hand, if you are new user you have to sign up for using this facility. You need to provide policy number, premium amount, mobile number, email and Aadhaar details for registration. Basic service option allows you to access your premium calendar, policy schedule, claim status and policy premium paid statements.

However, you will need to register your policy and bank details with Billdesk. After the registration process is complete, you can proceed ahead with the payments. How do I pay LIC premium online after the due date?

You can pay your LIC premium online after due date has passed only in cases where your policy is still within the grace period. If your policy has lapsed you will not be able to pay the premiums online.

Steps to download LIC premium payment receipt online

In that case, you need to visit the nearest LIC branch. Can we make LIC premium payments online through other alternate mediums such as Paytm?

Pdf lic premium receipt

Currently, there is no option to make premium payments online through Paytm because Paytm does not currently show the option of paying LIC premium. Furthermore, most of the articles that you will find on Google.

Premium receipt pdf lic

The latest portal of LIC definitely better and is more user friendly than the old one. Yes, you can definitely download LIC Premium Paid Certificates online even in cases where you have paid the premium offline. Can I get the duplicate copy of LIC premium receipt online? Yes, you can get duplicate copy of LIC premium receipts online.

LIC Premium Receipt and Payment Online - LIC Pay Direct - MoneyChai

All you need to do is download the premium receipt and print it. I am trying to pay premium online but every time it is showing: Premium cannot be paid for this policy. Please check the policy details entered and try again.

Receipt lic pdf premium

You can not pay LIC premium online if your policy is in lapsed stage. For this you have to create additional registration with their details. Pay premium online Using this option, you can pay the LIC premium online.

Receipt pdf premium lic

Once you make the premium payment, digitally signed receipt will be mailed to you immediately. Premium paid statement Using this option, you can print the premium paid certificate for any of your enrolled policies for the current financial year.

You can even print receipts for the premium paid in the previous 2 financial years.

How To Download LIC Policy Receipt Online?

Consolidated premium paid statements In this option, you can generate a consolidated premium paid certificate for the entire premium paid in the financial year under all the policies.

This certificate will be much useful, to produce to your employer, to claim income tax benefits under Section 80C. You can even print the consolidated premium paid certificates for the last 2 financial years.

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