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Ebook leopard gecko

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Ebook leopard gecko

Delivery with Standard Australia Post usually happens within business days from time of dispatch. This can be downloadd at the same pet store or reptile show where you download your gecko, but don't do it on the spur of the moment. It's extremely important to know in advance what you'll need to keep a gecko happy and healthy, so you don't spend money on the wrong thing or end up with inappropriate housing. Fortunately, compared to many other types of lizard, a leopard gecko has minimal requirements, which are fairly easy to provide.

The Terrarium Geckos are most commonly housed in a terrarium, usually a glass tank such as an aquarium for fish with a lid and appropriate ventilation, temperature control and humidity control.

This is relatively simple and inexpensive to set up, but do remember to factor in the costs before you download your new gecko. Large fish tanks are commonly used, and are an excellent choice, but people have successfully kept leopard geckos in home built tanks and even appropriately sized plastic totes. Making your own tank or using an object not meant for pets is generally best left to people with experience keeping these animals, however.

Tank style cages offer reliability and consistency, cutting down on the number of factors that could be a problem for your lizard. They're also very easy to keep clean, and offer better humidity control than a cage with ventilated sides. There are wooden tanks with glass doors available, which are attractive and appealing. However, they can be tricky to clean, which means that people who aren't concerned with the appearance of their tank are usually better advised to stick with all glass. Size will be your first consideration.

You'll need to decide how many geckos you'll be housing. Many people make the mistake of downloading a cage for their pets that's too small. Just because the animal will fit doesn't mean that the cage is large enough for it to live there!

Avoid small plastic cages with handles often called critter keepers. These are excellent for transporting leopard geckos to the vet and other locations, but are far too small for any but hatchlings to live in, and hatchlings will outgrow them quickly. Likewise, small tanks intended for bettas and other tiny fish are unacceptable. Look for a tank with a minimum of a hundred square inches of floor space per gecko, but ideally more.

Another basic method for figuring out how many geckos will fit in one cage is to use ten gallons of space per gecko. It's better to keep your geckos in a little too much space than a cage that's just a little bit too small. Cage Capacity and Colony Mix A ten gallon aquarium can house one to two geckos, while a twenty gallon aquarium choose long aquariums over tall ones, even if they have the same capacity could house anywhere from two to four leopard geckos, all the way from hatching to their adult size.

The exact number will depend on the temperament and territoriality of the individual lizards in your cage. Don't make the mistake of assuming bigger is better and get one that's too big, however. The size of the tank could make it hard for the geckos to find their basking spots and hide boxes.